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Now is the time to attack Melanie Phillips

Update: 4 Oct 2011. Zionist bitch Melanie Phillips wants to kill and mame even more.

Original article:

Do you think that’s a provocative title? Too strong? Illegal perhaps? Why do you think that?

What if I told you the title is almost identical to what Zionist Melanie Phillips herself writes?


Now is the time to attack Iran
By Melanie Phillips

Everyone is waiting. In Israel, they are waiting for the 60th-anniversary celebrations to be over and for President Bush to have visited and returned home. Then, they say, the IDF will make its long-anticipated major incursion into Gaza. Then at last the problem of the ever-intensifying attacks by Hamas will be dealt with.

Across the world, everyone is waiting for the interminable US presidential election to be over. Then, many believe, the paralysis over Iran will end. Then, they think, the prospect of a military strike on Tehran will either swiftly be realised or permanently be laid to rest (depending on who actually wins).

And meanwhile the hallucinatory Middle East appeasement process meanders ever onwards, accompanied by dark rumblings about a secret backstairs sell-out Israel deal being cooked up between Ehud Olmert and Mahmoud Abbas and enlivened by the Israel-phobic Jimmy Carter, fresh from paying homage at the tomb of Yasser Arafat, announcing the prospect of peace in our time with Hamas.

But waiting comes with a heavy price tag. It provides alibis for putting off what needs to be done quickly; it results in the slaughter of yet more innocents; and it gives the advantage to the player for whom time is crucial. That player is Iran.

The reason Israel hasn’t done what it needs to do in Gaza is not because of anniversaries or official visits. It is because of Gilad Shalit, the IDF soldier who is now in his twenty-second month of captivity by Hamas.

Israel will not invade Gaza because of fears that Shalit will then be killed. Shalit is being used by Hamas as a hostage to prevent Israel from wiping it out. The result is that other Israelis are being relentlessly attacked and murdered. And the puppeteer pulling Hamas’s strings is Iran.

The West tends to put the various Middle East conflicts into boxes marked “Israel-Palestinian dispute”, “Iraq”, “Lebanon”, “Hamas”, “al Qaida” and “Iranian nuclear threat”. The fact is, however, that all roads lead to Iran.

Iran is simply the centre of strategic gravity in the region and in the war against the free world. It has encircled Israel through Hamas in Gaza and through Hizbollah in Lebanon, where it has also all but snuffed out the Lebanese democracy.

In Iraq, Iran is the central player. The Petraeus surge may have been successful. And the Iraqis recently surprised many by deciding to fight the Iranian-backed supporters of Moqtada al Sadr in Basra, causing Iran to beat a strategic retreat. But the fact is that, in Iraq, Iran has suborned government, insurgent and religious leaders.

As for al Qaida, the idea that Shi’ite Iran would never ally with Sunni terrorists is a lethal illusion. Iran has had working arrangements with al Qaida for years, as it has with other Sunni terror groups in their common cause against the West.

And although the West may not realise it, Iran has spread there too. In Britain and Europe, it has a sleeping army composed of Hizbollah cells and Iranian intelligence which uses western Iranian embassies as explosives stores. If Iran is attacked, Tehran will respond by unleashing Iranian terror in the West.

The prerequisite for stabilising all these hotspots — including “Israel/Palestine” — and dealing with global Islamic terror is regime change in

Tehran. The question is how.

Far, far more should already have been done. There should have been earlier and fiercer economic sanctions along with diplomatic estrangement. It is extraordinary that Britain still has diplomatic relations with Iran while (along with the US) it proscribes the PMOI, the principal opposition movement which is committed to human rights, as a terrorist organisation. The fact is that Iran declared war on the West in 1979 as soon as Ayatollah Khomeini came to power — the last great contribution made by President Jimmy Carter to world peace. Ever since, Iranian militias have been attacking Western interests; ever since, the West has refused to acknowledge this.

People say war against Iran would turn a largely pro-western people against the West. But war need not mean carpet-bombing Tehran. It can and should mean targeted strikes on the regime and its principal interests.

War should always be a last resort. But, as in the 1930s, the West once again has failed to take the appropriate intermediate steps. Such a failure of nerve makes war more likely, not less.

As a result, the choice is not between war and peace. War with Iran is almost certainly inevitable. The choice is between war on our terms or on those laid down by Iran. The longer we wait, the more that choice is loaded against the defeat of this most lethal of all threats to the free world.

Melanie Phillips is a Daily Mail columnist


In fact, my title is far less as it only mentions one person. Zionist supremicist Melanie Phillips wants to attack a WHOLE nation. She wants men, women, children and babies to have their body parts shattered into a thousand people. People who unlike Nazi Phillips don’t have orgasms over the Shoah of the Palestinians.

Oh how Phillips must mourn the passing of Hitler. Perhaps she writes so much crap to fund a time machine and travel back to the days to join her fellow Zionists helped kill their way through Europe. Melanies hero’s are likely to include Zionist Jew General Helmut Wilberg of the Luftwaffe.
Yes I know, it is a Zionist oxymoron.

Melanies first pin-up. Cute ain’t he?
He’s Melanie’s wannabe. A Nazi who killed people.
In fact he loved killing people so much he even killed
Jews too! But that’s OK isn’t it Melanie because those
Jews wern’t Zionist scum like yourself – isn’t that right

“Hitler awarded him the Hohenzollern’s Knight’s Cross with Swords, EKI, and EKII.”

And Melanies secret love…

“Zionist Jew Colonel Walter H. Hollaender of the Wehrmacht, whom Hitler decorated with the Ritterkreuz, German-Cross in Gold, EKI, EKII, and Close Combat Badge. Some if not all of these honors were bestowed in recognition of these senior officers’ considerable skills in killing thousands…”

When death fetish fantasist (the deaths of Muslims death that is) a.k.a. Nazi Phillips says “what needs to be done quickly; it results in the slaughter of yet more innocents” what she is saying is that someinnocent deaths are a price she thinks is worth paying. But of course it’s not HER that will pay it’s innocent Iranians which she believes in her utterly perverse and demented.

So Mel, when are you going to put your name down for the front line? How many family members wanna join in?

Iran has had working arrangements with al Qaida for years” —- Utter LIES.

The choice is between war on our terms or on those laid down by Iran.

You scum.

You trash.

How dare you flaunt your repugnant filthy ZioNazi eugenic fantasy’s.


While on about the BBC’s Question Time, and the “Lisbon treaty” enforcing the greater political union despite it being rejected under the mechanism it was to be tested under, some dude on last weeks QT (8th May ’08) said

 “is all the talk about devolution and English citizenship
the debate academic because once the Lisbon treaty goes through we’ll all be living in regions of a Europe

(I am unable to give the exact quote, although mine is very similar, as the the BBC replaced the program with this weeks program before I got to the end of the gentlemans point)

The man’s question burned a firey death after tagging on ‘regions of Europe’.

Heseltine did what most politicians love to do – and that is to focus on some trivial, ill-said addition which instantly after saying it, was obvious that it should have been avoided.

The point that the Blair lied, a lie sustained by Brown, and the people of the UK were denied what was granted to the French and Dutch (and Norwegians I think) didn’t get a look in.

A similar problem exists with people who disbelieve the rubbish of the official stories of 9-11 and 7-7. A lesson we can learn from.

Piers Morgan

said on Question Time 8th May 2008 in relation to referenda: “The whole point of having elections is that we elect these politicians to make big decisions on our behalf and we get a change to sling them out if we don’t like them

Well I don’t elect them. I don’t particularly like them and if they are slung out they are replaced by some bloody clone.

Piers Morgan. A man I suspect was played to publish photo’s the MOD knew
it could and would debunk later- cleverly removing the idea from people minds
that British troops mistreated people let alone
tortured or literally
beat the living daylights out of them, Just like today we hear of the Police
being sued by Channel 4 and having to apologise for weirdly claiming C4
presented a distorted documentary to make it appear as if some Muslims
were encouraging hate and expressed bigotry.

I don’t trust ANY mainstream politician to put my view forth – because they won’t! And they’ve been proved not to, unless of course you happen to believe most people wanted to got to war against Iraq, most people wanted the government to credit Northern Rock what must be around 70 billion pounds. (anyone got the latest figure???), that most people want us to spend billions on a new nuclear arsenal(actually owned by the US, but let’s not nit-pick) in defiance of the NPT, or that they want to implement legalisation towards a new European Union despite the French rejecting it. The poor French – how they must feel having rejected it but still having their ‘leaders’ implement a treaty virtually none of them have read or understood behind their backs. Ouch.

As I reject the system, why should I be forced to accept it? Just like I utterly reject any claim that queen Elizardbeth thinks she may have over me, I don’t feel the need to agree with what Westminster does. Being use a fish in the sea, there’s virtually nothing I can do about it, but that doesn’t mean my resignation therefore concludes with acceptance.

I hate it when people who try to encapsulate me within the parameters set by other people.  Why cannot I express my own political opinion, side stepping this trash whose bottoms polish the green leather seats in the Commons (on occasions). I want spend some in my time deciding my own future in what ever parameters I want, not just the narrow frankly crap confines of “modern life” we have today.

So shove it Piers.


60 year Shaoh of the Palestinians is celebrated



The contemporary worlds longest Holocaust/Genocide (pick your preferred ‘mass slaughter word’) continues as the fake state of Israyhell celebrates the theft, torture, elimination by fear, elimination by simple assassination, biting and unrelenting oppression – to the exhilaration of many of the filthy world ‘leaders’ in the world today.


Even Al-Jazeera’s coverage (Al-Jazeera English), while as least pro-Israeli as I’ve seen, reports the same myths about Israyhell and the Zionist scum that founded it, such as the 2000 year long exile.


The Jews were expelled from monotheistic religious Israel for the terrible crimes in regard to Jesus and his chaste mother Mary. Only when the Messiah returns were they to return back. Not that religious matters are of any weightage to the Zionist slime that established the most disgusting of nations.


Jewish diaspora wasn’t just physical but ideological. The ones most actively involved in the crushing of Palestine with never faltering British support, are the ones whose ‘supreme master-race’ perversion is paramount. May God deliver justice on their souls.


And so to an e-mail forwarded to me by my friend Associate Professor Dr Nooraini Mohamed Ismail….



Jewish rabbis call for dismantling Israel

Article from Gulf Times, Doha, Qatar
By Anwar Elshamy

Sheikh Qaradawi flanked by rabbis Weiss
and Cohen at his house in Doha

TWO Jewish rabbis yesterday called for a peaceful end of Israel saying that the existence of the “Israeli state” was contradictory to the Jewish law.

Speaking at a meeting with the Doha-based Muslim scholar Sheikh Yousuf al-Qaradawi, rabbis Ahron Cohen and Yisroel Dovid Weiss, who are activists at the Neturei Karta, a group known for its opposition to the establishment of Israel, said that the creation of Israel “was a heresy made up by the Zionists to undermine the true Jewish life”.

“Theodor Herzel and his friends were just heretics. They are the worst enemy for the true Jews. According to the Torah, Jews are forbidden to have a state. All Jews should refuse the existence of the so-called state of Israel which tarnished our image. We will not lose hope and dream of dismantling the state of Israel,” said Weiss who called on Qaradawi at his house in Doha.

The UK-based Cohen also called for peaceful dismantlement of what he described as the “Zionist state” which he said “triggered tension and conflict in the region” since it was established.

“We should draw a distinction between the Zionism and Judaism. Zionism is a political movement which exploited and misled Jews and undermined the Jewish life and spirituality. I believe that the current tension in the Middle East can disappear overnight once the superpowers agreed to dismantle the Zionist state,” he said.

About the current situation in the Palestinian territory, Weiss blamed Zionism for the “bloodshed” in the region saying that it was the root of all the evil in the region since the establishment of Israel.

“Our hearts are bleeding for the atrocities committed against the Palestinians. It is a double tragedy both for them and us. We know that Jews and Muslims used to live together peacefully for centuries when the Muslim world was a safe haven for the Jews who fled from Spain. At that time, there were no human rights groups. However, we lived together peacefully,” he said.

Qaradawi, who is the head of the International Union of the Muslim scholars (IUMS), hailed the stances of Cohen and Weiss on Zionism as “true” saying that both Jews and Christians should be closer to Muslims than any other nations.

“Muslims have no problems at all with the Jews themselves. Our main conflict is with the Zionist movement. I hope that the Neturei Karta can introduce its stance to the Arab media so that people can know that there is a big segment of Jews opposing the Zionist entity.”

The rabbis of the Neturei Karta, who introduced themselves as Jews but not Zionists” also voiced their opposition for the proposed naming of Israel as “Jewish state”.

“Zionists have stolen all our symbols. Now they name their state a Jewish state though they are not Jews at all. We should not mistake them for Jews.”





Neocon chicken-coup panic.

This from my NZ friend and raving Conspiraloon Iron-Clay ( ) Neil. I’ve taken the liberty of adding a postscript comment and livening up the post with some graphics content.

Neils preamble: I’m just wondering what Sir ‘Hell’en Clark would have to say about this …. I mean the Counter Terrorist Squad is directly under the PM’s office and answers only to her and the American President, and as the very basis for this law is now clearly in question, I’d be interested in having her comment .. Helen?? Emails as above … feel free.


Neocons Admit that “War On Terror” Is a Hoax

Key war on terror architect Douglas Feith has now confirmed Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and Wesley Clark in admitting that the so-called War on Terror is a hoax.

Douglas Feith, sharing more than one uncanny resemblance to Postman Pat


In fact, starting right after 9/11 — at the latest — the goal has always been to create “regime change” and instability in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Lebanon so as to protect Israel. And the goal was never really to destroy Al Qaeda.

As reported in a new article in Asia Times:

Three weeks after the September 11, 2001, terror attacks, former US defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld established an official military objective of not only removing the Saddam Hussein regime by force but overturning the regime in Iran, as well as in Syria and four other countries in the Middle East, according to a document quoted extensively in then-under secretary of defense for policy Douglas Feith’s recently published account of the Iraq war decisions. Feith’s account further indicates that this aggressive aim of remaking the map of the Middle East by military force and the threat of force was supported explicitly by the country’s top military leaders.

Feith’s book, War and Decision, released last month, provides excerpts of the paper Rumsfeld sent to President George W Bush on September 30, 2001, calling for the administration to focus not on taking down Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda network but on the aim of establishing “new regimes” in a series of states…


General Wesley Clark, who commanded the North Atlantic Treaty Organization bombing campaign in the Kosovo war, recalls in his 2003 book Winning Modern Wars being told by a friend in the Pentagon in November 2001 that the list of states that Rumsfeld and deputy secretary of defense Paul Wolfowitz wanted to take down included Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan and Somalia [and Lebanon].


When this writer asked Feith . . . which of the six regimes on the Clark list were included in the Rumsfeld paper, he replied, “All of them.”


The Defense Department guidance document made it clear that US military aims in regard to those states would go well beyond any ties to terrorism. The document said the Defense Department would also seek to isolate and weaken those states and to “disrupt, damage or destroy” their military capacities – not necessarily limited to weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

Where does Israel come in?

Well, the Asia Times article continues:

Rumsfeld’s paper was given to the White House only two weeks after Bush had approved a US military operation in Afghanistan directed against bin Laden and the Taliban regime. Despite that decision, Rumsfeld’s proposal called explicitly for postponing indefinitely US airstrikes and the use of ground forces in support of the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance in order to try to catch bin Laden.

Instead, the Rumsfeld paper argued that the US should target states that had supported anti-Israel forces such as Hezbollah and Hamas.

After the bombing of two US embassies in East Africa [in 1988] by al-Qaeda operatives, State Department counter-terrorism official Michael Sheehan proposed supporting the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance in Afghanistan against bin Laden’s sponsor, the Taliban regime. However, senior US military leaders “refused to consider it”, according to a 2004 account by Richard H Shultz, Junior, a military specialist at Tufts University.

A senior officer on the Joint Staff told State Department counter-terrorism director Sheehan he had heard terrorist strikes characterized more than once by colleagues as a “small price to pay for being a superpower”.

And if “terrorist strikes” were a “small price to pay for being a superpower”- and that is the reason that the U.S. government refused to disrupt the alleged planners of the 9/11 attacks – doesn’t that add weight to the claim that the U.S. government intentionally allowed the 9/11 attacks to occur? In other words, doesn’t this statement by a senior officer of the Joint Chiefs of Staff tend to prove that 9/11 was intentionally allowed to occur as the “New Pearl Harbor” which would allow America to act like “a superpower” and re-make the Middle East in its own (and Israel’s) image?

This is not an unreasonable question, especially given that Feith, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and most of the other key architects of the “war on terror” were part of the Project for a New American Century and its plea for a “New Pearl Harbor” to justify expansion of American militarism and regime change in the Middle East.

And remember that many of the key members of PNAC and architects of the “war on terror” had previously created the “Clean Break” strategy for Israel, which called for a policy of war and regime change against Israel’s enemies.

The war on terror was never intended to be about fighting terrorism. As even Newsweek has now admitted, the war on terror is a hoax.

NeoLegal proof of “Douglas Feith’s” links to terrorism.


lwtc247 Postscript: There was a short movie produced recently called KILL THE MESSENGER based around Sibel Edmonds, made after she finally decided not to comply with the gagging order placed upon her. [Who is Sibel Edmonds?] In the movie it is revealed that Feith is connected to passing US military secrets to Turkey and there’s the usual Israyhell connection too. Check it out –download it here.

See also “For sale: West’s deadly nuclear secrets” The TimesOnline


Headaches and Guantanamo


Yesterday I had a terrible headache. I still have the remnants of it today but it’s not painful.

I had precious little sleep the night before and not enough thin-drinks (water or juice as opposed to coffee with sweetened condensed milk or ‘ovaline’ type drinks etc…) during the day. Tired eyes and squinting due to yesterdays intense sunlight along with work being a bit more stressful than usual all added up to a big mental whack!

I had to seek darkness and a total lack of mental stimulation as even consciously thinking hurt. I took 3 tablets , drank a it of water and had about 13 hours sleep.

These days, if I feel the warning signs of a headache coming on I don’t bother to wait for it to develop. I just pop a pill. Unfortunately yesterday, I didn’t make enough effort to go out of my way and get a headache tablet – and I paid the penalty!

I’ve often thought things like: by taking these tablets, have I stopped some kind of natural mechanism that would ordinarily keep a headache bearable? and now that I take tablets, are the headaches getting worse and so on? I often think the answer is yes, but on most occasions the tablets work, and I don’t know how long it would to assess any possible benfefits of ‘cold turkey’ and I don’t really want all the additional pain if these natural mechanisms didn’t exist.



Finally, when the pain subsided a bit, what came to mind was the torture victims in Guantamo bay, held in Camp Delta, a torture camp which allows US military personnel to indulge in their most beloved sadism, torturing them there so the change of legal action is minimised.

Previously tortured, blindfolded, ear-muffed,
breathing restricted, writsts tightly bound – circulation restricted,
forced to kneel on sharp stones – perhaps for hours
Hands unable to touch things, Back aches, leg muscles cramp and deform,
Just another USA at work in Gunatamano bay

These poor people will get headaches and probably due to their unimaginably more stressful conditions, will be far more frequent and possibly worse than mine. If yesterday I was put in a dark room naked, cuffed, cold and with some junk thrash metal ‘music’ blasting away at me for hours on end, after ferociously vomiting I honestly have no idea what would have happened to me. I am pretty sure I’d suffer some form of mental trauma and probably persistent trauma. I’d confess to the shooting of Lincoln, Archduke Ferdinand and for being Guy Fawks financier.


The worlds silence is appalling. People have accepted what’s happening there, many no doubt as a result of the fake War OF Terror drilled into them. (and If your an Uzbek or Iraqi’ that drilling is physical).

Even if there were “Al-Qaeda” – which if yor read about them is very very unlikely, (irrespective of my belief that Al-Qaeda is more phoney than real) then after about 6.5 years daily toture and detention they will have no value what so ever. Better just prosecute them according to the law. But that would deny the torture masters of their ‘pain fix’ wouldn’t it.

When the British detainees were released I said to myself ‘this is a bad day for the others at Guantanamo’ as now the Brits will shut up about the demonic torture going on there every day, and won’t even issue insincere protestations about it. Sadly I was right.




Impeccable high-level sources


“From information provided to me by an impeccable high-level source close to the UK police and security services, I understand that over the last two weeks or so, a covert investigation of my private life and background has been undertaken by a group specialising in such things, for reasons and clients as yet unknown. I have had similar but less well-sourced information from France. “

Those are the words of F1’s Max Mosley. Max denies the Nazi connotations and while one can conjure conspiracy upon the political elements behind what’s happening to him, I’d like to draw attention to the fact that there are reports involving different people and different cases in which which members of the police force, the security [sic] and armed services and other civil servants are using that their state appointed postions and inforrnation aquired therein, to conduit information to people of their choice.

But HOW do civil servants know of such things?
What are the connectons involved?
WHY would senior servants know of these things?
What other information do they pass on that comes to them in a professional capacity?


Yet another journo lie – this time the telegraph

If you think the established mainstream media doesn’t lie. Think again. There are many lies with many degrees of severity, and official version of the 7/7 terrorist atrocities seem to incorporate more than their fair share.

Cue the Telegraph. Famous for 15 megapixels Stef on his “Doubting my doubts? Not quite” post, linked to a page on the Telegraph’s website their supposed CCTV footage of the 7/7 tube bombings.

31 seconds into the video the commentator says “Police officers run towards the tunnel” while the following clips are being shown.


Although my athletic prowess has all but deserted me, I am damn sure I would WALK what must be only about 18 feet in far less than 10 seconds. They weren’t running. Immediately proceeding that the commentator says “they will be the first to help” and we get this picture of the two policemen walking away…

Once again, call me a cynic, but 6 seconds later after SLOWLY WALKING in the direction of what we are told was the train blast, I don’t see how by WALKING AWAY constitutes running or being the first to help.

A more honest description would be thus :”Unsure policemen slowly walk towards what we are told was the blast area communicating with other officers. Seconds later they turn around and head away from the blast zone

But such an honest description would portray the police as ditherers, perhaps uncaring, and certainly NOT putting themselves at risk to help those injured and dying, possibly showing them as cowards.

Also worthy of note is how there appears to be no indication of any liason officer/worker from Visor consultants in those tube pics – or ANY pics. It would be nice if the transport police released information in relation to exactly what Visor consultants were doing that day and where. Certainly I see no liason officer/worker going to either policeman telling them the blast was just an exercise or the blast wasn’t one of theirs. In fact the platform looks virtually empty on some of those that CCTV.

Now, call me I’ve made one or two errors myself in writing about 7/7, they were genuine errors and I’m just a simple person who likes to use his free time to read about political related issues. But  ‘institutions’ such as the Telegraph hold a different level of responsibility to ensure their reporting is honest and fair – not least because they are a commercial Enterprise.

 But who cares about such trivial matters such as the obliteration of 52 (possibly 56 people), press honesty and quirky little things we used to call ‘facts’? Obviously not the Telegraph.

Significant update:

Here’s something else that got my attention from the Telegraph:

CCTV footage was then played of 18-year-old Hasib Hussain, in Kings Cross station as he took struggled to set off his bomb.

The construction of that sentence is like something I’d write. But grammatical sloppyness aside, can anyone please point the way to such a thing? If there is genuine footage of that then it’s INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT. I’ve not seen any such CCTV or stills. PLEASE, if you know of any link to this, please let me know. Ta.


CCTV has failed

Updated: Error with numbers of British spy cameras fixed.

CCTV boom ‘failing to cut crime’ reports the BBC.

Dear old BBC. Forgetful as ever. They forget to say CCTV fails to PREVENT crime, for it is crime prevention that is the spy-mad supporters most widely voiced selling point.

And poor old BBC, how they are falling of fact lean times. They report… “Britain had more cameras than any other European country“, oh dear. Lets help them shall we?
Does Britain have more spy cameras than countries in Asia? – YES!
Does Britain have more spy cameras than Australia/NZ? – YES!
South American countries? – YES.
Oceania?, Antarctica, anywhere? inc. North America with the possible exception of the US? – YES!!! Not just European countries but probably EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! But Let’s not be stingy on our assistance here. Let’s help them some more: Britain has more CCTV cameras per head of population than any country in the world.

Credit where credit is due. At least the BBC posts the story.

There it is then. CCTV fails to cut crime, therefore fails to prevent crime. But so what? Such arguments points won’t stop us from having MORE cctv, and more technology that can identify you simply by your gait. {The University of Southampton has around 20 full time PhD students working on biometrics, including gait. Professor Mark Nixon, currently working alongside around 300 fellow biometrics pioneers on an ‘Encyclopaedia of Biometrics’} See “Walk this way” on Soton’s site. The bloody short sighted idiots.

The more data one accumulates, the more likely it is to be stolen. And if you, like me, believe persistent elements of this government have used ‘false flag’ terrorism, this very easily faked ‘evidence’ should send shivers down your spine.



Quilliam Foundation

Ed Hussein – lookin’ the least
smarmy I’ve ever seen him,
golden boy of the
Government/Bliarwatch /Rachel North
backed Quilliam Foundation.

This Quilliam Foundation thing. It’s pants. A clear attempt by the British establishment to assert control over the thoughts of Muslims. This kind of thing has been seen many times before – the Brits were the ones that gave birth the that bastard thieving and genocidal child called Israel, the Brits destroyed the Caliphate (for all its human based flaws), the Brits supplied its bastard with essential nuclear isotopes so it could build an arsenal of nukes. It supports the genocide against the Palestinians. It’s hell bent on winning the final crusade.

It will fail, but will cause untold misery in the attempt.

The pantaloon Quilliam Foundation is just the latest persistent attempt by the Brits to doing what they do best. Just as they created the supposedly Messiah Mirza Ghulam Ahmad “Ahmadiyya Muslim’s” (oops, he died already and never fulfilled his prophecy, never mind) to eat away at Islam. If there’s the possibility of trying to fragment Muslims, the Brits will try it. Often this works simply by lavishing “high class” London prostitutes and fountains of champagne on certain “leaders” but their quiver contains many arrows.

The Quilliam Foundation wants Muslims in the west to adopt pluralism. What an idiotic objective. It gives the impression that Muslims are not pluralistic. Muslims are, but they dont have to wear binikis and vomit in the streets after a pub crawl. Neither do they have to abandon the philosophy of Islam despite what QF or the UK state want them to. These thicko idiots comprising of the UK state want to be able to slaughter Muslims world wide and pilfer what ever they happen to live on top of without repercussion. That’s why they declare xyz as terrorists and incessantly demonize them in the press. They know that if they don’t want to face reprisals, they shouldn’t go around massacring people. It’s really that simple; action and reaction and all that!

Aaaah Ed Hussein. Occasionally in my life, I’ve formed judgements of people too rapidly and realised later that my assessment was incorrect. But after coming across ex-HT (lol) member Ed Hussein on the Doha Debates, I very rapidly decided “I really don’t like you, you puppet”. And why is it that I see Tony Bliar every time I look at Ed Hussein’s face?

 Azzam Timimi, a man I deeply repsect, says of QF: “The group is populated in part by ex-Hizb’ut Tahrir. They say have the same line as the Neocon movement in the UK. They are pro-Iraq war, anti-Hamas, pro-Israel. They are trying to justify what the Government are doing.” 

Dr. Azzam Timimi –
one of the few rare
public figures worthy
of respect.

It’s draws into question exactly what ‘kind’ of Muslims they were who joined HT in the first place.

I also like the dismissal opinionated by “Muslim radical” or “Firebrand solicitor” Anjem Choudry, as the Daily Mail calls him {p.s. DM spells his last name as Choudary}, about this Cheese and Wine Quilliam Foundation, but sadly I’ve lost the exact quote.

Anjem choudry.
Pic by way of (LOL!)

See also: Dr.M’s Analysis Wednesday, April 23, 2008 
Joke of the Week : “Quilliam Foundation”




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Summary Observations and History

Data on Fukushima Plant – (NHK news)

Fukushima Radiation Data

J7 truth campaign:

July 7th Truth Campaign - RELEASE THE EVIDENCE!

Recommended book: 3rd edition of Terror on the Tube – Behind the Veil of 7-7, An Investigation by Nick Kollerstrom:

J7 (truth) Inquest blog

July 7th Truth Campaign - INQUEST BLOG
Top rate analysis of the Inquest/Hoax

Arrest Blair (the filthy killer)

This human filth needs to be put on trial and hung!


JUST - International Movement for a Just World


Information Clearing House - Actual News and global analysis

John Pilger:

John Pilger, Journalist and author

Media Lens

My perception of Media Lens: Watching the corrupt corporate media, documenting and analysing how it bends our minds. Their book, 'Newspeak' is a gem.

Abandon the paper $cam:

Honest and inflation proof currency @ The Gold Dinar
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