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Good news for slowing down the move to fascism

Overall and long term, this is actually good news for the cause of justice in the UK.

IMO, no accuser should be allowed to give evidence anonymously. Such procedures already exist within English law to allow anonymous witnesses, but it is open to abuse, and when it comes to UK plc – the ever increasing ever impoverished fascist state, such perversions of justice WILL be increasingly abused.

Trust the scummy BBC newz department to present the story in such a way – designed to make you angry that such money was wasted.

Here’s an alternative way to put it, what do you think?

 Legal system failings collapse murder trial to the tune of £6m.

The failure of Judge David Paget and Law Lords to clarify the legal status of anonymous witnesses before the Charles Butler murder case came to court, has caused the trial to collapse at a cost of approximately £6m to the tax payer.

The monumental negligence of the Law Lords and others within the legal profession means that serious questions are being asked as to whether these Law Lords should be removed from their positions.

 But of course the news wasn’t presented like that. Instead you are being steered to feel…
1) angry that suspected murderers are going to get away with a crime.
2) The case would have won if the witnesses were granted anonymity.

Instead we get this sick joker, Justice [sic] Secretary Jack Straw saying there was a real need for some witnesses to have their identities protected.” Straw also vowed to change the law “as quickly as possible”. So he’s really studied the issue thoroughly then. How reassuring.

Realising Straws carelessness in allowing his fascistic arrogance to expose its ugly naked self before our very eyes, one of Straws Ministry of Justice’s ooompa lumpa women tried to minimise his Stalinist psyche saying “We are studying the judgment carefully and urgently considering its implications, including amending statutory law.” There. That’ll allay your fears Straws totalitarian bent won’t impact negatively upon such a crucial part of justice, liberty society and life in general.

Don’t forget Jack Straw is heavily involved with the shipping of innocent men all over the world for torture.The proliferation of Newspeak is chilling Mr Justice Secretary.

And do remember folks, if the Law Lords had allowed the anonymous witnesses to testify, the trial would still have been running up costs of £6, so just in case you got the wrong impression, the £6m was still going to float out of your pockets. The general and serious issue of trials costs is grossly side-stepped.

Thank God I’m going back to Asia soon.


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