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Yeah! The best bike ever.

The Oilympix are about to get underway begin. In its preparation, Millions of gallons of fuel have been burnt, more radioactive isotopes likely to survive mans existence on this little ball have been synthesised and absolutely NOTHING has been done to relieve the economic hell half of humanity must face every day of their suffering life-span.

Still, who cares? Whats that crappy meaningless phrase? Aaah yes, “The games must go on” (unlike the life of the 20,000 kids that die each day simply because politics stops them from being able to get food)

Reality check over…

Is it just me, or in the build-up, has the BBC (that UK organisation that pumps propaganda as news) and the rest of the British MSM, taken virtually EVERY opportunity to cast doubt on the games, China, and almost everything Chinese (apart from the food of course). China you see is the source of great anguish around the world, what with it’s purchasing of oil, gas and other minerals as opposed to outright thieving it via invasions that kill over a million people and displace a few other million, but of course, if this Oilympix is soured, how much easier it will be to say of the NEXT games that “2012 was the best games ever.”

Oh how cynical of me.

Islam, music and bunga-bunga cinta.

Are certain types of music prohibited in Islam?

While getting to grips with Islam in the 90’s, I occasionally heard things like “music isn’t allowed”. Stringed instruments were often specifically mentioned. I can’t say for certain but I think Cat Stevens (Yousef Islam) may have heard something similar and hence he desisted from performing music for many many years. Cat Stevens was an acoustic guitar player singer/songwriter and arranger(?)

One ‘reason’ was that stringed instruments make us feel emotional and/or changes our emotional state – a drugs like argument I guess. Whether that bit is a valid reason or not, and don’t know as I’ve never tried to find out, but when you think about it, it seems quite a thin. Drums stir emotions as can clever use in intonation when speaking etc. In fact our emotions are pulled left right and centre by hundreds of things. so I don’t think it holds water.

I’ve ‘wasted’ probable hundreds of hours, possibly even hundreds of days, of my life just listening to music and it does provide escapism at times. Sometimes I listen to music to complement my mood. Sometimes music brings about a mood. Often music from my past transports me back to that situation, as is happening to me now listening to Cat Stevens’s “Into White”. Music upon mankind needs no explanation, although I for some reason it’s extremely rare that I hear a ‘good’ song in a foreign Language. Here’s one very beautiful exception… It’s called bunga-bunga cinta (which I guess translates to flowers of love) by one of the best Female vocalists I’ve ever heard… Misha Omar. But I’m digressing.

Misha Omar. I can’t think of a better female vocalist?
although Agneta is mighty close.

Agnetha (errm… on the right)

Surely it’s the situational and manipulative aspects of music when used for negative outcomes which raise the eyebrow and usher in a tisk tisk towards use of life-force, rather than the fact it just interacts with our emotions.

I see no declaration of haram towards music in the Qur’an.


Competition time – No prize other than my high respect for your musical taste,
and no search engines neevr !!

Name the artist of this song called “Grown so ugly” and the song is absolutely superb…

I got up this morning
And I put on my shoes
I tounged(?) my shoes
Then I washed my face
I went to the mirror
For to comb my hair
I made a move
Didn't know what to do
I stepped a way forward
Gotta break and run

Oh Baby, Oh Baby,
Baby this ain't me
Baby this ain't me
Got so ugly I don't even know myself

I left Angola
Go walking down my street
Knock upon my baby's door
My baby come out
She asks me who I am
And I say, honey
Honey, don't you know your man?
She said my man's been gone!
Since 1942!
And I'll tell you Mr. Ugly,
He didn't look like you!
Oh Baby, Oh Baby,
Baby this ain't me
Baby this ain't me
Got so ugly I don't even know myself

Remember, NO search engines. And I’m sure the end of this song is famous to millions of you as the end was ripped for inclusion as a jingle at the end of TV credits.

Result: It was Captain Beefheart and his magic Band. The song was “Grown so Ugly.” Download here
It’s weird to think the song is 41 years old! Geez.

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