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It’s competition time

Conspiracy examiners such as myself often come across indications that people are putting out certain subliminal messages in the hope that your mind is steered in a certain direction to feel favourable to what they side with.

Play the game using the images below to see if you share the same affliction as myself. A totally unfounded one of course – one that suggests it’s just me and I’m plain bonkers.



Now Coalition of the killing tanks in Iraq…:


I got 2 ‘coincidences’. What about you?


Good news for slowing down the move to fascism

Overall and long term, this is actually good news for the cause of justice in the UK.

IMO, no accuser should be allowed to give evidence anonymously. Such procedures already exist within English law to allow anonymous witnesses, but it is open to abuse, and when it comes to UK plc – the ever increasing ever impoverished fascist state, such perversions of justice WILL be increasingly abused.

Trust the scummy BBC newz department to present the story in such a way – designed to make you angry that such money was wasted.

Here’s an alternative way to put it, what do you think?

 Legal system failings collapse murder trial to the tune of £6m.

The failure of Judge David Paget and Law Lords to clarify the legal status of anonymous witnesses before the Charles Butler murder case came to court, has caused the trial to collapse at a cost of approximately £6m to the tax payer.

The monumental negligence of the Law Lords and others within the legal profession means that serious questions are being asked as to whether these Law Lords should be removed from their positions.

 But of course the news wasn’t presented like that. Instead you are being steered to feel…
1) angry that suspected murderers are going to get away with a crime.
2) The case would have won if the witnesses were granted anonymity.

Instead we get this sick joker, Justice [sic] Secretary Jack Straw saying there was a real need for some witnesses to have their identities protected.” Straw also vowed to change the law “as quickly as possible”. So he’s really studied the issue thoroughly then. How reassuring.

Realising Straws carelessness in allowing his fascistic arrogance to expose its ugly naked self before our very eyes, one of Straws Ministry of Justice’s ooompa lumpa women tried to minimise his Stalinist psyche saying “We are studying the judgment carefully and urgently considering its implications, including amending statutory law.” There. That’ll allay your fears Straws totalitarian bent won’t impact negatively upon such a crucial part of justice, liberty society and life in general.

Don’t forget Jack Straw is heavily involved with the shipping of innocent men all over the world for torture.The proliferation of Newspeak is chilling Mr Justice Secretary.

And do remember folks, if the Law Lords had allowed the anonymous witnesses to testify, the trial would still have been running up costs of £6, so just in case you got the wrong impression, the £6m was still going to float out of your pockets. The general and serious issue of trials costs is grossly side-stepped.

Thank God I’m going back to Asia soon.


Cheers Alex…


… A choice cut from Prison Planet. (

The BBC’s first stab at debunking the 9/11 truth movement was a jaw-dropping exercise in journalistic prostitution more befitting of state-controlled TV stations in Communist China or Zimbabwe.

The show was a tissue of lies, bias and emotional manipulation from beginning to end, structured around fallacy, lying by omission and an overwhelming dearth of impartiality.

During a follow-up radio debate, producer Guy Smith had no answers for the plethora of inaccuracies that littered the program.

The BBC has also completed a documentary on the 7/7 bombings, set to air in Autumn, which puts forward an individual called Nick Kollerstrom as the main proponent of “conspiracy theories” surrounding the 2005 London Underground attacks.

Despite the fact that we were at the forefront of 7/7 coverage immediately after it happened and have produced scores of articles on the subject that received millions of readers, the BBC did not choose to speak to us and instead interviewed a radical astrologist who also dabbles in crop circles, holocaust denial and making apologies for Hitler.

Full article here…


Child porn policeman stabbed to death.

Here’s one for the coincidence theorists…


BBC cover it here.

If “a man” hadn’t have been arrested, I’d be very suspicious that his killing was to ensure his silence.

Even so, I still remain suspicious. The non-description of “a man” seems almost deliberately vague. It will be interesting to see who this “a man” is and what will happen when the story fades from the publics mind.

It’s one to look out for.

Child pron slurs in the Soham Murders
( Ian Huntley / Maxine Carr / Holly Wells / Jessica Chapman ):

This isn’t the first cop that’s been involved with child porn allegations. I remember another one albeit of a somewhat ‘inverse association’ relating to child pornography levied against Detective Constable Brian Stevens – a detective in the Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman murders.

Word on the anti-coincidence grapevine (or conspiraloon grapevine – take your pic) was that Brian Stevens was working along the lines that USAF personnel at USAF base Lakenheath in Suffolk England were involved. The bodies of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman were supposedly found close the the perimeter of the base.

The story goes that false accusations against Stevens were made to discredit him and therefore cut off his ability to pursue the USAF connection. The allegations didn’t stick which in itself should raise suspicions amongst those who take care to examine the battle of the mind society rages against the common man.

The man raising this conspiracy was Joe Vialls, who also discusses aspects of mind manipulation via drugs and programming enforced upon Huntley. The articles make great reading, but I feel it should point out some unsustainable parts of that story in that USAF Lakenheath in Suffolk is only where USAF serviceman Tech. Sgt. Randy Bitter had his court-martial. It wasn’t where he was based. He was based at RAF Menwith Hill in Yorkshire which is why Yorkshire CND posted the press release about him.

31 July 2003

Release 073103-4

RAF Menwith Hill sergeant sentenced for sex offenses

ROYAL AIR FORCE LAKENHEATH, Suffolk – A sergeant assigned to the 451st Intelligence Operations Squadron at RAF Menwith Hill, United Kingdom, was sentenced by a military judge to a dishonourable discharge, confinement for six years, and a reduction in grade to E-1 during a court-martial here, July 23.

Tech. Sgt. Randy Bitter pleaded guilty to one specification of Article 120, Uniform Code of Military Justice, carnal knowledge with a female family member under 12 years old, and two specifications of Article 134, UCMJ, indecent acts with the same victim.

The UCMJ contains the laws that all service members must obey.

Note: The new CND Yorkshire site doesn’t archive this story (but the old one does) and UASF Lakenheath has removed the press release from their web site.

Vialls also says the two bodies of the girl’s couldn’t fit in the boot of a Ford Fiesta which may be false but doesn’t negate the rest of his writings on the subject which make for very interesting reading.


It is of little surprise that when looking behind aspects of all these sordid tales, it isn’t long before you get links via the Dunblane massacre purpetrated by Thomas Hamilton to people like Tony Blair, George Roberstson, Peter Mandelson, Freemasons and essentially established/official power centres etc. The Marc Dutroux case featured similar associations, and you see elements of it in the case of Josef Fritzl (who raped his own child and fathered children by her) and in France where where a married couple Michel Fourniret and Monique Olivier were recently caught.


It’s also of little surprise then, that child porn by its very nature have become a key weapon in mind manipulation (along the lines of the anti Semitic slur or Nazi sympathiser).

People such as myself who have had time to read about the ‘work’ of Bernaise and official programs such as tip of the iceberg ‘MK Ultra‘, can see reasonably easily that such programs have spawned psychological progeny implemented today.

There you have it then… child sex abuse, kiddy porn, murder, rape, mind control. It’s all connected and when you dig just a little bit you find this.

Finally, getting back to Geoffrey Harries one has to ask was Mr Harries murdered by the so called “man” arrested? was this man mentally manipulated? was this man associated with the child porn ring?

I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised.


Just had to

Thanks for the commentator on StefZ’s blog for linking to a site which penned some loose thoughts I had recently…
(Go to source above for following pdf’s and links)

captured image below…

Not to mention the domestic psyops her death provided for.


The D squared Dilemma

The future is bright. The furute is orange.

D squared referring to David Davis.He appeared on the BBC’s ‘Question Time’ two days ago.

DD is taking a stand against 42 day detention without charge.

The Dilemma is, if one supports DD in his apparent ‘fight’ against 42 detention without charge or 42 day nullification of habeas corpus, then will that support be (ab)used to consolidate the 28 day detention which Davis openly supports?

Unfortunately I have to say Yes, it probably will, because ppoliticians ALWAYS do this. You vote (or don’t vote) for them and they take that as a licence to do what they like over the lifespan of a Parliament, over which time they push and weave a balance of:

a) Personal prejudices
b) Personal enrichment (in terms of both power and money)
c) Party directives (a significant number from outside economic sources and vested interest ‘think tanks’)
d) Drab constituency issues.

It is incredibly rare for them to take a stand on principle. That’s one reason why DD’s supposed stance was so shocking, it even had some political talking heads flabbergasted.

The rule of thumb is they will exercise their power for their own selfish needs only pursuing ‘caring’ (usually constituency issues) minimilistically to secure re-election. Their green leather polishing arses arrogantly believe the orders of their party whips (free votes are not as common) is more valuable than that of public opinion. They twist and spin out often contradictory catch-lines of what democracy means depending on the situation at hand. Yes, in my eyes, most politicians are little better than bacteria.

BUT if we don’t support Davis, what’s the alternative? Only the Lords will vote it down. It may ping pong back and forth for a bit but the cudgel of the Parliament act will get it through eventually.

I believe we are left with only one option: Support Davis on this issue; do what we can to foster a serious debate about the nourishing of the seeding ground of fascism and reverse this insane process – but include in this what exactly we are granting him support on- Say clearly and loudly that Davis’s stance on 28 days is also wrong, especially when he or anyone (as he or anyone are likely to do) says ’28 days has been given a mandate’ – speak out against such a thing fiercely.

Currently, I cannot see any other option available to us for fighting this spate of grossly uninspired and uninspiring politics cheer-lead by the most talentless morons who are only egging on the likelihood that a more fascistic minded government will allow fully blown state sponsored tyranny to manifest.



“Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” – Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), psssst, don’t mention the bodies found in his flat!


I want to end this post with another point of concern regarding the latest proposal being flouted likely to be abused for political reasons in the near or far future, and that is of anonymous sources in trials.

Here’s a snipped from the BBC story entitled: Law will change on witness rules  (Saturday, 21 June 2008 13:25)

The government has vowed to change the law to allow anonymous witnesses in some court cases after a key Law Lords ruling effectively halted the practice. 

Justice Secretary Jack Straw said there is a real need for some witnesses to have their identities protected.

Jack Straw you may remember was instrumental in global torture transitis otherwise known as extraordinary rendition and lied about it, once it was exposed – research ex-ambassador Craig Murray’s website for details.

This is yet another leap forward to despotism. There should be NO information at ANY trial which is secret. If a witness offers evidence then like it or lump it the state must take measures to ensure that persons safety. Yes, it is expensive (which is why the patheric numbskull law makers in the commons arn’t pursuing it) but it is the best solution.

Anonymos witnesses will simply allow for the detention, torture and precution of political prisoners to occur more easily – which if that’s your goal is the point I suppose.

Actually this already occurs. There are provisions for secret unscruitinized information to be used for watever malicious purposes, but to examnd upon that is once gain dangerous and WILL be abused.

Freedom, 570 – 2001{?}, RIP.

Schools out for Summer

Two continually failing schools.

Another topic I wanted to blog about was that relating to schools.

The tired, old, outdated, uninspiring, talentless, dreary, unrepresentative, clingy and murderous government have decreed schools that don’t achieve at least 30% of its pupils scoring 5 good GCSE’s will face closure. It’s a move any fascist government would be jealous of.

In Manchester that means about 50% of schools face closure.

Revealing that the grubbyment doest give a toss about education, because there are far better things they could do other than threaten to ‘unsettle’ kids, and have hundreds of teachers face unemployment.

The government WANTS these schools to close so that education can turn into a money making venture. Im not against private money coming into schools but I am fiercely opposed to that money influencing the kids in favour of the financier.

Why not pour that same private money into the existing schools? Don’t corporations and enterprises operating in this country have some kind of duty to the citizens who it uses to enlarge its coffers?

Allowing private companires and megacorps into schools is quite dangerous as they will be able to nurture their exploititive faux economics on the young and vulnerable. Its a form of economic pedophillia.

The grubbyment tried to do the same to Universities and it was herelded as a disaster. The persuit of knowledge is often hampered by vested interests.

A radical overhaul of the eduation system is needed but not this crap garbage the miserable squatters in Westminster trundle out occasionally.







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