BBC hates the Beijing olympics

The BBC’s Newz department is absolutely crap!

Apart from the very infrequent Newsnight or panorama gem, the Newz output would make William Joyce blush. I believed I witnessed large amounts of anti-China newz in the weeks leading up to the Oilympix. Now the games are underway, little has changed.

Take this latest BBC spite as an example: “Empty Olympic seats cause concern

Now, I’m not watching the oilympix and there very well may be empty seats. Dual readers and watcher of the games might like to confer, however I can’t help but be suspicious when accompanying that BBC story is this pic…

Now call be cynical, but is it just coincidence the pic used, happened to be of a rainy patch? And as for the “They have hired volunteers, dressed in yellow shirts, to fill up empty venues and improve the atmosphere inside.” bit,  I rather think the yellow most of these people in this photo ann’t wearing isn’t because they are ‘paid bums on seats’, but because there was rain ‘prevention’ gear supplied just happened to be yellow. Yellow (along with red) being the most important colours in Chinese culture.

Now there’s fair news for you. Just what I’ve come to expect from the BBC Newz.

Of course the London oilympix won’t have this problem. “London 2012 chiefs have promised to put half of the eight million tickets for the Olympic Games on sale for less than £20.” Plenty of bums on seats there then if the Myan calendar hasn’t ‘ran out’ yet. But given the huge amounts of building and upgrading that HAS STILL TO BE DONE, the value of that £20 is going to worth a hell of a lot less than it is today, (Unless ‘we’ ‘successfully invade’ another oil rich country by then. How’s about Darfur?). The average ticket price we are told will be £40. Oh dear. Is there going to be a deficit?? Most likely. I don’t there’s been a oilympix that’s turned out a profit yet(?) and I don’t see the London 2012 games being much different. Now then…. who is going to foot the bill? Hummm..


2 Responses to “BBC hates the Beijing olympics”

  1. 1 Matt August 13, 2008 at 9:58 am

    I’m not there either (and you really should watch the event or do some research if you are going to weigh in to the Beeb), but I did see footage of many events with squads of cheerers. The China/Switzerland Womens’ volleyball for example. I thought they were too enthusiastic and uniform to be genuine, and know we know why. This was also widely reported in many other non-BBC sources, along with other examples of local organisers’ stage-management tactics (which they really don’t need!)

  2. 2 lwtc247 August 13, 2008 at 10:31 am

    Hi Matt.
    The beef of this post is that the BBC used the picture to lend credibility to their article. But the pic as I pointed out is at best deceptive, fraudulent at worst.

    The BBC could have reported the story without having to con its readers, and I agree there probably is an issue with attendence.

    But from what I’ve seen, and I do scan the BBC closely to be able to report its mindwarping propandada, it has it shows almost no intention to report the Beijing games fairly or positively.

    The Beeb did (and still do) the same thing about Hong Kong. The British establishment have an aversion to the Chinese centre of power in Asia, perhaps becasue they know that it will be China that procures much of the planets hydrocarbons in the years to come and Britain will return to being a land of grunting cavemen, unable to thieve what China buys.

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