Miseur Preston in an interview with the FSA boss.


This video (featured on the blog above) doesn’t contain much new – afaic, but ‘crunchies’ who take an interest in such matters may like to watch it and pick up the odd rubbery morsel to chew on.

Its an interview with Robert Preston and FSA chief executive Hector Sants.

If anything it shows that the scams and bets (sanitized by calling them ‘risks’) are allowed to continue but that the banks will need larger deposits of cash to ride out any run. In other words, no change, just a band aid on on the whole financial scam.



2 Responses to “Miseur Preston in an interview with the FSA boss.”

  1. 1 antireptilian August 19, 2008 at 6:47 am


    The FSA has failed (or turned a blind eye) in it’s oversight of the banks in Britain. The hole has been dug and the wealth squirreled away into lush bank accounts. The owners of these accounts strut around at black tie parties, sipping champers. The hole is still open and the British people are about to fall right in it.

  2. 2 lwtc247 August 19, 2008 at 8:10 am

    The FSA is highly questionable itself. Researchers like David Icke (and others of a less polemic nature) have done well to show the deep connections within and between many governments, corporations and organisations across the planet.

    The ongoing unravelling of global continuity(/hegemony/NWO) means nobody should reject those findings. The FSA is no different. A hegemonic group isn’t going to establish something like the FSA if it were to be a thorn on their sides. As such, it often makes me think the FSA is there to provide ‘visible’ assurances of probity – while the robbery and amoral scams go on.

    Their ability to encapsulate bursting bubbles will one day run out (God knows where the current ‘strengthening Dollar’ bubble is being formed). The pop will be very loud. But I don’t think they’ll stop trying to stave off disaster unless they are confident society won’t resort to ‘dangerous’ means to oppose their predicament. I don’t see them covering that base yet, so the brink is still visible but no plummet yet IMHO.

    P.S. TheDossier links to a reasonably good documentray featuring Mr. Preston explaining the credit crunch. There’s some good bits but others are very questionable. Overall though, a worthy watch if you ain’t seen it already.

    Robert Peston – Super Rich: The Greed Game
    As the credit crunch bites and a global economic crisis threatens, Robert Peston reveals how the super-rich have made their fortunes, and the rest of us are picking up the bill. stream google video
    The video suggers from am offset of the audio track from the visual track about half way through (or at least the copy I saw did). It’s not so comfortable but bearable.

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