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More fascism please oh yeah!

The telephone and e-mail records of thousands of people are being secretly accessed by council officials every year, new research has suggested.

Town halls are routinely using controversial spy laws to obtain private data to assist investigations into suspected offences by residents.

These offences include dog smuggling, storing petrol without permission and keeping unburied animal carcasses.

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No need for much of a comment on the fascism element of all this, although this is just the inevitable spying that’s been exposed!

“Dont worry. Fascism won’t affect us.”

I wonder if there’s any link to the dirty grooming orgo: “Common Purpose”? It sounds right up their street.

One secondary thing that caught my eye was the illegality to store petrol. – to which I say, screw you you fascist pigs!


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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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