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Bloody Olympic Torch

As I get older I see more crap.

One of the latest Meldrewisms is the stupid Olympic torch.

Well listen up real good OIC/UN… If global warming is such a threat, why the hell are you shipping some crappy meaningless turdy torch around the entire planet, pumping out hundreds of tonnes of CO2 from the transporting planes and the stupid torch itself.

Abd what are we supposed to feel? Happy that some stupid fake torch is nearby? Oh yes, thank you. That’ll really make me forget about the MASSIVE PRICE INCREASE IN FOOD and the MASS ECONOMIC SLAVERY and OPPRESSION and KILLINGS around the world.

And that stupid ceremony with these Grecian ladies standing around in a cirle acting all solemn like as if it actually means something. For heavens sake.

Gimme a break (preferably that torch!)

Hourra for olympic torch – we are all spared – nothing else matters.


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Viva Palestina - break the siege

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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