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second wave of ooze

Regular readers will know I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for Harriet Harman. The thing is, I dislike her intensely. But don’t worry, I’m no Tory – I hate them with equal intensity too  :)

John Major.
The least murderous British PM ever?

Back in the grey-yet-not-so-murderous Major years (a retrospective relative golden age in Brirish politics) it was said “You know when you’re going to lose your job, becasue the PM backs you.

It seems like ministerial plotting became particularly profuse in the ‘torcious Thathcher years. But since grey Jonny Major, it seems like when your ministers back you then you’re in trouble.

Cue the scummy ooze Harman…


{Ed: Nothing at all to do with the politicians who encouraged the faux economics scammy bubbles of dodgy DERIVATIVES, which before they burst, took full credit for the ‘good times’ when the Brits were benefiting from sucking money from the 3 billion around the planet below the poverty line of course, hey Harriet you stinking piece of ooze you.}-

Oh dear. Is that a ‘backing’ I see?

Craig Murray  ( has the Idea that Jackie Straw may be stirring something. Our Jackie wouldn’t do that would he???

It was Straw who oversaw the noxious “Dirty Dossier” on Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction and travelled to the Security Council to tell lie after lie, to help precipitate the invasion and cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands. He was centre stage then. But usually, like an impresario, he is behind the stage making things happen.  –source–

Craig continues…

That capacity for duplicity is in full use again now. At least three Labour MPs, with apparent access to all the dark facilities of the Whips’ office, are canvassing their colleagues for Straw to “Quietly” replace Brown as Prime Minister, and are taking care to use the formula: “Of course, Jack doesn’t know anything about this and you mustn’t mention it to him.” That is even more transparent than most of Straw’s lies.

  The telegraph says:

Jack Straw, the Cabinet minister who is favourite to take over from Gordon Brown, has publicly backed the Prime Minister, saying he was “absolutely convinced” that he is “the best leader”.  — source

Oh dear oh dear. Another backing!!

From the same telegraph article and back to Hairyet again…

Harriet Harman, who will cover for Mr Brown while he is on holiday this week, urged Labour MPs not to turn an “economic problem into a political crisis”.

 Perish the thought!

jackies gf…

The future’s bright. The future’s orange…

You know when you’ve been ‘northed’.


You can complain here

God bless Amureke


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Palestinian family losing Jerusalem home after five decades”


Fire made WTC7 collapse

Update 29-Sept-08: Thanks to “not Anonymous”, 28 September 2008 17:50, on StefZ’s Famous for 15 Megapixels blog ( for this amazingly concurrent video…

end of update.


That is why insurance companies charge a premium for fire insurance on steel structured buildings.

It is why the use of steel in construction, before any were commissioned, were banned by the authorities as every single test conducted on the use of steel as a construction material in the event of fire, proved it was unsafe.

And that’s why plans to build (illegal) steel based buildings, didn’t need to include provisions for any issues relating to localised structural failure.

It’s why building codes and National Standards Institutions formulated new policy on the use of steel in construction, widening the scope of its ban.

It’s why all buildings (illegally) made of steel which have caught fire, did actually collapse, but conspiracy theorists photo-shopped photos of the buildings, created doctored video footage and with killed inferno witnesses or drugged them in order make them believe that the building stood upright.

It’s why the architect of the emergency operations bunker in WTC7 bunker must have been a schoolboy with a shine for tech drawing as he didn’t realise the inappropriate nature of using an (illegal) steel structured building to make that bunker .

It’s why the peer reviewed literature states repeatedly steels unsuitability.

It’s why building currently under planning or actual physical construction no longer use (illegal) steel.

It’s why steel is never employed in situations were metal is in contact with fire.

It’s why the debris of WTC1,2 and 7 did not exceed the temperature of burning kerosene and other combustible materials, furnishings and servicing offices and so forth.

It’s why sites like this are not synthesised propaganda in showing steel is, in effect, like putty in ones hands.


“There may be trouble ahead…”





I googled for an image of ungratefulness. Somehow, a pic of these three lovely ladies came up. I dunno why, but as it was the best image I saw, I thought why not!


Supermarkets are a curse unravelling.

The other day I wanted to buy a shower with a pump. I needed to get some other shopping in too so I went to Tesco. Tesco had given a concession too some water filter / shower retailers. I asked about the price and they said the equivalent of $63.56 I said to the guys there “Tesco are selling them {showers with a pump for $60.50 just over there, pointing to the electrical part. Give me a reason why I should buy from you.”

I was hoping to hear the words along the lines of “we are just a small business, Tesco makes so much money already and can sell at next to zero profit on may items forcing small retailers like ourselves out of business, only to sell for higher prices once it’s got the monopoly.” but alas I was disappointed. All they said was “This one has a British water heater/element, the ones in there are Japanese”. They mentioned something about a warranty too but in my gloom, I didn’t really catch it.


So I said “I’ll have to check them [Tesco] ones out first” and off I plodded.

Well I haven’t a clue as to whether the Tesco ones did have a Japanese or Inuit or Amazonian water heater in it or not, and there wasn’t any info on the outside of the box mentioning about the warranty. They did feature an ELCB though which the small retailers unfamiliar brand didn’t seem to have.

Holding the box, I thought of the small traders and had a brief vision of hundreds of small shops closed and gone out of business nearby this Tesco, in a similar way to the main road running alongside ASDA in Hulme (Manchester). No I couldn’t do it. I put the box down and said I don’t mind paying the bit extra for the sake of giving a small trader the money.

So after a quick shop I went back to the trader. “I’ve decided to get the shower from you” I said happily. I saw one of the two dudes at the stall smirking. Maybe I’m wrong but it seemed to me he was pleased at himself because he thought his tale about the British water had paid dividends, so he was pleased he could talk his way into a sale. I didn’t get the gratitude which I expected and quite honestly, the gratitude I wanted.

Feeling more disappointed, I decided to try and ‘force’ these guys show some gratitude. “I’m buying it from you because eventually Tesco will in the future make [be responsible for] all the small shops go out of business.” I waited for the gratitude.

“What?” They said.

Geez, they couldn’t even be bothered to try and listen to me talking to them. Well it was a bit noisy as a concession next door was selling music systems & TV’s, and the noise from there was a bit loud. So I repeated it. Boy oh boy, It was quite clear the guy I was talking to had never considered – not once in his life – the impact the supermarkets is going to have in the local area. He couldn’t really fathom it.

So there it was then. Not for the first time (but admittedly very infrequently) I followed my conscience and did something for the little feller and spite the mega shops. But it wasn’t appreciated, and I think I might have bought a shower without an ELCB !!! (I forgot about it till now and it’s in a different house now)

Great huh?

A job by any other name

Gizza job. I could do that.

Gizza job. I could do that.


Many of those in the not-so-seasonally adjusted figure of unemployment – 4.5 million out of 39.99 million (between 16 and 64 years of age), giving a % unemployed rate of (40/4.5) x 100 = 8.9% (even that’s an underestimate) have only ever wanted a job.

Now the Grubbyment is promising them one.

They now have to work for their benefits i.e. Employment by any other name. Now that the slime that likes to make rules and impose them upon me is going to do this, {and we musn’t forget the scummy Tories are dog shagging the same leg here}, why on earth didn’t they leglisalte that employers must employ a certain % of unemployed according to the companies profitability and size as a function of the number of unemployed?

Trupble is this employment is a whipping on the aforementioned 8.9% whereas the alternative above whips the corporations. Isn’t it strange who the “guvn’t” is whipping and who they arn’t?

Well no, of course not.

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