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Piers Morgan

said on Question Time 8th May 2008 in relation to referenda: “The whole point of having elections is that we elect these politicians to make big decisions on our behalf and we get a change to sling them out if we don’t like them

Well I don’t elect them. I don’t particularly like them and if they are slung out they are replaced by some bloody clone.

Piers Morgan. A man I suspect was played to publish photo’s the MOD knew
it could and would debunk later- cleverly removing the idea from people minds
that British troops mistreated people let alone
tortured or literally
beat the living daylights out of them, Just like today we hear of the Police
being sued by Channel 4 and having to apologise for weirdly claiming C4
presented a distorted documentary to make it appear as if some Muslims
were encouraging hate and expressed bigotry.

I don’t trust ANY mainstream politician to put my view forth – because they won’t! And they’ve been proved not to, unless of course you happen to believe most people wanted to got to war against Iraq, most people wanted the government to credit Northern Rock what must be around 70 billion pounds. (anyone got the latest figure???), that most people want us to spend billions on a new nuclear arsenal(actually owned by the US, but let’s not nit-pick) in defiance of the NPT, or that they want to implement legalisation towards a new European Union despite the French rejecting it. The poor French – how they must feel having rejected it but still having their ‘leaders’ implement a treaty virtually none of them have read or understood behind their backs. Ouch.

As I reject the system, why should I be forced to accept it? Just like I utterly reject any claim that queen Elizardbeth thinks she may have over me, I don’t feel the need to agree with what Westminster does. Being use a fish in the sea, there’s virtually nothing I can do about it, but that doesn’t mean my resignation therefore concludes with acceptance.

I hate it when people who try to encapsulate me within the parameters set by other people.  Why cannot I express my own political opinion, side stepping this trash whose bottoms polish the green leather seats in the Commons (on occasions). I want spend some in my time deciding my own future in what ever parameters I want, not just the narrow frankly crap confines of “modern life” we have today.

So shove it Piers.


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