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You can’t handle the truth (so we’ll lie to you)

Britain britain britain. A nice land, full of people with potential to do good.

Pity their establishment cons them from fulflling that potential.

Utter tosh. I don’t drink Jim Beam, but I don’t drink vodka either. However when I see complete shite (for that’s what it is) like this, I ain’t gonna stand by and let the slop go by unheckled.

Miseur Preston in an interview with the FSA boss.

This video (featured on the blog above) doesn’t contain much new – afaic, but ‘crunchies’ who take an interest in such matters may like to watch it and pick up the odd rubbery morsel to chew on.

Its an interview with Robert Preston and FSA chief executive Hector Sants.

If anything it shows that the scams and bets (sanitized by calling them ‘risks’) are allowed to continue but that the banks will need larger deposits of cash to ride out any run. In other words, no change, just a band aid on on the whole financial scam.

Admin notes

Admin notes:
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My post on citizen journalism is picking up a few reads, but will soon head into the archives. I want to mention it again here so that interested readers may still find it relatively easily.


bad cops and death porn

Update: It has come to my attention that the cherished spiderednews news hub has linked to this page from their assassinations page. Thank you. However this particular article contains no specific details about assassination (it does mention CO19 assassins and Jean Charles DeMenezes). So I would like to supply information about what I believe is a likely assassination… that of Azelle Rodney {click link}. Thanks again and tanks also to J7 for their coverage in realtion to this case.

One of my fave news hubs (via the East London advertiser) features a story about the filth (UK euphamism for cops) letting kids get their hands on a Heckler & Koch MP5 sub-machine gun.

What an truly filthy act.

 Here’s what the assassination squad, CO19, said of this disgusting tangable death porn. They said the guns were deactivated and they were successfully breaking down barriers between youths and police.

  • Breaking down barriers of resistance towards and dislike of assassination squads morelike.
  • Breaking down barriers between young stupid(impressionable) kids and implements of death.

Screw these assassins.

Sadly the Brits continue to sleepwalk into fascism.

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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