An unsatisfactory feeling

Yeah I know the conventional wisdom… The West and Russia/China are battling to secure oil and pipleines etc. How come then I can’t shake the feeling that really, it’s all lobbox?

What does it matter if there is an elite in America and the UK (a particularly murderous elite it must be said) which secures it’s status or an elite in Russia/China? (Not forgetting Brazil, Venezuela, Australia and India of course).

Truth is, it matters not one jot. The elite, no matter what colour their skin is, no matter what language they speak, act to maintain their privilaged position over the people that surround them. As such, they will always persue policies which keep the masses in ignorance, under repression and economic bondage. Throw in the a nice tantelising middle class to aspire to – to act as a buffer and bob’s your uncle. And do you really think the elite in one country arn’t cosy cousins with the elite in other countries? Of course they are.

This mode of bipolar ecopolitics is just nonsensical idiocy, the people pushing it have and have always pushed it have an intense hatred of Islam.

Russia recognises South Ossetia and Abhkazia as independent states? So what? How many ordinary people will now not be forced to embrace secularism, 9 to 5 and “educational” conformity, while not doing anything about the 3,000 million who live on less than $2 a day.




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