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GM poison discussion on Al-Jazeera English.

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Can GM crops fight world hunger?

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A dangerous jumped-up little prick

Who? Why Milliband of course (although I agree, the competition for such a title was pretty tough)

This man is steering us to a serious situation and for what? So he can please the rich people he so desparately wants to associate with.
Updated at 13:52 GMT, Wednesday, 27 August 2008 14:52 UK 
UK urges tough response to Russia  
 Mr Miliband said Russia’s declaration inflamed an already tense situation
UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband has called on the EU and Nato to initiate “hard-headed engagement” with Russia in response to its actions in Georgia.

  • Additional: David Miliband also warned Russia not to start a new Cold War.Typical Orwellian speak. It wouldn’t be Russia starting a new cold car, it’s this Miliband excuse as a diplomat who’s itching for one. Evidently, he thinks he’s got something to prove as if he’s gotta show Tony the Terrible that he too can bring about war. What a miserable wanker.

Not only is Milliband a dangerous jumped-up little prick, he’s a dangerous jumpred-up little Zionist prick.

Nobody in the country needs this man mustering the clouds of war. He should be arrested under the prevention of terrorism act, stuck in a straight jacket and put somewhere where his dangerous antics wont mean possible death for millions more people.

The Recession – What does it mean for us?

Tuesday 2nd September 2008
6.30pm, Friends Meeting House, Small Hall, 173 Euston Road, NW1 2BJ

Paul Mason, Economics editor of Newsnight and Graham Turner, author of “The Credit Crunch” will be discussing the recession and what it means for us. The meeting is hosted by the People Before Profit Charter. All welcome.

I’m posting news of this meeting in the hope one/some of my few (yeayoft-returning) readers will attend. Although it is quite obvious what recession will mean, I am hoping one of the speakers will actually tell you about the real problem – that of the politico-economic elite which enslaves the planet, which goes unchallenged by most politicians AND UNIONISTS as well as parts of the population for whom the entering and maintaining their comfort zone of being in the middle classes is supposed to be what we are to aspire towards. It’s also my hope they will talk about it in a non-partisan way, esp. not in the style of NUS Trotskyites – a style that has never really rang my bell. {Note: I’m tired of ‘red’ and ‘stars’ and all that crap bundled with  things labeled as ‘leftist’ territory. You can see the imagery on the site [remarkably similarly to RESPECT’s site]. bin your symbolism please I really turns me off!}

The ideal of trades unions is admirable, but like so many institutions these days, those principles and representations on behalf of the little guy is all but a distant memory. And it’s not just that, a large part of the problem it’s the whole bloody country which supports the faux-economic system and encourages it when it gives them more purchasing power. Then of course, then, they can’t can’t get enough of it. But when the music stops and the dance with the devil concludes, you get gored with his horns, wipped ‘n slashed with his tail, and have your eyeballs gouged out with his trident. Suddenly it doesn’t seem so nice anymore.

The money system is a fraud, the banks are frauds, cheap loans – all of it. It’s a scam which ultimately sucks the lifes-blood from the poor dotted around the planet, and increasingly in our back yard. The UN with its “international law” is also fraudulent and a complete failure. Evidence of this rests with the millions of corpses around the world c/o some ‘bombjack’ mad-man running some country somewhere or at the hands of some greedy mega-rich idiot like the queen of England. 

Lets hope, like that memorable lady on the BBC’s question time who spoke out against the world bank and IMF, that such spot-on vocalisations will make it through to attendees of this talk so that they may actually get to learn something of value which will help to end this eco-sickness, or at least cause its grip to loosen.


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