Like her ‘style’, Harriet’s politics is old hat too.

To hear Harriet Harman – an utter muppet of politician ritually spout out the same tired crap about wanting hospitals schools and education *snore* improve (despite playing a significant part of the government that has for about 11 years, FAILED to do exactly that) on the latest edition of BBC’s Question Time, then go on about the brave people of Zimbabwe defying the bullies while the even braver people of Palestine democratically voted for Hamas but gained no recognition from her, and the bunch of talentless, miserable little dictators squatting in No10.

Her hypocrisy is like rotting puss oozing from a maggot ridden gangrenous wound.

Harriet Harman is the epitome of, just about everything I hate about NeoLabour and British Politics in general. That her methodology of ‘poli-speil’ is almost identical to mass murdering sadist Tony bLiar isn’t coincidental. I still can’t believe the way she wriggled her way out of the financial sleeze which embroiled her and her EX-husband some years back.

Then we have Tony Parsons saying we need Muslim leaders to say “Slaughtering people will not please our God” and that “they are not currently doing so” was yet another display of question time stupidity. Muslim leaders (in the community and elsewhere) have addressed this! Some have had to readdress this point many times over to try and please people like Parsons as well as the ruling elite in the UK and US etc. [I’ll address this point a bit more in a further post, but for now you may like to read some material I’ll draw attention to here.]

Another thing that Parsons goes on about is immigration. He professes to be a person married to an immigrant, but spouts the utter nonsense that the UK is “full” already. Yeah Parsons, full AFTER your wife got in. I wonder what you said in reply to people that said the UK was full BEFORE your wife came in? and I wonder what other kind of people say such things today. He’s like the NeoLabour socialist, (plz go with the oxymoron for now) who attacks people driving a fancy car only to have a fleet of them stashed in his garage.

And that Tory ‘woman’ (whether there are actual women in the tory party of the NeoLabour party is highly disputable – I think its gonna be more like that edition of ‘House’ where the blond ‘female’ patient was actually a man whose testes were internalized) she was absolutely terrible.

Question Time yet again showed the dross that worms its way through the corridors of power these days. It was yet another display of utter redundancy. I heard almost identical trash arguments 20 odd years ago.

Lembit Opik was the only one who seemed to offer something resembling a worthy politician, as seems to be the case in the Liberal party. Certainly relatively speaking, the LibDems are flooded with talent. Its just a pity they always fall down the u-tube at crucial moments.

Worthy also of mention was that Postman on about something like £13,000 a year. The postie really showed that idiot of a tory (is there any other kind one could be forgiven for asking – ToryBoy – LOL) for the useless pile of mindlessness she is. Also was that elderly woman in the audience who really made the best comment of the whole program when she mentioned the IMF and WB’s enslaving reach fiddling with Zimbabwe to the complete silence of the whole studio. The politicians NEVER mention anything about the genocidal policies of the WB and IMF. Its people like her and that postie that would be far better running the country. Something fresh, something unbound by fake dogma. Something of substance and valour.

P.S. George Galloway has sent a letter asking for more donations to cement the excision of the SWP hijacking of RESPECT. I don’t see why RESPECT renewal cant access the funds of (now SWP) RESPECT.






4 Responses to “Ooze”

  1. 1 StefZ April 24, 2008 at 12:56 pm

    it really was a very pregnant pause after that woman mentioned the IMF/ WB

    it’s, all too rare, moments like that which make QT worth watching

  2. 2 lwtc247 April 25, 2008 at 1:15 am

    50+ mins of “schools, hospitals, tranpsort…” is a VERY heavy price to pay for mere seconds of jumping up from my seat, punching the air and saying “YES!”.

    I was very angry with Dumbleby for dismissing her point so flippantly as if she was some kind of nut. But worse still, is that I got the horrible feeling that just about everyone in the audience didn’t connect with the point, presumably becasue they are in total ignorance of what exactly the WB and IMF do.


  3. 3 StefZ April 25, 2008 at 11:21 am

    I got the same feeling

    but how could they?

  4. 4 lwtc247 April 27, 2008 at 11:50 pm

    but how could they?
    – True. That’s the problem!

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