Now is the time to attack Melanie Phillips

Update: 4 Oct 2011. Zionist bitch Melanie Phillips wants to kill and mame even more.

Original article:

Do you think that’s a provocative title? Too strong? Illegal perhaps? Why do you think that?

What if I told you the title is almost identical to what Zionist Melanie Phillips herself writes?


Now is the time to attack Iran
By Melanie Phillips

Everyone is waiting. In Israel, they are waiting for the 60th-anniversary celebrations to be over and for President Bush to have visited and returned home. Then, they say, the IDF will make its long-anticipated major incursion into Gaza. Then at last the problem of the ever-intensifying attacks by Hamas will be dealt with.

Across the world, everyone is waiting for the interminable US presidential election to be over. Then, many believe, the paralysis over Iran will end. Then, they think, the prospect of a military strike on Tehran will either swiftly be realised or permanently be laid to rest (depending on who actually wins).

And meanwhile the hallucinatory Middle East appeasement process meanders ever onwards, accompanied by dark rumblings about a secret backstairs sell-out Israel deal being cooked up between Ehud Olmert and Mahmoud Abbas and enlivened by the Israel-phobic Jimmy Carter, fresh from paying homage at the tomb of Yasser Arafat, announcing the prospect of peace in our time with Hamas.

But waiting comes with a heavy price tag. It provides alibis for putting off what needs to be done quickly; it results in the slaughter of yet more innocents; and it gives the advantage to the player for whom time is crucial. That player is Iran.

The reason Israel hasn’t done what it needs to do in Gaza is not because of anniversaries or official visits. It is because of Gilad Shalit, the IDF soldier who is now in his twenty-second month of captivity by Hamas.

Israel will not invade Gaza because of fears that Shalit will then be killed. Shalit is being used by Hamas as a hostage to prevent Israel from wiping it out. The result is that other Israelis are being relentlessly attacked and murdered. And the puppeteer pulling Hamas’s strings is Iran.

The West tends to put the various Middle East conflicts into boxes marked “Israel-Palestinian dispute”, “Iraq”, “Lebanon”, “Hamas”, “al Qaida” and “Iranian nuclear threat”. The fact is, however, that all roads lead to Iran.

Iran is simply the centre of strategic gravity in the region and in the war against the free world. It has encircled Israel through Hamas in Gaza and through Hizbollah in Lebanon, where it has also all but snuffed out the Lebanese democracy.

In Iraq, Iran is the central player. The Petraeus surge may have been successful. And the Iraqis recently surprised many by deciding to fight the Iranian-backed supporters of Moqtada al Sadr in Basra, causing Iran to beat a strategic retreat. But the fact is that, in Iraq, Iran has suborned government, insurgent and religious leaders.

As for al Qaida, the idea that Shi’ite Iran would never ally with Sunni terrorists is a lethal illusion. Iran has had working arrangements with al Qaida for years, as it has with other Sunni terror groups in their common cause against the West.

And although the West may not realise it, Iran has spread there too. In Britain and Europe, it has a sleeping army composed of Hizbollah cells and Iranian intelligence which uses western Iranian embassies as explosives stores. If Iran is attacked, Tehran will respond by unleashing Iranian terror in the West.

The prerequisite for stabilising all these hotspots — including “Israel/Palestine” — and dealing with global Islamic terror is regime change in

Tehran. The question is how.

Far, far more should already have been done. There should have been earlier and fiercer economic sanctions along with diplomatic estrangement. It is extraordinary that Britain still has diplomatic relations with Iran while (along with the US) it proscribes the PMOI, the principal opposition movement which is committed to human rights, as a terrorist organisation. The fact is that Iran declared war on the West in 1979 as soon as Ayatollah Khomeini came to power — the last great contribution made by President Jimmy Carter to world peace. Ever since, Iranian militias have been attacking Western interests; ever since, the West has refused to acknowledge this.

People say war against Iran would turn a largely pro-western people against the West. But war need not mean carpet-bombing Tehran. It can and should mean targeted strikes on the regime and its principal interests.

War should always be a last resort. But, as in the 1930s, the West once again has failed to take the appropriate intermediate steps. Such a failure of nerve makes war more likely, not less.

As a result, the choice is not between war and peace. War with Iran is almost certainly inevitable. The choice is between war on our terms or on those laid down by Iran. The longer we wait, the more that choice is loaded against the defeat of this most lethal of all threats to the free world.

Melanie Phillips is a Daily Mail columnist


In fact, my title is far less as it only mentions one person. Zionist supremicist Melanie Phillips wants to attack a WHOLE nation. She wants men, women, children and babies to have their body parts shattered into a thousand people. People who unlike Nazi Phillips don’t have orgasms over the Shoah of the Palestinians.

Oh how Phillips must mourn the passing of Hitler. Perhaps she writes so much crap to fund a time machine and travel back to the days to join her fellow Zionists helped kill their way through Europe. Melanies hero’s are likely to include Zionist Jew General Helmut Wilberg of the Luftwaffe.
Yes I know, it is a Zionist oxymoron.

Melanies first pin-up. Cute ain’t he?
He’s Melanie’s wannabe. A Nazi who killed people.
In fact he loved killing people so much he even killed
Jews too! But that’s OK isn’t it Melanie because those
Jews wern’t Zionist scum like yourself – isn’t that right

“Hitler awarded him the Hohenzollern’s Knight’s Cross with Swords, EKI, and EKII.”

And Melanies secret love…

“Zionist Jew Colonel Walter H. Hollaender of the Wehrmacht, whom Hitler decorated with the Ritterkreuz, German-Cross in Gold, EKI, EKII, and Close Combat Badge. Some if not all of these honors were bestowed in recognition of these senior officers’ considerable skills in killing thousands…”

When death fetish fantasist (the deaths of Muslims death that is) a.k.a. Nazi Phillips says “what needs to be done quickly; it results in the slaughter of yet more innocents” what she is saying is that someinnocent deaths are a price she thinks is worth paying. But of course it’s not HER that will pay it’s innocent Iranians which she believes in her utterly perverse and demented.

So Mel, when are you going to put your name down for the front line? How many family members wanna join in?

Iran has had working arrangements with al Qaida for years” —- Utter LIES.

The choice is between war on our terms or on those laid down by Iran.

You scum.

You trash.

How dare you flaunt your repugnant filthy ZioNazi eugenic fantasy’s.

13 Responses to “Now is the time to attack Melanie Phillips”

  1. 1 StefZ May 21, 2008 at 10:12 am

    I always found it a little peculiar that Adolf Eichmann spoke fluent Yiddish

  2. 2 lwtc247 May 22, 2008 at 3:40 am


    I think my writing skills may as well be Yiddish too, having not yet managed to resist the temptation to click ‘publish’ before reading what I typed

    The cat is slowly emerging out of its chainmail bag. Zionist “Jews” were were heavily involved in the massacre of ordinary Jews in WW2. It shows how perverse Zionism and its siblings are.

    Here’s great commentary from Steph (stephiblog):

    (1) “150,000 men classified as Jewish or half Jewish served in the German military under Hitler, that’s nearly three times the number that fled to Palestine by September 1939 and more than the number of German Jews killed in the concentration camps. The only party other than the Nazis permitted in Germany under Hitler was the German Zionist party.

    Zionism and Nazism were heavily intertwined and Zionist were as invovled as the Nazis in the holocaust but that’s hardly surprising, Zionist had no real support amongst mainstream European Jewry before the war.”

    (2)“The vast majority of Jewish holocaust victims wouldn’t have been Zionists because most European Jews weren’t at that time, it was an unpopular ideology. Zionist shared a lot of the Nazis racial beliefs and were equally committed to the view that Jews should be forcibly deported from Europe and shouldn’t live among other Europeans. Zionist showed as much disdain for European Jewry, as the Nazis. Jewish holocaust victims were murdered because of two evil ideologies: Nazism and Zionism.”

  3. 3 JANE PICKUP May 25, 2008 at 5:40 pm

    I can’t stand Melanie Phillips! She wrote a book caleed “Londonistan” The whole world should be called “Zionistan” more like as the Zionist Jews appear to have control over it all with an iron fist!

    The only way I can see this truth coming out to the general public without us who can already see it being dismissed and denounced as “Nazis” is for us to be led by the “Jews Against Zionism” – they are out there I have seen them at marches – they support the Palestinians and don’t believe that the Jews should even be in Israel (they could be there for me if they behaved like kind human beings and not Nazis as they do behave). I have also emailed one of them if I can find him again.

    To anyone who sees what is going on but does not “Hate Jews” and doesn’t want to – please do your best to contact these people and lets get them to lead with the message of the truth about Zionism – people might be intrigued and listen to them! they are very brave to speak out!

  4. 4 lwtc247 May 26, 2008 at 4:38 am

    ‘Londonistan’ – Terminilogy I surprizingly found in Nafeez Ahmads book about 7-7. “Zionistan”? – Far better. :)

    “Jews Against Zionism” – A group of great courage, knowledge and wisdom. I like your post very much. Thank you.

    I support your call to make an association with them – real Jews (i.e. one that practices Judaism and not this supremicist filth called Zionism or ‘political Judaism’ as they deceivingly call it.


  5. 5 Melanie Phillips Zionist October 31, 2008 at 4:21 pm

    You can feel the Zionest supremisist tone in her writing, with her seething hatred for all non jew races just spilling out and being released into her writing – its funny how Zionists took their views from Nazi Germany, she really does beleive in a superior white race it just spews out of her writing – she is like that moaning old woman that everybody hates. She may as well come out and say she beleives in Genocide, she is the spawn of satan. She is just loving turning the UK into a Nanny State, she is the the Nanny state

  6. 6 lwtc247 November 1, 2008 at 6:34 am

    Yes, Ms. Phillips sure writes with copious acidity, yet her hatred is broadly tolerated.

    I surmise hatred isn’t the issue, rather, which hatred it is. And it’s currently the fashion that Zionist fed and funded hatred, along with all the usual modifiers, is the flavour of the day.

    Pity those non-subscribers, but at least your heart and conscience is at peace with itself.

  7. 7 toner January 27, 2009 at 5:23 am

    I hate this phillips woman
    Yeah right,that nonsense might work against those still suffering from holocaust guilt but for increasing numbers this is the final discredited tool in the zionazi book of how to shut down criticism of a genocidal racist illigitimate terrorist supremacist state!

    I threw my telly in the bin and canceled my BBC license direct debit after I saw her on question time last

  8. 8 Samir S. Halabi August 12, 2009 at 4:56 pm

    I find it totally amazing that you don’t seem to get it.
    The fanatical muslim leader of the arab muslims of ‘The British Mandate of Palestine’ was put into office by the ‘British High Commissioner of Palestine Lord Samuels in 1921. he was none othe than Haj Amin Al-Husseyni who kept that title till 1948. Husseyni actually re-placed a more moderate ‘Leader who was voted in legally, however the british saw fit to appease the more fanatical arabs by appointing Al-Husseyni in his place.
    Al-Husseyni was a complete fanatical jew-hater, in 1937 the british realising their mistake in supporting him, issued a warrant for his arrest. Al-Husseyni promptly exited palestine for Lebanon, he then left again for Baghdad, Iraq where in 1941 he was one of the instigators for the failed pro-nazi coup. He narrowly missed being arrested by the British for pro-german activities, therefore this time he fled to Berlin, in Nazi germany as the personal guest of Adolf Hitler. He organized bosnian Muslim batallions who hunted down and murdered thousands of Jews & Serbs. he visited German Nazi death camps where thousands of jews were being slaughtered daily on an industrial scale. he vowed to open similar death camps in Palestine and all over the middle east as soon as there was a sign of an axis victory over the allied forces. After the war he was wanted for war crimes by the british and allied forces, however he averted being caught and so escaped justice. His nephew was the late yasser Arafat, Born a Husseyni and later changed his name to Arafat so as not to identify himself with the war criminal Haj Amin Al-Husseyni. Most of the arabs in world war two identified with the Nazis. The arab armies employed former Nazi soldiers and intelligence officers in the 1948 war with Israel. The arabs do have jewish holocaust blood on their hands.

  9. 9 lwtc247 August 12, 2009 at 5:14 pm

    And the 50,000 Jewish/half-Jewish willing and enthusiastic Jewish killers plus conscripts don’t?

    What exactly is your rather robotic point supposed to be anyway?

    That because some tyrant (I’ll take your word for it) at one stage supported by the British (where have I seem that one before) who may have called himself a Muslim somehow makes Zionist massacres, theft, humiliaton, racism, organ reaping, collective punishment, incineration by white phosphorous, shelling of families on beaches, sheling of family homes (having herded families inside that home moments earlier), assassination of children and schoolgirls, house demolition, starvation, waterh theft, enprisonment with apartheid walls…… all become legitimate?

  10. 10 Samir S. Halabi August 16, 2009 at 10:49 pm

    To IWTC

    You can argue as much as as long as you want. The Jews of israel are going no place. Over 60% of israeli jews are from the arab speaking world, including the non arab islamic world, they have no intentions of moving back to their countries of origin.
    My own family barely escaped from our homeland in late 1948 where some other members of our family were butchered to death by arab mobs. So don’t think the arabs are such angels and the jews are devils. When muslim countries such as Saudi-Arabia call jews the son’s of monkeys and pigs I feel absolutely no compassion for any muslim. We the jewish refugees of the arab speaking world including the maghrebi states in the late 1940s numbered almost one million, we certainly outnumbered the arab refugees of the former British mandate of palestine by two to one. The real-estate that we the jews of the arab speaking world owned was almost five times the land mass of the size of israel today, what about our rights. At the end of world war two there was over 50,000,000 refugees world wide, how is it that they were all settled and the 500,000 to 600,000 arab refugees of palestine are still refugees today, their arab brothers didn’t want them, they only used them and still do as tools against Israel.

    • 11 lwtc247 August 17, 2009 at 1:52 pm

      I seem to find myself having to jump onto your argumentative inventions.

      Who said the Jews were going anywhere? Personally I don’t have a problem with Jews in the Holy land.

      What I do have a problem with, is the killing, theft, rape, land grabs, humiliation, burning, injustice, starvation, imprisonment and infanticide suffered by the Palestinians. And as long as those things continue, may the Palestinian struggle continue along with the growing world opposition to the filthy supremacist Zionist doctrine.


      “My own family barely escaped from our homeland in late 1948 where some other members of our family were butchered to death by arab mobs.” – Was that before or after Deir Yassin? A massacre I guess occupies little or no space in your thoughts. If what you say is true, then your family indeed suffered an evil act and the killers should face due process. However acts of random voilence are a much employed Zionist tool.

      you see that’s the thing about justice. It doesn’t end when the goym boundary is passed. I guess such a point would cause you some you some difficulties.

      The Arabs sheltered the Jews from White euro persecution for over a thousand years. Anti-Zionist Rabbi’s speak of when they would send their children to the houses Arabs to care for their children. Good days indeed. Not days you’d care to acknowledge methinks.

      “When muslim countries such as Saudi-Arabia call jews the son’s of monkeys and pigs I feel absolutely no compassion for any muslim.” – You really are a bit of a berk aren’t you?

      As for the rest of your descent into drivel, I have ceased caring. Go back to your fantasty land and dream up another phoney argument to have with someone else.

      I could have ended with Shalom, but clearly that word would be quite meaningless to you.

  11. 12 lwtc247 August 17, 2009 at 11:41 am


    On one of my blog post’s comment sections, a mini-debate ensued about the good ole’ Mufti’s meeting with Hitler, in which I pointed out to a link, involving Zionists with The third Reich, written by the Institute for Historical Review. It was later pointed out to me that the Institute for Historical Review is headed by someone who’s written for neo-Nazi publications. I’ve made the correction on the comment section, but I was definitely dissatisfied with the simplistic shelving of a source- even if I’m disgusted by its motives- as I felt there was academic merit to it. The world is far from black and white, and just as the Zionist Benny Morris’ work is regarded in academic discussion of Palestinian history, so can the writings of the Institute for Historical Review teach us about Zionist history. The rule of thumb would be, in these cases, to tread carefully and consider only the facts and not the conclusions.

    Read the rest of this entry »

  12. 13 nelson25 July 7, 2011 at 7:11 pm

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