BBC’s China crisis

BBC journo hacks having blogs is truely a stupid idea, although I must admit, Mr. Prestons are quite intersting.

So the anti-China newz goes on. This time about another non-issue of some girl faking singing and some fireworks. Yeah, I know… zzz

Never mind the fact that Evo Morales has won a powerful victory to stop the US backed wealthy elite from ripping up Bolivia, or the likely dirty operations that will probably follow like when the US backed plotters and murderers kidnapped Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. No. Lets not have discussion and analysis of that, I mean come on, there is far more important things to do like another rund of China bashing.

We get the BBC’s James Reynolds on his ‘blog’ going about how his resistance to talk about this non-issue has finally been breached. Oh the pain! And what does every blog have? comments…

Here’s what the comments currently look like at James’s blog…

Finally after more than 7 hours of holding comments about James unleashing his conscience (lol) in among the censored comments (and they have the sputum to criticise Chinese censorship) we get a few gems…

 11. At 00:59am on 13 Aug 2008, TaiyuanRen wrote:
James, oh poor James, No wonder everybody complained you know nothing about China!
Why a faked Beijing Olympic girl surprised you? We faked infant milk powders, fertilizers, eggs, meat, IC chips, computers, CD’s, DVD’s, news, Master and Ph’D degrees, moon photos, histories, sports matches, and anything you can think of.
You think we can not fake an Olympic? Give me a break!

16. At 01:24am on 13 Aug 2008, BobInDallasTX wrote:
So what? Do you think the girls in Las Vegas are just locals? Do you really believe that “standards” don’t exist everywhere?
How many ugly people do you see on TV? Selling products?
China is selling China and doing a beautiful job of it.

13. At 01:23am on 13 Aug 2008, IanLarge wrote:
It seems only journalists are really upset about this -…

Note: One comment that wasn’t in breach of the “BBC censorship rules” was an utterly irrelevent post going on about China and it’s restrictions of adoption. Clearly no breach of rules there.

BBC Blogs. Doesn’t the BBC have enough crap already? What can the corporate journo do in a blog that he doesn’t do in this ‘reports’?

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