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Conspiraloon population denialists (PD’s) eat humble pie (or they would but for the bloody ‘food crisis’)

Japan woman lived in man’s closet

The Narnia-500 Deluxe wardrobe

A woman has been arrested in Japan for sneaking into a man’s house and living in his closet without him knowing. (

You know, as it happens!


  • Keep all closets under lock and key.
  • Decimate the population as the tyrants ruling Myanmar have tried doing recently (and are succeeding)
  • Lie about global food shortages (BBC said yesterdat we will have to live with higher food prices for 10 years!)
  • Forget 3 billion people could hardly afford food anyway and are pushed closer to their deaths.
  • Repeat the Global warming mantra to stop the third world keeping livestock
  • Hail GM foods as the solution to the food criris.


Hats off to the woman. I would have let her be in recognition of her amazing baldder control.


Scott McClellan – A walking talking turd

On pityful occasion when I was unfortunate enough to flick over the TV and a White House briefing[sic] or Press conference[sic] popped up. I would sometimes see a walking/talking turd called Scott McClellan avoiding dispensing any information about anything whatsoever in front of a cunningly filtered bunch of Millerite journalists[sic].

Scott McClellan – out of make-up

What a piece of scum” I would repeatedly scream to myself unable to calm myself enough to press a correct button to relieve my ears of McClellan crap.

The non-info lying turd knew EXACTLY what he was doing. There was no attept to ease the President towards telling the facts or being a good presient and so forth – the explanation McClellan aparently gives  – McClellan doing what McClellan does best.

Scott McClellan (this time in make-up)
and some other turd called BuSh also in make-up.

CNN last night of course missed the point as all the focus was on the walking/talking turd asking “What’s his motives” When of course a better the real new point was the fact that BuSh, chainknee, Rove and Libby lied once more about Iraq and Valerie Plame (Senator Joe Wilsons wife).

And what will be the result?


Update: Here’s how Democracy Now reported it in its headlines…

McClellan: Bush Admitted Authorizing Plame Leak

Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan took to the airwaves Thursday to explain his speaking out on his former bosses in the Bush administration. In a new memoir, McClellan accuses the administration of deliberately manipulating the public to wage the war on Iraq. McClellan also criticizes his former bosses for the handling of Hurricane Katrina and the CIA leak case. Appearing on the Today Show, McClellan said he had mistakenly allowed his personal admiration for President Bush to overshadow concerns about the deceptive rush to war in Iraq.

Scott McLellan: “I felt like we were rushing into this, but because of my position and my affection for the President and my belief and trust in he and his advisers, I gave them the benefit of the doubt. And looking back on it and reflecting on it now, I don’t think I should have.”

McClellan went on to say President Bush had personally told him he authorized the leak of former CIA operative Valerie Plame’s identity. McClellan says he asked President Bush aboard Air Force One if he was the one who approved outing Plame to the media. McClellan says Bush replied, “Yes, I was.”



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