The torch and pitchfork Northsquad: “Blairwatch”, go off on a bender

Crikey! What a tremendous collection of fallacious accusations, spin and blatant lies. Where? Why non-Blair watching “Blairwatch” of course.

Having checked out the latest from our very own shrieking Mushroom, Rachel North, I followed a Blairwatch link I previously had posted on my site, but hadn’t the time to read. I refer to

Rachel had already reverted back to calling one person a Nazi, someone she presents as representative of all people who seek the truth (ergo she is a Nazi) or those who ask questions about 7/7 (and 9-11) and are not satisfied with the facile and fraudulent answers/explanations offered.

It is hardly surprising then that someone who has done absolute wonders in uncovering lies and acts of suppression, Bridget Dunne, (see also the J7 site here)   responded to the “YOU ARE ALL NAZI SYMPATHISERS” or “HITLER APOLOGISTS” or the classic …drum roll…. “HOLOCAUST DENIERS” *symbol crash* and they did so on the blairwatch site.

Sensing blood, they let rip on the lies and accusations ad homeni. They are becoming well versed in the practice. A new crusade against anyone who doesn’t swallow their pathetic line of conventionality, mainstream media and government explanation.

So be warned. Go to non-Bliar watching-“Blairwatch” and question something regarding the official line involving terrorist acts on whitey’s soil, and boom… You are a conspiraloon, therefore a NAZI, therefore a HOLOCAUST DENIER!

It is strange how they are hounding Bridget and J7. They are hell-bent on trying to trying to throw the yellow star of a “Holocaust Denier” upon J7 skeptics. Are Blairwatch trying to be the UK’s ADL? One can be forgiven for thinking so; their methodology is running in parallel.

Well no, actually it isn’t strange at all I suppose. You see, as far as I can tell, J7 want ALL unanswered and significant questions regarding the J7 murder spree to be properly investigated in a public Inquiry, while “Blairwatch” seem loathe to that, which sees the chance that jsut possibly such an inquiry may find 4 Muslims may NOT have done it, were duped into doing it, were set up to do it and that the elements of the government lying and possibly for the interests clique, or whatever combination you choose to speculate upon.

In the mind of Blairwatchers, only one explanation suffices. That 4 brown skinned Muslims did it and that there are more brown skin Muslims planning the same.

Blairwatch????? anticonformist-watch more like.


11 Responses to “The torch and pitchfork Northsquad: “Blairwatch”, go off on a bender”

  1. 1 Davide Simonetti April 19, 2008 at 2:19 am

    So according to you, someone who writes…

    I note you seem to object to my having defended the proposition that: no German ever put a Jew into a gas chamber. You call that Holocaust Denial, well I’m proud to be associated with it. I’m happy to defend, it any time, any place. It happens to be true!

    …isn’t a holocaust denier and is just being smeared, is that correct?

  2. 2 lwtc247 April 21, 2008 at 2:18 am

    Davide. Thank you for posting a comment here. Rest assuered your comments won’t be deleted.

    You miss the ENTIRE point…

    If the quote you gave is genuine and he/she happens to be a Holocaust denier, that is totally irrelevant to Bridget Dunne and J7.

    Whether one believes, challenged parts of, challenges the majority of, or outright rejects the Holocaust, that does not make ALL J7 truth-seekers Holocaust deniers.


  3. 3 Davide Simonetti April 27, 2008 at 2:52 am

    A very typical strawman argument. No one is saying that All J7 ‘truth-seekers’ (0h my aching sides, lol) are Holocaust deniers. We merely pointed out an observation that many Holocaust deniers tend to gravitate to conspiraloon sites, I guess in some effort to stay contemporary.

    As for Bridget Dunne, she has exposed herself as a liar for first denying blind that that there were secret threads on her site when there were, as she was later forced to acknowledge, then denying that Holocaust denial was discussed on those threads when Kollerstrom posted on Blairwatch using the site as his URL. In the Subsequent implosion on another conspiraloon site we found out what was being discussed, D’OH!!

    Perhaps that’s why she’s been so uncharacteristically quiet lately.

    Capisce? (correct spelling)

  4. 4 lwtc247 April 28, 2008 at 12:06 am

    No one is saying that All J7 ‘truth-seekers’” – So my perception that you and Northy wheeled out the Urban75esque stereotype of a ‘truther’ and attached your repetitive junk of “Holocaust deniers” upon that stereotype, proceeding then to dismiss virtually all other commentators who challenged you on this and even went hunting to try and superglue a Holocaust denier label to people like J7 and Bridget Dunne is a total misreading of the affair on my part?. Well numpty me.

    “Bridget Dunne… a liar” – That is a disgraceful and utterly disrespectful thing to say, but nonetheless, pretty much your standard. Her efforts to remove casual laissez fair lies of the government in its narrative of J7 is something to be treasured. You are still wrong about those secret areas. But once on to a wrong idea, I’ve seen how hard it is for you to let go in the past. Looking forward to you opening up the admin side of non Blairwatching “Blairwatch” for signs of anything others may dislike against. You can leave the login and password here so others can have the chance of routing through those areas.

  5. 5 Davide Simonetti April 28, 2008 at 5:00 pm

    I think that conspiraloons need to explain why they are so accomodating to holocaust deniers, Nazi apologists and any other batshit loony that happens along wheather it’s David Ike or netloon and convivct FJL. Are you so in need of allies that you’ll take on anyone? So full of hate for Rachel that you’ll befriend her enemies no matter how mentally disturbed they are? And so anti-semitic that you’ll tolerate the likes of David Irving and Kollerstrom and regurgitate the shit on sites like judicalinc and Nazi gassings ad nauseum? All it does is make conspiraloons look even more daft, as some of your colleagues on are belatedly realising.

    I can’t comment on Urban75 as I don’t post on it, but on Blairwatch we have a clearly expressed policy that we are not prepared to give a platform to these morons no matter how much the prats whinge about having their freedom of speech curtailed. Nor do we want to publish links to race hatred websites or to utterly debunked and very tedious videos made by right-wing anti-Semites. If they want to express their stupidity, well that’s what conspiraloon sites are for.

    Regarding the secret threads, we know they existed because we kept getting conspiraloon gibberish directly from them. We don’t need a secret forum on BW as we operate in a different way and we’re not into the race-hate thing and unlike conspiraloons we won’t even tolerate it. Our admin communications are just that and we have more direct ways to keep in touch. The fact is that your oh-so-honourable friend denied the very existence of secret threads and then hurriedly had to change her tune (and let’s face it, she’s hardly brought the Government to its knees has she? When it comes to the inconsistencies in the ‘narrative’ and the ISC report, the person you constantly attack has done far more and with a credibility that you will never have – hence the obvious hatred I guess). I’m afraid accusing your numerous detractors of being Mossad, MI5, MI6 or CIA just makes you look even more silly. Maybe one day you’ll see that but I’m not holding my breath.

  6. 6 StefZ April 28, 2008 at 11:00 pm

    There’s an active poster over at the 9/11 UK forum who wrote to me and several other folk I know a few months back encouraging us to join in a campaign to get some obscure ‘fascist’ blogs taken down and to have a ‘fascist’ march banned

    I, and others, wrote back politely saying that even though we disagreed with the fascists in question if we gave support to precedents being set for that of thing our own blogs and endeavours could be next on the list

    He, equally politely, didn’t get it

    Now I see him posting over at 9/11 UK complaining about the treatment being meted out to a certain cut ‘n’ paste revisionist on that forum

    Not that Blairwatch, in its current form, is ever likely to run the risk of being banned by anyone but there is a general principle in play here…

    I can’t speak for any of active researchers over at J7T but my own revulsion with what’s been going on over the last few days is not driven by any particular animosity to any one person (and I strongly dvise LWTC247 not to fall into the trap of confusing principles with the personal)

    Banning things. Diagnosing people you disagree with as being mentally unwell. Editing and deleting their responses and denouncing them for beliefs they don’t hold are all characteristic of an authoritarian mindset which I DETEST WITH EVERY FIBRE OF MY FUCKING BEING

    Simple as that

  7. 7 lwtc247 April 29, 2008 at 9:17 am

    @ Davide.

    It seems like you may define someone who questions anything about the holocaust as being a holocaust denier. For example, if one even highlights the OFFICIAL revision of the numbers of Jews killed at Auschwitz, or its subsequent manipulation (see Finkelstein on the Holocuast Industry).

    And no need to bring David Icke into it because – I know what lies around the corner.

    You can’t comment about Urban75? Well that’s strange, seeing as Blairwatch and Rachel reference it(often). I don’t think I’ve ever posted at and there not my ‘colleagues’. What do you mean by that anyway? I think I know why you say they are my colleagues – so that you can rope me in with EVERYONE there and ANYONE who may expresses a daft opinion. That is exactly your methodology I pointed out earlier.

    So, if anyone you know or maybe even like expresses something daft, then you are: daft -> conspirallon -> Hitler apologist -> Holocaust denier -> NAZI! Of course not! So drop this stupid game will ya?

    Amy Goodman who I’ve seen you giving some discussion with on Democracy now had the 9-11 Avery and Roe on discussing aspects of 9-11. She gave these people some time to discuss the issue. Are you as angry with her as you are with these forums that raise similar issues. Again, of course not.

    whinge about having their freedom of speech curtailed. Yeah, that’s right. send those bloody Uzbeks an open letter telling them to shut the F up. Send one to the Palestinians while your at it and Egyptian bloggers, then the Turkish Kurds…

    I still think your wrong about those secret forums. I’ve not gone hunting for them or asked any admins people about them, but it’s TOTALLY out of character for those people to do such a thing. If you don’t need a secret forum, give us your admins password so we can check it out. If the challenge is good for the goose then…

    Why are you saying people who question Zionist over influence are racists? Neither Zionists or Jews are a race. You are a rather confused man, or just one that looks for another angle to attack something you don’t like, no matter if the basis for that attack is false. Oooh those nasty ‘racist’ anti-Semitic Jews against Zionism.

    Bridget Dunne is very honourable. “and let’s face it, she’s hardly brought the Government to its knees has she?” and the 4.5 of you have… what exactly? She’s done a hell of a lot more than you at removing some of the clear lies in the narrative. Her politeness and rationality is easily demonstrated. Perhaps you could learn from.

    I only “attack” (your description, not mine) Rachel because 1) She’s after an inquiry that will conclude the security services cocked up. Great inquiry that, eh?
    2) She launches caustic and unjustified attacks against people whose views don’t conform to hers.
    3) Her spin is so severe that she may as well just simply lie.

    I hold no personal grudge against Rachel. In fact I am glad she has the freedom to say what she does. Her freedom which she uses to savage effect, is reciprocated by being challenged. I kinda a freedom of speech thing, but what would you know about that?

    “credibility that you will never have” If I craved your credibility, that might have been a good point.

    hence the obvious hatred I guess – errrm, wrong again. I don’t hate her. She makes me angry at times yes, I doubt we’d agree on most issues, but hate? No. sorry. Next false accusation please.

    Aaah here we go (Lord that didn’t take long)… I don’t accuse ‘numerous'(?) detractors of being CIA agents or whatever. I know there will be some agents out there doing what they can to support this diseased hegemony we have, and anyone who thinks there isn’t is plainly wrong. Is your friend R such a person? She gives me reason to think she is, but I don’t know, how could I know? Unlike the spy state we live in today, I don’t tap her phone, I don’t follow her, and I’m not going to make up falsehoods about her. But what’s any of that got to do with you stereotyping and libelling people who hold different views from you?

    Even if one holds ideas we find repugnant they have an absolute right to think that way. It has to be that way, for we would expect such a right against the our government. Furthermore, we support that right this very day of dissidents in many parts around the world today, for example, in Uzbekistan, by all accounts, a toxic fascist regime that tortures for sport. Thought and its discourse must NEVER be a crime. Only those that take illicit action from those thoughts.

    Your witch-hunts are highly dangerous. You are legitimizing the concept of thought crimes. That’s obnoxious. Such methods were used to stifle opposition against Pol Pot, Pinochet and of course Hitler. Can’t you see that? Don’t you understand??????????

  8. 8 lwtc247 April 29, 2008 at 9:31 am

    @ Stef.

    Thanks for the advice, but I don’t think I’ve fallen into that trap yet. If your advice isn’t just for the future and you think I have done so already, I’d appreciate it you you mentioned it.

    It’s true I get very angry at some people (who doesn’t?) but it’s only because there pushing a very dirty line indeed! I do admit in the case of people like mass murdering sadist Bliar, the hate is very strong indeed. And bloody rightly so, but w.r.t. minnows like Davide and Blairwatch (who have undeniably done some very fine, superb even, blogging) It’s not personal.

    As for Rachel, well her blogging and so forth is fairly trivial so really she registers only poorly on my horizon despite a few ‘I must speak reply’ posts about her.

    But thanks for the caution.

    I too detest the censorship and imposition of ‘permitted thoughts’ and verbalizations. It’s truly perverse.

  9. 9 StefZ April 29, 2008 at 10:23 am

    I have access to the ‘secret’ J7T threads in question

    They are used for admin, off topic gossip/bitching and stuff like that. The alternative would be to use email, messenger or the phone. This is perfectly normal practice for a very large number of forums. And claims that ‘we don’t do things that way’ are pious bullshit

    To the very best of knowledge, holocaust denial has only been discussed on the J7T ‘secret’ cannibal child molester threads in the context of ‘WTF! these dickheads are trying smear us all as nazis’

    Again, to the very best of my knowledge, no one has denied the existence of the threads as, speaking personally, if I’d seen anyone doing that I would have pulled them up on it straight away

    And if anyone would like to accuse me of being a liar now would be an excellent opportunity to put up or shut up

    This is straight witch hunt/ vendetta where the real target is not the fool who recycled tired old revisionist material on some fascist forum but people who have issues with the official narrative of 7/7. This will be plain as day to anyone looking in from the outside and the more BW et al push it the dafter, more dishonest, and nastier, they look.

    I simply cannot believe that the timing of this witch hunt, coinciding with a high profile 7/7-related trial, is accidental.
    My (unsolicited) advice to the folk at J7T has been to waste as little time as possible responding to this nonsense and continue researching and posting on 7/7 related questions

  10. 10 StefZ April 29, 2008 at 12:02 pm


    re. my caution

    I feel uncomfortable offering advice that was not asked for

    having said that I do urge people who have doubts about the official narrative of 7/7 not to get too sidetracked and lose focus on that issue

    I have no right to hand out grades on how well other independent thinkers/ voices are sticking to that aim – and I don’t pretend to be spotless in this regard either

    but if you do feel like letting off steam and bitching after witnessing some distractive abuse and smearing you can always turn to the hidden network of conspiratorial secret nazi racist hate child molestation cannibalism forums which have been created for that purpose

  11. 11 StefZ April 29, 2008 at 1:41 pm

    …and whilst on the subject of Italian spelling, let’s not forget that the Milan and Bologna bombings and the exposure of P2 make Italy the No.1 example of ‘undeniable’ state sponsored terror in Western Europe.

    If the 1933-45 holocaust is still relevant events that took place in my own lifetime certainly are as well

    I was staying in Italy just outside Bologna when the bomb went off and saw some of the state endorsed insanity that ensued first hand. And 25 years later what appears very much to be the same kind of shit is being pulled outside my own front door. In the case of 21/7 quite literally. I’m not chauvinistic enough to think that the kind of wicked nonsense that took place in Italy couldn’t conceivably take place here in superior old Blighty, to a point where anyone who considers the possibility is labeled, with the encouragement and assistance of the establishment media, as being insane

    You just simply couldn’t get away with smearing and accusations of insanity that Blairwatch et al do in Italy, certainly not on the radical left

    It’s also worth remembering that revelations about the true nature of the Bologna bombing were the result of activism on the part of victims and victims’ families years after the event in the face of strong establishment resistance

    because I’m sure other parties haven’t forgot

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