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second wave of ooze

Regular readers will know I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for Harriet Harman. The thing is, I dislike her intensely. But don’t worry, I’m no Tory – I hate them with equal intensity too  :)

John Major.
The least murderous British PM ever?

Back in the grey-yet-not-so-murderous Major years (a retrospective relative golden age in Brirish politics) it was said “You know when you’re going to lose your job, becasue the PM backs you.

It seems like ministerial plotting became particularly profuse in the ‘torcious Thathcher years. But since grey Jonny Major, it seems like when your ministers back you then you’re in trouble.

Cue the scummy ooze Harman…


{Ed: Nothing at all to do with the politicians who encouraged the faux economics scammy bubbles of dodgy DERIVATIVES, which before they burst, took full credit for the ‘good times’ when the Brits were benefiting from sucking money from the 3 billion around the planet below the poverty line of course, hey Harriet you stinking piece of ooze you.}-

Oh dear. Is that a ‘backing’ I see?

Craig Murray  ( has the Idea that Jackie Straw may be stirring something. Our Jackie wouldn’t do that would he???

It was Straw who oversaw the noxious “Dirty Dossier” on Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction and travelled to the Security Council to tell lie after lie, to help precipitate the invasion and cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands. He was centre stage then. But usually, like an impresario, he is behind the stage making things happen.  –source–

Craig continues…

That capacity for duplicity is in full use again now. At least three Labour MPs, with apparent access to all the dark facilities of the Whips’ office, are canvassing their colleagues for Straw to “Quietly” replace Brown as Prime Minister, and are taking care to use the formula: “Of course, Jack doesn’t know anything about this and you mustn’t mention it to him.” That is even more transparent than most of Straw’s lies.

  The telegraph says:

Jack Straw, the Cabinet minister who is favourite to take over from Gordon Brown, has publicly backed the Prime Minister, saying he was “absolutely convinced” that he is “the best leader”.  — source

Oh dear oh dear. Another backing!!

From the same telegraph article and back to Hairyet again…

Harriet Harman, who will cover for Mr Brown while he is on holiday this week, urged Labour MPs not to turn an “economic problem into a political crisis”.

 Perish the thought!

jackies gf…

The future’s bright. The future’s orange…

You know when you’ve been ‘northed’.


You can complain here

God bless Amureke


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Fire made WTC7 collapse

Update 29-Sept-08: Thanks to “not Anonymous”, 28 September 2008 17:50, on StefZ’s Famous for 15 Megapixels blog ( for this amazingly concurrent video…

end of update.


That is why insurance companies charge a premium for fire insurance on steel structured buildings.

It is why the use of steel in construction, before any were commissioned, were banned by the authorities as every single test conducted on the use of steel as a construction material in the event of fire, proved it was unsafe.

And that’s why plans to build (illegal) steel based buildings, didn’t need to include provisions for any issues relating to localised structural failure.

It’s why building codes and National Standards Institutions formulated new policy on the use of steel in construction, widening the scope of its ban.

It’s why all buildings (illegally) made of steel which have caught fire, did actually collapse, but conspiracy theorists photo-shopped photos of the buildings, created doctored video footage and with killed inferno witnesses or drugged them in order make them believe that the building stood upright.

It’s why the architect of the emergency operations bunker in WTC7 bunker must have been a schoolboy with a shine for tech drawing as he didn’t realise the inappropriate nature of using an (illegal) steel structured building to make that bunker .

It’s why the peer reviewed literature states repeatedly steels unsuitability.

It’s why building currently under planning or actual physical construction no longer use (illegal) steel.

It’s why steel is never employed in situations were metal is in contact with fire.

It’s why the debris of WTC1,2 and 7 did not exceed the temperature of burning kerosene and other combustible materials, furnishings and servicing offices and so forth.

It’s why sites like this are not synthesised propaganda in showing steel is, in effect, like putty in ones hands.


“There may be trouble ahead…”





I googled for an image of ungratefulness. Somehow, a pic of these three lovely ladies came up. I dunno why, but as it was the best image I saw, I thought why not!


Supermarkets are a curse unravelling.

The other day I wanted to buy a shower with a pump. I needed to get some other shopping in too so I went to Tesco. Tesco had given a concession too some water filter / shower retailers. I asked about the price and they said the equivalent of $63.56 I said to the guys there “Tesco are selling them {showers with a pump for $60.50 just over there, pointing to the electrical part. Give me a reason why I should buy from you.”

I was hoping to hear the words along the lines of “we are just a small business, Tesco makes so much money already and can sell at next to zero profit on may items forcing small retailers like ourselves out of business, only to sell for higher prices once it’s got the monopoly.” but alas I was disappointed. All they said was “This one has a British water heater/element, the ones in there are Japanese”. They mentioned something about a warranty too but in my gloom, I didn’t really catch it.


So I said “I’ll have to check them [Tesco] ones out first” and off I plodded.

Well I haven’t a clue as to whether the Tesco ones did have a Japanese or Inuit or Amazonian water heater in it or not, and there wasn’t any info on the outside of the box mentioning about the warranty. They did feature an ELCB though which the small retailers unfamiliar brand didn’t seem to have.

Holding the box, I thought of the small traders and had a brief vision of hundreds of small shops closed and gone out of business nearby this Tesco, in a similar way to the main road running alongside ASDA in Hulme (Manchester). No I couldn’t do it. I put the box down and said I don’t mind paying the bit extra for the sake of giving a small trader the money.

So after a quick shop I went back to the trader. “I’ve decided to get the shower from you” I said happily. I saw one of the two dudes at the stall smirking. Maybe I’m wrong but it seemed to me he was pleased at himself because he thought his tale about the British water had paid dividends, so he was pleased he could talk his way into a sale. I didn’t get the gratitude which I expected and quite honestly, the gratitude I wanted.

Feeling more disappointed, I decided to try and ‘force’ these guys show some gratitude. “I’m buying it from you because eventually Tesco will in the future make [be responsible for] all the small shops go out of business.” I waited for the gratitude.

“What?” They said.

Geez, they couldn’t even be bothered to try and listen to me talking to them. Well it was a bit noisy as a concession next door was selling music systems & TV’s, and the noise from there was a bit loud. So I repeated it. Boy oh boy, It was quite clear the guy I was talking to had never considered – not once in his life – the impact the supermarkets is going to have in the local area. He couldn’t really fathom it.

So there it was then. Not for the first time (but admittedly very infrequently) I followed my conscience and did something for the little feller and spite the mega shops. But it wasn’t appreciated, and I think I might have bought a shower without an ELCB !!! (I forgot about it till now and it’s in a different house now)

Great huh?

A job by any other name

Gizza job. I could do that.

Gizza job. I could do that.


Many of those in the not-so-seasonally adjusted figure of unemployment – 4.5 million out of 39.99 million (between 16 and 64 years of age), giving a % unemployed rate of (40/4.5) x 100 = 8.9% (even that’s an underestimate) have only ever wanted a job.

Now the Grubbyment is promising them one.

They now have to work for their benefits i.e. Employment by any other name. Now that the slime that likes to make rules and impose them upon me is going to do this, {and we musn’t forget the scummy Tories are dog shagging the same leg here}, why on earth didn’t they leglisalte that employers must employ a certain % of unemployed according to the companies profitability and size as a function of the number of unemployed?

Trupble is this employment is a whipping on the aforementioned 8.9% whereas the alternative above whips the corporations. Isn’t it strange who the “guvn’t” is whipping and who they arn’t?

Well no, of course not.

Iraqwar update.

Please update your links to include the “/home/” string at the end.

Links should look like this: otherwise you may get to the frontpage frozen in May 08.

Examination of financial deritatives – scams included.

It seems likely that the derivatives ‘market’ are a most powerful of the powerful scams entertained by the fraudulent financial system we have today.

Such things would be impossible under an Islamic system of economics.

Essentially, a derivative is a bet/gamble. The bets are categorized according to some familiar recognisable conditions, such as “futures” and “options” etc.

One might think of ‘interest(rate)’ as being the greatest evil and in most respects you’d be right, becasue it is the doorway through which every other bit of dirty trading, such as derivatives, has come. But what makes derivatives so much more dangerous (IMO) is (that the graphic above highlights) is that you can bet upon a bet.  And it doesn’t stop there. You can then go ahead and then bet upon a bet upon a bet, and so on. – This is similiar to what ‘rogue traders’ (incidently, there only rogue when they lose and therefore gain exposure) like Nick Leeson did. You can try and bet away a bad bet, if that one fails you repackage and wrap your lost bet in an even bigger bet. And it’s not just people like Leeson or Societe Generale’s Jerome Kerviel who do it.

“Professional investment may be likened to those newspaper competitions in which the competitors have to pick out the six prettiest faces from a hundred photographs, the prize being awarded to the competitor whose choice most nearly corresponds to the average preferences of the competitors as a whole; so that each competitor has to pick, not the faces which he himself finds the prettiest, but those which he thinks likeliest to catch the fancy of the other competitors, all of whom are looking at the problem from the same point of view.”

“It is not a case of choosing those which, to the best of one’s judgment, are really the prettiest, nor even those which average opinion genuinely thinks the prettiest. We have reached the third degree when we devote our intelligences to anticipating what average opinion expects the average opinion to be. And there are some, I believe, who practise the fourth, fifth and higher degrees.”

Keynes, John Maynard The general theory of employment, interest and money. (London : Macmillan, St. Martin’s Press, 1936. page 156.

Quote taken from:

Bets can be swapped or sold many times over resulting in derivatives being highly complicated, highly interdependent and highly intertwined. If you don’t already, you should by now be having alarm bells going off in your head.

The amount of fictional money that can get tied up is enormous and it’s usually based on virtually nothing. It’s quite similiar to gambling on credit.

Fractional reserve banking is despised by virtually every Joe Soap who (thanks mainly due to the internet) learns about it. Fractional reserve banking involves say, a bank which has $1,000 in its vault being able to  lend out $10,000 or $100,000, that is 1000% or 10,000% respectively the amount it actually has in it’s vault. {example given featuring fractional reserve banking at the 10% or 1% level respectively)

We despise it for a number of reasons, one of which is becasue we have discovered a scam previously hidden from our eyes which we know is fundamentally wrong/corrupt or at the very best, bad practice.

I’m pretty sure that instinctive sence of right & wrong would make us detest financial interest(rates) if we came froma situation whereby it had never been part of out lives, but then suddenly imposiiton of use of interest(rates) is levvied upon us. However, being brought up with interest(rates) as a way of life has clouded our humanistic default hatred of it. And in fact, we are encouraged to engage in it. It’s spun sometimes as being “good”, for example when we chase high interest(rate) savins deposit accounts.

We put our $20,000 in the bank (which it then puts in its vault and then can lend out $200,000 {10% fractional reserve banking} at say 3% as a mortgague for instance, giving an interest payment of 6,000 over 20 years (=$120,000 in interest) plus the capital sum of $200,000, meaning the bank will get paid $320,000 from an initial amount of just $20,000 from you. They might offer you a 15% interest rate on your savings account and so, per year you’d get an extra $3,000. Yet they got $6000 per year, double what they give you, from a loan which they could only offer in the first place becasue you depositied your money with them.

And of course every year they have an extra $3,000 real cash (sadly the mortgague payer can’t pay the loan with conjured up money – but there ins’t anything to stop banks conjuring money!!) which then can go into their vault and become an amount of $30,000 on offer for more loans !!!

& Lets not forget the conditions they impose upon you for using their account. Typically: You can’t withdraw more than a small amount at a time and/or you must maintain a certain amount of savings or end up paying a nasty penalty (giving the banks more real cash to put intheir vaults etc.. etc…) gobbling up YOUR money.

So are these high interest(rate) accounts really “good”?

If you think yes, then you’ve forgotten probably the most painful part about it. Who ultimately pays for your interest? The people who bear the heaviest brunt of this is the most of the 3,000,000,000 people on the planet living on or below the $2 paper dollars a day line (the ‘standard’ of gaguing severy poverty). They pay. So unless you have no heart, surely you can no longer think of interest as good.

{Re: diagram. Some simplification yes, but not bad I feel for 478×533}

Disagree? Perhaps you havent read ‘Confessions of an Economic Hitman’ by John Perkins.

The thing about interest is that it plays a vital role in almost all derivatives, and the people that lose when big powerful companies decide to ‘cash’ in on their derivatives {or hold on to them until they will increase in ‘value’} is naturally enough those LARGE companies and not the majority of people (even in 1st world countries) who aren’t involved in them.

I’ve just started reading Matthias Chang’sThe Shadow Money Lenders” and already in the introduction it’s plain that the scope of the the scam – the derivatives market, is monumental. Cheching out the Apendices, as of Sept 30, 2007, JP Morgan Chase & Co had about $92,000,000,000,000 that’s USD $92 trillion dollars worth of derivatives yet only $1 trillion worth of assets. And this pattern is repeated across the board. Citygroup is next, $39 trillion derivatives, $2.4 trillion assets. This pattern repeats itself for the 25 magacrop institutions presented, giving a total derivative holding of $179 trillion yey only $10 trillion assets.

Almost 18 times the amount of bets and bets of bets (sometimes called hedges) the amount of extra phoney money deeply intertwined across the rotton international banking sector.

Hopefully now the scale of what’s coming is evident. LTMC’s collapse in 1998 simply becasue the Russians defaulted on a bloody loan, was said to have been a whisker away from total collapse of the worlds econony i.e. revelation of the fraud and it’s total disentanglement, {info here and yet more derivatives scam stuff} but since then the market has mushroomed, which to me was the bubble necessary to encapsulate and stave off the milder collapse LTMC would have brought about.

The Future’s bright. The future’s orange.

P.S. and oddly enough, Orange County in the US lost $1.600 million ($1.6 billion) by “trading” derivatives. Wikipedia says of the matter:

“Orange County is a good example of what happens when derivatives are used incorrectly” WikiLobbox.

 Ho Ho! that’s funny! Well even though much money is probably phoney anyway, but in a phoney system, it’s pretty near real!  But the point here is, the characteristic of derivitives is that somewhere, someone will get burned, like all bets, and that’s their characteristic consequence not the accidental misfurtune [punn not intended] as Wikilobbox portrays.


An important message – not quite from my sponsor.

I believe (not surprizingly) in the Islamic system of money which employs principally Gold and Silver, and Food as currency. It’s inflation proof and I believe it hinders hideous wealth accumulation by the few becasue it seems conglomeratization/megacorp/multinationals would be difficult to form/swell under the Islamic system. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how I see it so far.

99.99 Gold. Go on get some. You know you want to.

It’s an economic system (and whole life system) I believe to be revealed by God and therefore cannot be bettered by idiotic man. Even if you don’t believe in God, it would be a worthy exercise to study the Islamic principle of money and trade (good and bad) on it’s merits alone.

That means I believe a return to Gold is the only solution and an answer to the horrendous ecomomic cruelty we have in the world today. Most readers of this blog will already know the current system is a scam and a farce.

Should I keep quiet of my belief in Gold, perhaps only encouraging my fellow Muslims to purchase Gold and seek its return as the system of trade? If I was a selfish then perhaps. However, whether you like me or not, love me or loathe me, I’m going to advise you to do all you can to leave this junk fraudulent system behind and purchase Gold, and I really hope you do so.

Here’s a post from one of the “Gold sites” I sometimes visit and get info from. (P.S. I have no tie to that site at all – this isn’t an advert, simply an encouragement to buy Gold and a posible source from where you can get it)

Dear Galmarley user,

At the weekend our global financial crisis took the first step down an ugly new path, with the creditworthiness of America’s two great mortgage brokers, Fannie May and Freddie Mac, being called into question. The US Treasury were forced to issue announcements appearing to guarantee their protection.


If you don’t already know about these two organizations, it’s hard to appreciate the scale of the news. Fannie May and Freddie Mac are the giants of mortgage business in the USA. They stand behind an incredible $5 trillion of mortgage guarantees.


But with US house prices in free-fall their share prices have collapsed; Freddie’s decline last week was from $14.50 to $4.28.

This time last year it stood at $55.

Fannie’s and Freddie’s mortgages are financed mainly by bond issues, and the bonds are sold to the world’s financial organisations.

“The Economist” magazine has for years been commenting on the strangeness of these bonds’ status, because although officially they are NOT government backed, they have been treated by everybody as if they were. 

Their status is now important because their solvency has been called into question both by the markets and by William Poole – until March this year a full member of the US Federal Reserve. Poole is notable for being a lone dissenting voice on the Fed’s Open Market’s Committee. We don’t know if he’s a loose cannon or a beacon of truth.


The protective reaction of the Treasury certainly suggests a national guarantee stands behind Fannie and Freddie. Yet the strangeness of the bonds – their quasi-private status – means they are not on the public accounts. That is wrong.


In accepting responsibility for these liabilities the US government has catapulted its public debts from $10 trillion to $15 trillion.The $100,000 of debt owed by every American family, and borrowed on their behalf by successive US governments since 1980, is the unmentionable whore in the family of US fiscal competence. A 50% increase in it overnight is very, very serious, especially when it is known that the underlying asset backing is already insufficient and is still falling.


Perhaps we are entering a new phase of the dollar collapse, with double-digits for both interest rates and inflation. Bonds look more and more risky.


Very few people have the foresight to buy gold bullion. Those who do are insuring their savings against the awfulness of our current situation, and naturally enough the ‘premium’ for that insurance is rising.


Perhaps you have heard commentators comparing our ugly 2008 economic situation to the 1930s depression, and to the 1970s ‘stagflation’. Well, between 1929 and 1934 bonds and businesses were collapsing everywhere, and gold’s investment purchasing power rose 17 times. Then between 1971 and 1980 it rose 15 times.


So far in this cycle gold has only risen three times from the bottom. With organisations like Fannie and Freddie in trouble that looks like denial. I believe we’re still nearer the bottom than the top of gold.


When you first registered on BullionVault we were quite a bit smaller than we are now. You may remember I offered you a free gram of bullion to allow you a chance to experience owning gold in Zurich. I’m writing to repeat that offer to you. We’re a much bigger organization now. We have 50,000 registered users and 7.5 tonnes of gold bars stored on their behalf in London, New York and Zurich. According to the IMF that’s twice as much gold as Canada’s central bank.


Our business is to make owning gold simple, secure, cost-effective and totally transparent.

 If you’re like most of our clients you’ll want to know exactly what you’re getting into. So here I’ve explained clearly how the BullionVault service makes safer and costs you less:


…when you’re ready you can take the next step here:

do …and you’ll get a free gram of gold bullion when you register. Finally here’s a simple step-by-step guide to walk you through the whole process for acquiring gold bullion in Zurich, Switzerland:


Best regards,

Paul Tustain, Director

Caveat : Please remember that neither I nor anybody else actually knows how serious the economic situation is going to get. I believe gold offers protection, but prices could fall as well as rise.


Not for you? To end these messages now, just send an email to:






New Vomit plus – with added Zionism

I may have been a little bit quick to complaining about me wanting to vomit at the Dutch UN troops not facing justice for allowing over 8,000 men from being rounded up and summarily slaughterd, becasue I’ve just read something that makes me want to vomit again.

It was about the 2008 Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism, joint-winner Mohammed Omer. Mohammed is a Palestinian who went to London in June 08 to collect his £5,000 prize. He retuned to Gaza shortly afterwards.

2008 Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism, joint-winner Mohammed Omer


Here’s what John Pilger writes about Mohammed’s return from London to Gaza… You can read the full report HERE.

Mohammed had been seized by Shin Bet, Israel’s infamous security organisation. Mohammed was told to turn off his mobile and remove the battery. He asked if he could call his embassy escort and was told forcefully he could not. A man stood over his luggage, picking through his documents. ‘Where’s the money?’ he demanded. Mohammed produced some US dollars. ‘Where is the English pound you have?’

‘I realised,’ said Mohammed, ‘he was after the award stipend for the Martha Gellhorn prize. I told him I didn’t have it with me. ‘You are lying’, he said. I was now surrounded by eight Shin Bet officers, all armed. The man called Avi ordered me to take off my clothes. I had already been through an x-ray machine. I stripped down to my underwear and was told to take off everything. When I refused, Avi put his hand on his gun. I began to cry: ‘Why are you treating me this way? I am a human being.’ He said, ‘This is nothing compared with what you will see now.’ He took his gun out, pressing it to my head and with his full body weight pinning me on my side, he forcibly removed my underwear. He then made me do a concocted sort of dance. Another man, who was laughing, said, ‘Why are you bringing perfumes?’ I replied, ‘They are gifts for the people I love’. He said, ‘Oh, do you have love in your culture?’

‘As they ridiculed me, they took delight most in mocking letters I had received from readers in England. I had now been without food and water and the toilet for 12 hours, and having been made to stand, my legs buckled. I vomited and passed out. All I remember is one of them gouging, scraping and clawing with his nails at the tender flesh beneath my eyes. He scooped my head and dug his fingers in near the auditory nerves between my head and eardrum. The pain became sharper as he dug in two fingers at a time. Another man had his combat boot on my neck, pressing into the hard floor. I lay there for over an hour. The room became a menagerie of pain, sound and terror.’

An ambulance was called and told to take Mohammed to a hospital, but only after he had signed a statement indemnifying the Israelis from his suffering in their custody. The Palestinian medic refused, courageously, and said he would contact the Dutch embassy escort. Alarmed, the Israelis let the ambulance go. The Israeli response has been the familiar line that Mohammed was ’suspected’ of smuggling and ‘lost his balance’ during a ‘fair’ interrogation, Reuters reported yesterday.

More here: Thursday, July 10, 2008
Why the AP Story on Mohammed Omer is LACKING in Journalistic Integrity

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