Oh Philip !

It’s been a while since I took a gander at the WeAreChange website. They’ve got a new frontend (but probably the same read-end!). Aging and becoming slower with computers than I would like, I felt more confortable clicking on the “Old site” link.

Their latest entry is dated 25th April 2008 and they feature a short (about 8 mins) interview with Philip Hayton. Conspiraloons, fruitcakes and nutjobs the world over will remember Philip from the BBC world report with Jane Standley who reported the collapse of WTV-7 about 20 minutes before it did actually fall.

Phil in BBC grey.

You tube link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzMlFFQ2oqQ

In the interview Phil is great. Very honest and sincere. He seemed to me to be taken aback by the news that the the BBC reported the collapse in advance and seemed quite open minded about it.

Was an aura of conspiraloon building within Phil? Possibly. I was getting my hopes up that he may have seen the light, but… my hopes suffered a knockback when Phil said towards the end…

“So is there no official explanation?”

– Oh Philip!

Another blow after that was when the aforementioned possible aura dimmed, when the importance of what he was just told seemed to lessen becasue it had shades of ‘conspiracy’ about it.

When all these revelations were coming out, most sensible conspiraloons said Phil and the BBC were probably just unwitting channels through whom the conspiracy was being publicised. I took that stance and the way Phil is in the WeAreChange interview strengthens my belief about that.

It would be very interesting to know what Phil makes of all this having been sent the information by WeAreChange UK. Did the aura switch permanently on? I hope so and if so “welcome to the club Phil” :D


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