The lying liars and the ones they serve first

The little sod Liam Byrne,
who tells the public
AFTER everyone else
about his buddies latest
step into fascism.

This today from Yahoo news…

“LONDON (AFP) – European air travellers to Britain will be screened with automatic facial recognition technology from this summer in a bid to tighten security and ease congestion, the government said Friday.”
Source here.

Notice “the government said Friday” That is this Friday, the 25th April 2008.

But the government had already briefed others to do such a thing BEFORE they bothered to announce it on 25th April 2008. Yet on 25th March 2008, one ENTIRE month earlier, I reported that BA flights were telling foreign travel agents their customer would have to submit biometric data.

Yet more proof that this
INTELLECTUALLY BANKRUPT government, acts not in the interests of its citizens, but of other interests which result in those characteristics above manifesting.

I can almost visualize hear some crappy politician groaning at the inconvenience of having to do something to finally let the public know something the non-public has already been told at least one month earlier.

It’s pathetic.

PLEASE, Good people, REFUSE to submit to this biomentic/ID/database information. It is far more likely that the sleazy, self serving murderers in Westminster are pushing this through NOT in YOUR interests, and it will only cause US more serious problems later on.

I believe there is nothing more valuable to a government (which is already proven its strong fascistic tendency)than the biometric database, for strengthening that very fascism that grows daily.



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