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Schools out for Summer

Two continually failing schools.

Another topic I wanted to blog about was that relating to schools.

The tired, old, outdated, uninspiring, talentless, dreary, unrepresentative, clingy and murderous government have decreed schools that don’t achieve at least 30% of its pupils scoring 5 good GCSE’s will face closure. It’s a move any fascist government would be jealous of.

In Manchester that means about 50% of schools face closure.

Revealing that the grubbyment doest give a toss about education, because there are far better things they could do other than threaten to ‘unsettle’ kids, and have hundreds of teachers face unemployment.

The government WANTS these schools to close so that education can turn into a money making venture. Im not against private money coming into schools but I am fiercely opposed to that money influencing the kids in favour of the financier.

Why not pour that same private money into the existing schools? Don’t corporations and enterprises operating in this country have some kind of duty to the citizens who it uses to enlarge its coffers?

Allowing private companires and megacorps into schools is quite dangerous as they will be able to nurture their exploititive faux economics on the young and vulnerable. Its a form of economic pedophillia.

The grubbyment tried to do the same to Universities and it was herelded as a disaster. The persuit of knowledge is often hampered by vested interests.

A radical overhaul of the eduation system is needed but not this crap garbage the miserable squatters in Westminster trundle out occasionally.







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