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Yet another journo lie – this time the telegraph

If you think the established mainstream media doesn’t lie. Think again. There are many lies with many degrees of severity, and official version of the 7/7 terrorist atrocities seem to incorporate more than their fair share.

Cue the Telegraph. Famous for 15 megapixels Stef on his “Doubting my doubts? Not quite” post, linked to a page on the Telegraph’s website their supposed CCTV footage of the 7/7 tube bombings.

31 seconds into the video the commentator says “Police officers run towards the tunnel” while the following clips are being shown.


Although my athletic prowess has all but deserted me, I am damn sure I would WALK what must be only about 18 feet in far less than 10 seconds. They weren’t running. Immediately proceeding that the commentator says “they will be the first to help” and we get this picture of the two policemen walking away…

Once again, call me a cynic, but 6 seconds later after SLOWLY WALKING in the direction of what we are told was the train blast, I don’t see how by WALKING AWAY constitutes running or being the first to help.

A more honest description would be thus :”Unsure policemen slowly walk towards what we are told was the blast area communicating with other officers. Seconds later they turn around and head away from the blast zone

But such an honest description would portray the police as ditherers, perhaps uncaring, and certainly NOT putting themselves at risk to help those injured and dying, possibly showing them as cowards.

Also worthy of note is how there appears to be no indication of any liason officer/worker from Visor consultants in those tube pics – or ANY pics. It would be nice if the transport police released information in relation to exactly what Visor consultants were doing that day and where. Certainly I see no liason officer/worker going to either policeman telling them the blast was just an exercise or the blast wasn’t one of theirs. In fact the platform looks virtually empty on some of those that CCTV.

Now, call me I’ve made one or two errors myself in writing about 7/7, they were genuine errors and I’m just a simple person who likes to use his free time to read about political related issues. But  ‘institutions’ such as the Telegraph hold a different level of responsibility to ensure their reporting is honest and fair – not least because they are a commercial Enterprise.

 But who cares about such trivial matters such as the obliteration of 52 (possibly 56 people), press honesty and quirky little things we used to call ‘facts’? Obviously not the Telegraph.

Significant update:

Here’s something else that got my attention from the Telegraph:

CCTV footage was then played of 18-year-old Hasib Hussain, in Kings Cross station as he took struggled to set off his bomb.

The construction of that sentence is like something I’d write. But grammatical sloppyness aside, can anyone please point the way to such a thing? If there is genuine footage of that then it’s INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT. I’ve not seen any such CCTV or stills. PLEASE, if you know of any link to this, please let me know. Ta.


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