Dangerous Knowledge

I’ve been back in Blighty for a number of days now and don’t feel as shocked as the last time I came home. Immigration wasn’t as bad an experience as it was before, weather barmy as ever, CCTV all over the place as before.

The terrestrial news is visible more pathetic – YouTube “BBC broken news” to see the BBC taking the Mickey out of the pathetic nature of its own news broadcasting. (comedy shown on the BBC is quite praiseworthy)

 (see other clips on the playlist http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?=ED646713E5982149)

Anyway Panorama did a reasonable, but highly selective program on the missing billions in Iraq, and last might a very very interesting program indeed called Dangerous Knowledge: BBC4 on BBC2.

Here’s the entry from the Radio Times:
11.30(pm) Dangerous Knowledge: BBC4 on BBC2
David Malone pays homage to mathematician Grorg Cantor, physicist Ludwig Boltzmann, Einstein’s confident Kurt Gödel and code-breaker Alan Turing – all great thinkers whose lives ended in tragedy. The programme also features interviews with those (including IBM research staff member Greg Chaitin) who are attempting to find out whether there are some things the human mind cannot know.

It was great. The just of the program was that these men were driven insane by the findings and that what they knew drove them insane. I got the feeling that this proposal was rather jazzed up to sell the programme or at best ill founded, and I got rather angry at Malone’s inverted ascribing of existence and signs of God to the conventional mathematical and physical system of pure predictable logic.

Far from it.

It was plain to me, that what Cantor came across, and Gödel later proved (i.e. it being impossible to prove certain things which may be true, and that there was no way of predicting which of those things couldn’t be proved then man is doomed to live with finite knowledge) was a sign of the Magnificence of God.

I took it that God conscious Cantor knew of the implications of his work – a mathematical proof that there is an order of intelligence and design that man would never hope to touch or understand and developed some kind of madness from obsession, and depression that he wasn’t delivering that proof.

Gödel did it and used universally accepted mathematics to show mathematics was fundamentally inadequate.

Any scientist knows mathematics is the fundamental basis of all abstract knowledge. Physical is the characterization of matter and its interactions therefore applied mathematics. Chemistry is applied physics. Biology being largely applied chemistry. And so on.

That mathematics is finite is a disaster to the arrogance of man and indeed a humbling outcome.

Yet the work of Gödel receives self-censorship or one-eyed viewing from the majority of the publicly-visible mathematical fraternity precisely because of its implications to the meaning of life and our role in the universe.

What a fantastic programme, what a remarkably self-defeating attempt to spin the programme.

I would advocate philosophy be a significant part of tertiary and higher education today not just because of the infinitely connected structure of knowledge but that it reveals the truth to us about life, the universe and everything.


3 Responses to “Dangerous Knowledge”

  1. 1 Navid Masud July 12, 2008 at 2:08 pm

    Nesting Multiple Infinities.

    In our physical universe some perceive the distance, and so the space it spans to be Infinite; and some perceive time to be infinite; this being the concept of being unlimited, meaning in effect that the idea of infinitely is simply always being larger than any imposed value or boundary, so the view of something boundless.

    We cannot perceive any form of infinity, we can only conceive it. I think, in my view, we can draw a reasonable distinction between what we can PERCEIVE (directly experience), IMAGINE (represent without the NECESSITY of experience or UNDERSTANDING) and CONCEIVE (represent without the POSSIBILITY of EXPERIENCE or FULL UNDERSTANDING e.g. a line of infinite length, as per mathematical notation)

    The point is that we use Mathematics as one of the mind tools which have been invented or discovered (depending on which school of thought you attest to) in order to REPRESENT and EXPLAIN what WE CONCEIVE, BUT CANNOT EXPERIENCE (e.g.INFINITY). The problem arises with the limits of the explanatory power of Mathematics in terms of its representational capacity (symbolic reference of “real world” material entities) and its ability to add meaning beyond a very small community of “nerds”

    Further, according to Cantor you will always have higher levels of Infinity, as far as he could determine, without end. (he drove himself insane trying to prove it!) This is because there is in fact only one infinity, the infinite aspect of ALLAH (which is AHAD, SAMAD AND LAM YULAD) which as we know exists beyond our explanatory capacity.

    The reason we speculate on multiple infinities is because of the limitations of mathematical reasoning. As Godel pointed out in his “Incompleteness Theorem”, any system based on mathematical reasoning cannot fully explain itself without reference to a higher order system (ONE ALLAH). Turing followed this up with the fact that you cannot even apply computational algorithms to the problem. He showed that there are computational algorithms, the outcome of which cannot ever be determined. All you can do is set them in MOTION and WATCH and WAIT (TIME) for COMPLEXITY to EMERGE. In my opinion (for what its worth) Cantor, Godel and Turing are three of the most important figures in mathematics EVER, but because there ideas threatened the foundations of most of modern mathematical and scientific reasoning, they have been sidelined by the establishment – AS ALWAYS HAPPENS. This as we know is what actually happened to Maxwell, whose use of Quaternion Mathematics took him nearer to the truth than either Faraday or Einstein, or most others. That’s because he realized that ORDER MATTERS, and that within the Maths, 2+3=5 is not the same as 3+2=5. (THE ORDER WHICH EMERGES FROM THE MANIFOLD or as Maxwell put it, THE ETHER)

    A circle in a single aspect is a form of infinity having no beginning and no end. But it is bounded, THE MANIFOLD IS NOT.

    To grasp the scale of the infinite universe we reside in, is not yet possible with accuracy, it not yet been quantified, (nor ever will in my opinion, because we impose LIMITED mathematical boundaries on something which is TOTALLY INFINITE) cosmology is in a state of constant discovery of ever greater proportions, so the imposed boundaries are in a constant state of expansion.

    They estimate the age of the milky way is around 14 billion years old, this is not the age of the entire universe as each galaxy is formed through a mini big bang, each created independently and over vast expanses of time, so the first galaxy’s age is impossible to estimate from our present scientific abilities. It is conceivable new galaxies are in a state of constant construction filling the blackness with a magical magnificence.

    Yet to human awareness, the physical universe is truly infinite, the mind can not conceive of the immense scale of this reality, according to my reasoning above, we can conceive of infinity but can never EXPERIENCE or FULLY UNDERSTAND it distances that are so vast they defy our ability to comprehend them, the most distant galaxy found to date has been estimated to be 78 billion light years away, that’s 458,640,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles distant, so if you travelled at 186,283 miles per second; it would take you seventy eight thousand million years to cover that distance, but this distance is ever increasing as the milky way galaxy we inhabit is moving away from the rest of the galaxies, and in addition the galaxies are moving away from us, so the expansion is ever greater, as the volume of space increases, like the inflating of a balloon pushing the galaxies apart. Consider, the Earth itself is only 4.5 billion years old, so it would take over 17 times the present lifespan of Earth to traverse such a distance at the speed of light. (even trying that much is virtually impossible)

    This physical universe is an open system, it is in constant state of energetic flux, this entire physical manifestation is created instant by instant from a underlying source. Every atom of this creation is moving, it occupies a point in space for such an infinitesimal moment as almost never to have been there at all, multiple directions, multiple velocities, multiple rotation, everything is moving.

    Information is the key to understanding physical creation, our material universe is information, vast amounts of it, just as we are created through information in our DNA and RNA, so this universe is formed, the universe is the simplest manifestation of this system, energy is order, order is information, information is truth. Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom (the most refined levels of information) as products of Reason, is Truth

    The source of this universe is the manifold, holding all the multi-verses within the same space, through this energetic process of constant multi movement, a virtual infinity of potential infinities could exist. An ABSOLUTE INFINITY

    So our physical universe is held and manifest moment by moment from the manifold, an infinite ocean of energy, or more precisely an infinite ocean of knowledge, understanding and wisdom so densely pack, it requires only a cubic centimetre to generate our universe, so consider the infinity of the source reality, so vast, so dense, so immeasurable it holds this physical infinity as a single drop within its infinite ocean, making this reality insignificant in comparison.

    All realities are held within the same space, we have mentioned the four dimensional space we occupy, generated from the manifold, so truly we only borrow these dimensions, they belong within the manifold itself. Beyond this and within this exists seven spatial dimensions, each held within the next, each infinity so vast it makes the preceding infinity seem as a single drop with its infinite ocean.

    All infinities subsist in the same space, even though the space we can comprehend maybe only an atoms worth of space in an infinite ocean of space, all exists within all; each held within the next as a single drop within infinity, which is within the preceding reality as a single drop within infinity, which is within the preceding reality as a single drop within infinity, which is within the preceding reality as a single drop within infinity, which is within the preceding reality as a single drop within infinity, which is within the preceding reality as a single drop within infinity, which is within the preceding reality as a single drop within infinity, which is within the preceding reality as a single drop within infinity, which is within the preceding reality as a single drop within infinity, yet beyond these fundamental infinities of eleven dimensional space more exists, so infinite it holds all this within it as insignificant, so subtle it is hidden, yet all pervasive, what lies beyond this we have no understanding, a reality of infinities generated through the will of a single consciousness, all reality growing out from a single point of infinite non-existence, all knowledge retained and this knowledge expands, knowledge builds knowledge, and from non-existence spinning out, conscious knowledge fills non-existence and a universe of immense and boundless magnificence builds, evolving into a reality we ponder in a mind of tiny thoughts, a mind infused with a tiny spark of conscious existence, loaned to us from the single conscious will. Consciousness is the highest stage in the creative and manifest process of EXISTENCE (from the MANIFOLD to ENERGY to MATTER to INFORMATION to CONSCIOUSNESS) which is the FORCE which feeds back into the manifold, in a POSITIVE WAY and in an INCREMENTALLY RECURSIVE manner, through higher and higher levels of REASON (a la Koran) UNDERSTANDING and WISDOM in order for us to ultimately find our way back to the source of all creation, which is ALLAH.

    A continuum of nesting multiple infinities, each boundless, each non-finite in its aspect, yet nesting with each greater infinity held invisibly, yet all pervasive. Within each infinity the infinite holds without question, independently perceived to be without boundaries, both lower infinities and higher infinities exist as an integral part of each infinity, all connected, all in unity.

    How do we know this, the mathematics of this reality demands it exists as an eleven dimensional structure, each descending dimensional level massively increasing in complexity and activity, also the manifold ,that generates this ostensible reality as its underlying source, (BUT THE MATH IS INCOMPLETE)

    demonstrates both an infinity so vast it makes this reality insignificant and also that the manifold is dwarfed by the descending dimensional plains, as they exist both within our reality, the manifold itself, and beyond the manifold, we also know that all reality is emanated from a single point, again this is outside of the eleven dimensional plains yet all pervasive and in fact the ultimate source of all realities.

    Allah emanates all reality from the inside out. So it is one infinite source.

    Tony Lawrence and Abdun Nur

  2. 2 lwtc247 July 14, 2008 at 12:44 am

    Thanks for your post. I’ll read it (I’ve only had a quick scan so far) and comment later when I have time.

  3. 3 Anonymous December 1, 2008 at 9:26 pm

    who the heck is allah

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