While on about the BBC’s Question Time, and the “Lisbon treaty” enforcing the greater political union despite it being rejected under the mechanism it was to be tested under, some dude on last weeks QT (8th May ’08) said

 “is all the talk about devolution and English citizenship
the debate academic because once the Lisbon treaty goes through we’ll all be living in regions of a Europe

(I am unable to give the exact quote, although mine is very similar, as the the BBC replaced the program with this weeks program before I got to the end of the gentlemans point)

The man’s question burned a firey death after tagging on ‘regions of Europe’.

Heseltine did what most politicians love to do – and that is to focus on some trivial, ill-said addition which instantly after saying it, was obvious that it should have been avoided.

The point that the Blair lied, a lie sustained by Brown, and the people of the UK were denied what was granted to the French and Dutch (and Norwegians I think) didn’t get a look in.

A similar problem exists with people who disbelieve the rubbish of the official stories of 9-11 and 7-7. A lesson we can learn from.

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