I googled for an image of ungratefulness. Somehow, a pic of these three lovely ladies came up. I dunno why, but as it was the best image I saw, I thought why not!


Supermarkets are a curse unravelling.

The other day I wanted to buy a shower with a pump. I needed to get some other shopping in too so I went to Tesco. Tesco had given a concession too some water filter / shower retailers. I asked about the price and they said the equivalent of $63.56 I said to the guys there “Tesco are selling them {showers with a pump for $60.50 just over there, pointing to the electrical part. Give me a reason why I should buy from you.”

I was hoping to hear the words along the lines of “we are just a small business, Tesco makes so much money already and can sell at next to zero profit on may items forcing small retailers like ourselves out of business, only to sell for higher prices once it’s got the monopoly.” but alas I was disappointed. All they said was “This one has a British water heater/element, the ones in there are Japanese”. They mentioned something about a warranty too but in my gloom, I didn’t really catch it.


So I said “I’ll have to check them [Tesco] ones out first” and off I plodded.

Well I haven’t a clue as to whether the Tesco ones did have a Japanese or Inuit or Amazonian water heater in it or not, and there wasn’t any info on the outside of the box mentioning about the warranty. They did feature an ELCB though which the small retailers unfamiliar brand didn’t seem to have.

Holding the box, I thought of the small traders and had a brief vision of hundreds of small shops closed and gone out of business nearby this Tesco, in a similar way to the main road running alongside ASDA in Hulme (Manchester). No I couldn’t do it. I put the box down and said I don’t mind paying the bit extra for the sake of giving a small trader the money.

So after a quick shop I went back to the trader. “I’ve decided to get the shower from you” I said happily. I saw one of the two dudes at the stall smirking. Maybe I’m wrong but it seemed to me he was pleased at himself because he thought his tale about the British water had paid dividends, so he was pleased he could talk his way into a sale. I didn’t get the gratitude which I expected and quite honestly, the gratitude I wanted.

Feeling more disappointed, I decided to try and ‘force’ these guys show some gratitude. “I’m buying it from you because eventually Tesco will in the future make [be responsible for] all the small shops go out of business.” I waited for the gratitude.

“What?” They said.

Geez, they couldn’t even be bothered to try and listen to me talking to them. Well it was a bit noisy as a concession next door was selling music systems & TV’s, and the noise from there was a bit loud. So I repeated it. Boy oh boy, It was quite clear the guy I was talking to had never considered – not once in his life – the impact the supermarkets is going to have in the local area. He couldn’t really fathom it.

So there it was then. Not for the first time (but admittedly very infrequently) I followed my conscience and did something for the little feller and spite the mega shops. But it wasn’t appreciated, and I think I might have bought a shower without an ELCB !!! (I forgot about it till now and it’s in a different house now)

Great huh?

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