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Stupid stupid stupid – I’m sick of stupidity

We all know about the supposed bomb beside the Danish embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan yesterday.

If like the Mainstream Media (MSM) we totally ignore even the thinnest possibility that the attack could have been a set up, and we believe the speculation, that Al-Qaeda did it (the organisation that strangely adopted the American label for it) then you have no choice but to say: stupid stupid stupid!

Just like virtually all the so called “Al-Qaeda” acts of terrorism.

Well bombers whoever and wherever you are, well done for killing a Pakistani cleaner, probably a Muslim, probably a financially poor one, probably with dependents that are now motherless, as well as the other 5 whose lives taken by your tyrannical hand. Be proud of yourselves you pathetic miserable despotic murderers.

And let’s keep with this, that somehow, God knows how, the US war OF Terror, the Xenophobia and the Islamophobic is justified, that all this isn’t a bloody sham, that the intelligence wasn’t in fact fixed around the policy, that they didn’t knowingly decide to sacrifice ‘their own’ when they didn’t lie about reasons for invading Iraq, that Saddam did actually detonate a nuclear bomb, that WTC7 didn’t collapse symmetrically (top floors didn’t cave in first) and that this man

Ex-ISI (Pakistan Intelligence Services) Lieutenant General Mahmood Ahmed didn’t wire $100,000 USD to a supposed Mohammed Atta just before 9-11, {breathe} , Sticking with all that for a second you have to wonder how 19 men with boxcutters and Osama bin Laded managed to defeat a  hugely manpowered multi-billion dollar civillian and military, security and defence system only now to be incapable of blowing up a bomb to damage the Danish Embassy.

Bit of a operational gulf there matey!

And what of bombing the Embassy anyhow?

Once again you have to say stupid stupid stupid! and you could probably add onto that “unIslamic unIslamic unIslamic” besides.

If you believe the Danish involvement in the cartoons was wrong you don’t take it upon yourself to murder innocent civillians you pratts! Please tell me what method of Jurisprudence allowed for that act of mass murder? Please tell me what in your stupid tiny little minds did you think you could possibly have achieved? Who the hell appointed you as guardians of Islam? Who are you to decare ‘murtard’ (apostate – not French mustard) or ally of the infidels?

Let me ask you more questions the hope it will penetrate your stupid little heads.

Why haven’t you ever damaged (rendering useless) Danish goods like cheeses, biscuits, books, toys and so forth? Why not use your supposed world wide organisation to do something easy and effectlive like that? Why don’t you call on others who would support such actions to join you, rather than disgusting acts like slaughtering poor cleaners, who any Muslim with a heart and mind finds repulsive.

Stupidity? – And there’s more…

Then we get stupid idiots like: Abdullah Ahmed Ali who made a suicide video, and “researched making an explosive device” {his words} and says

If we are going to make threats there is no point doing it with a firecracker, you have got to do it with credibility…We did not want to kill or injure anyone. Something small enough to cause a large bang, maybe some smoke. Something that would be considered serious and credible, something to generate that mass media attention.


Abdullah Ahmed Ali – Idiots who play
EXACTLY into the hands of those he
supposedly resits. Prat!

repeat: “there is no point doing it with a firecracker, you have got to do it with credibility”– What a bell-end! Of course there’s a point to using a firecracker, so you wont and they can’t accuse you of endangering life (Note: should be careful here, 21/7 non-bombers were sentenced for having tupperware containers filled with chapatti flour, however they supposedly had detonators contaning explosives). What possible credibility would you lose out on if you did use a firecracker? Do you really think if there was no smoke, say, like something like a pebble filled sock lobbed into the Commons chamber that the media wouldn’t report it? Something as simple as urinating in the doorway of an army recruitment centre would also make it, as would hacking away at the mass murderer Churchill’s statue and the other monuments in London for example as a protest. Even internet activity.

What a feeble minded prat!

It’s idiots like this fool who hold me back from completely ruling out the wafer thin possibility that maybe there is some kind of Islamic militant activity out there doing some of the things they are accused of. Mind you, that’s as far as I go.

Maybe when he lies in the fascists jail having brought more opportunity for the Islamophobic oppressors to do what they do best, perhaps he’ll start the think about his stupidity and realise what a zero he has been.




— IF it’s true — !!




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