Vomit – A good word whats about to spontaneously purge itself from my belly.

I’ve got this weird belief as it goes something like this:
 NOBODY and NOTHING should be above the law.!

I don’t mean all laws are good or should be respected, but certainly laws regarding matters of grave seriousness should be applied to all.

Very odd my belief isn’t it? Clearly it’s a belief that doesn’t square well with reality, be it state granted immunity to the torturers in shitzrael, US, UK, Uzbeks, Egypt, Syria and so forth, or Immunity US occupation forces (army and private mercs) raping, killing and thieving their way through Iraq etc. These bastards should pay the price. So should UN forces raping their way around the world.

Amongst other tales involving the UN, we get the story below… ( Direct reporint from Al Jazeera English… ).

It’s one reason why I hate the U.N. It does NONE of the good things it says it supposed to do, instead it serves the elite. Yet stupid countries still attend it and by doing so offer it some kind of legitimacy, keeping it alive and well. I don’t like the EU either as it too won’t serve the interests of the people, merely a cabal. The UN (like the EU) should be opposed by all rejectors of vested interests.

UN wins immunity in Srebrenica case.

Srebrenica was Europe’s worst atrocity since World War II

Bosnian Serb army Commander General Ratko Mladic, left, drinks a toast with Dutch UN Commander Tom Karremans, second right, while others unidentified look on in village of Potocari, some 5 kilometers north of Srebrenica Wednesday, July 12, 1995.





A Dutch court has ruled that survivors of the 1995 Serb assault that killed 8,000 Muslims in the Bosnian town of Srebrenica cannot sue the United Nations for failing to protect their families.

Relatives of victims and survivors of the massacre had been seeking compensation from the UN and the Dutch state.

But the judgment handed down by the district court in The Hague on Thursday said it had “no jurisdiction to hear the action against the UN”.

 “… the court concludes that in international law practice the absolute immunity of the UN is the norm and is respected.”

Srebrenica was a Muslim enclave protected [my emphasis} by Dutch UN peacekeepers.

 On July 11, 1995, it was overrun by Bosnian Serb forces who loaded thousands of men and boys onto trucks, killing about 8,000 of them before throwing their bodies into mass graves.

Appeal decision

The plaintiffs, who call themselves the Mothers of Srebrenica, represent some 6,000 survivors of the massacre, and 10 individual widows who lost their husbands in the assault were ordered to pay costs after the decision. 

Axel Hagedorn, lawyer for the plaintiffs, told Al Jazeera that they would appeal against the decision and approach the European Court of Human Rights if unsuccessful.

 “The mothers will be disappointed … but this is only the first instance. We will have to see what the appeals court says about this,” he said

 “If you accept this, then you are saying that only one organisation in the world cannot be judged by an independent court and that is unaccepatable.

 “The UN soldiers even helped with the deportation of the men … so made the mass execution possible.”

 Hagedorn said that although the case against the Dutch state would continue, the court may decide to put it on hold pending the outcome of the appeal process in the UN matter so as not to split the two issues.

‘Impossible mission’

In 2002, the entire Dutch government resigned over an official report that stated its peacekeepers had been sent on an “impossible” mission.

  The Serbs brushed aside lightly armed Dutch UN peacekeepers in the “safe area” where thousands of Muslims from surrounding villages had gathered for protection.

 The massacre, Europe’s worst atrocity since World War II, has been termed genocide by the International Court of Justice, which handles disputes between nations, and the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, set up by the UN to try war crimes committed during the Balkans conflict.

 The remains of thousands of victims have been found in mass graves around Srebrenica since the end of Bosnia’s 1992-1995 war.

  The UN has also admitted it failed to protect the Muslims of Srebrenica from mass murder, but none of its officials were held responsible.

What is the finding of some seedy little Dutch court have jurisdiction over anything? And what was the chances a Dutch court would have allowed the case to continue when its victims were just ‘backwards Muslims’. Almost zero chance- thats what!.

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