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CCTV has failed

Updated: Error with numbers of British spy cameras fixed.

CCTV boom ‘failing to cut crime’ reports the BBC.

Dear old BBC. Forgetful as ever. They forget to say CCTV fails to PREVENT crime, for it is crime prevention that is the spy-mad supporters most widely voiced selling point.

And poor old BBC, how they are falling of fact lean times. They report… “Britain had more cameras than any other European country“, oh dear. Lets help them shall we?
Does Britain have more spy cameras than countries in Asia? – YES!
Does Britain have more spy cameras than Australia/NZ? – YES!
South American countries? – YES.
Oceania?, Antarctica, anywhere? inc. North America with the possible exception of the US? – YES!!! Not just European countries but probably EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! But Let’s not be stingy on our assistance here. Let’s help them some more: Britain has more CCTV cameras per head of population than any country in the world.

Credit where credit is due. At least the BBC posts the story.

There it is then. CCTV fails to cut crime, therefore fails to prevent crime. But so what? Such arguments points won’t stop us from having MORE cctv, and more technology that can identify you simply by your gait. {The University of Southampton has around 20 full time PhD students working on biometrics, including gait. Professor Mark Nixon, currently working alongside around 300 fellow biometrics pioneers on an ‘Encyclopaedia of Biometrics’} See “Walk this way” on Soton’s site. The bloody short sighted idiots.

The more data one accumulates, the more likely it is to be stolen. And if you, like me, believe persistent elements of this government have used ‘false flag’ terrorism, this very easily faked ‘evidence’ should send shivers down your spine.



Quilliam Foundation

Ed Hussein – lookin’ the least
smarmy I’ve ever seen him,
golden boy of the
Government/Bliarwatch /Rachel North
backed Quilliam Foundation.

This Quilliam Foundation thing. It’s pants. A clear attempt by the British establishment to assert control over the thoughts of Muslims. This kind of thing has been seen many times before – the Brits were the ones that gave birth the that bastard thieving and genocidal child called Israel, the Brits destroyed the Caliphate (for all its human based flaws), the Brits supplied its bastard with essential nuclear isotopes so it could build an arsenal of nukes. It supports the genocide against the Palestinians. It’s hell bent on winning the final crusade.

It will fail, but will cause untold misery in the attempt.

The pantaloon Quilliam Foundation is just the latest persistent attempt by the Brits to doing what they do best. Just as they created the supposedly Messiah Mirza Ghulam Ahmad “Ahmadiyya Muslim’s” (oops, he died already and never fulfilled his prophecy, never mind) to eat away at Islam. If there’s the possibility of trying to fragment Muslims, the Brits will try it. Often this works simply by lavishing “high class” London prostitutes and fountains of champagne on certain “leaders” but their quiver contains many arrows.

The Quilliam Foundation wants Muslims in the west to adopt pluralism. What an idiotic objective. It gives the impression that Muslims are not pluralistic. Muslims are, but they dont have to wear binikis and vomit in the streets after a pub crawl. Neither do they have to abandon the philosophy of Islam despite what QF or the UK state want them to. These thicko idiots comprising of the UK state want to be able to slaughter Muslims world wide and pilfer what ever they happen to live on top of without repercussion. That’s why they declare xyz as terrorists and incessantly demonize them in the press. They know that if they don’t want to face reprisals, they shouldn’t go around massacring people. It’s really that simple; action and reaction and all that!

Aaaah Ed Hussein. Occasionally in my life, I’ve formed judgements of people too rapidly and realised later that my assessment was incorrect. But after coming across ex-HT (lol) member Ed Hussein on the Doha Debates, I very rapidly decided “I really don’t like you, you puppet”. And why is it that I see Tony Bliar every time I look at Ed Hussein’s face?

 Azzam Timimi, a man I deeply repsect, says of QF: “The group is populated in part by ex-Hizb’ut Tahrir. They say have the same line as the Neocon movement in the UK. They are pro-Iraq war, anti-Hamas, pro-Israel. They are trying to justify what the Government are doing.” 

Dr. Azzam Timimi –
one of the few rare
public figures worthy
of respect.

It’s draws into question exactly what ‘kind’ of Muslims they were who joined HT in the first place.

I also like the dismissal opinionated by “Muslim radical” or “Firebrand solicitor” Anjem Choudry, as the Daily Mail calls him {p.s. DM spells his last name as Choudary}, about this Cheese and Wine Quilliam Foundation, but sadly I’ve lost the exact quote.

Anjem choudry.
Pic by way of (LOL!)

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