The Crook and Payroll Years

I think fondly of my parents when I recall watching the program called “The Rock and Roll Years“; a mix of music, politics, entertainment and news headelines from yesteryear – a time when there seemed to be more hope. I would listen and enjoy the now familiar music as my partents would make an occasional short comment about the times then, some event or perhaps on some one-hit-wonder musician.

I think, in my eyes the world seemed better place then, simply becasue I was a lot more ignorant of it. Afterall, the chain of madmen like Kissinger still unravelled following McNamara and so on, helping slaughter millions of citizens throughout Indochina.

Today the location of the slaughter and the faces responsible for it has changed. Little else.

If I had the ability, time and modern musical awareness to do it, I’d fashion a set of programs called the Crook and Payroll Years, following the same formula as the original which inspired it, relating t the modern ear. It would be great to have spinning newspaper headlines come to a halt reading “Blair: I have secret proof of weapons” as Sundays Observer write on June 1 2003.

Little did his mum and dad know that the shit would end up slaughtering millions.

I’m sure there is a few blood-chilling songs that came out in 2003 which could accompany the visuals of the contemporary madman killer.

Any suggestions???

4 Responses to “The Crook and Payroll Years”

  1. 2 antireptilian August 21, 2008 at 9:27 am

    I would suggest Machine Heads “a thousand lies”
    Lyrics below

    What is a man that stays true to the game
    But has to cheat a little to get by
    Well that is a person that I know to well
    Don’t want to know, but I don’t have to ask why
    Everyone like a loaded gun
    You want some shit, I’ll f**kin’ pound you, son
    Don’t need a reason, pain I’m feelin’
    I gotta vent or else I blow inside

    Introspection, termination
    Can’t tell right from wrong
    Fed up with this whole system
    It’s gone on far too long

    You tell a thousand lies, been told a thousand times
    Your words we hear, but we cannot sympathize
    Thousand lies been told a thousand times
    Hard as nails, the power to survive

    What is a man that stays true to the game
    But can’t believe some of the things he sees
    Anger’s a gift and I won’t be kept down
    In poverty there is no democracy
    Used needle and a crack vile
    A broken bottle and a bullet shell
    This urban life is so volatile
    An inner city or a concrete hell


    What is a man don’t stay true to the game
    Don’t care for no one, only cares for his greed
    He’s playin’ God killin’ thousands of people
    ‘Cause the power is the fix that he needs
    Racist goal of the white devil
    I watched our souls burnin’ over oil
    A politician got no feelin’
    It makes my motherf**kin’ cold blood boil

  2. 3 lwtc247 August 21, 2008 at 7:17 pm

    @ BZ.
    Nice recommendation :), and wholly appropriate.

    @ antireptilian
    good suggestion there too!

  3. 4 lwtc247 August 22, 2008 at 6:15 am

    Here’s one… Steve Harley and Cockney rebel. Come up and see me.

    You’ve done it all
    You’ve broken every code
    And pulled the rebel to the floor
    You’ve spoilt the game
    No matter what you say
    For only metal, what a bore

    Blue eyes, blue eyes
    How can you tell so many lies?

    Come up and see me, make me smile
    I’ll do what you want, running wild

    There’s nothing left
    All is gone and run away
    Maybe you’ll tarry for a while
    It’s just a test
    A game for us to play
    Win or lose, it’s hard to smile

    Resist, resist
    It’s from yourself you’ll have to hide

    Come up and see me to make me smile
    I’ll do what you want, running wild

    There ain’t no more
    You’ve taken everything
    From my belief in Mother Earth
    Can you ignore my faith in everything?
    ‘Cos I know what faith is
    And what it’s worth

    Away, away
    And don’t say maybe you’ll try

    To come up and see me, make me smile
    I’ll do what you want, just running wild

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