Fab Music but Fab Four?

One of the cars of a working class hero

John Lennon is hailed as a working class hero. Why is that? Because he was born of the working class? because he wrote a song called “working class hero” or because he spoke out about a number of issues about global injustice? It’s funny how his immense wealth (estd. £400 million) , his Phantom V Rolls Roycepersonalised limo etc, isn’t seen as a hindrance to him being working class. Perhaps personal wealth isn’t relevant to ones self affirmation of being ‘working class’, but it certainly feels like it should. Really, what did John give people other than a song to whistle to and fro work

And now we have Fab thumbs aloft Fab Wacky Maccy McCartney. Paul is going to play in Occupied Palestine. Paul says:

“I’ve heard so many great things about Tel Aviv and Israel, but hearing is one thing and experiencing it for yourself is another,” – Paul McCartney

There used to be a picture here of Paul McCartney’s head
put on a 10 shekel note featuring Golda Meir and sporting
the caption ““Golda and McCartney the beloved”, but it’s
designer asked me to remove it. 
Original jpg image (image only) is here,
and features on –this page–
PDATE: The link to the page has been removed as it contains an embedded virus. A worm’s called Feebs.
For those interested, the link used to point to http://www.beatles-invasion.com/beatles-news-israel-apologises/ (now delinked)


Paul, I never thought of you as being an idiotic supporter of eugenic fascism, but I see it’s time to revise that opinion. Paul has also played at an independence celebration concert in Kiev, Ukraine. I’m seeing visions of him turning out to the the ‘lost PNAC signatory’.

Thank God mucisicans arn’t politicans. For all their nice lyrics, lets admit it, they are pretty useless really.

Addition: Of course, the problem with liking someones music is you tend to buy in to liking the artist too. It is therefore quite difficult to listen to criticism of ones favourite musicians or TV stars or whatever. I used to like the song “Anarchy in the UK by the Sex Pistols”, however as my awareness of their beliefs and exposure to what they said grew, I found myself liking the song less and less. What a weird species us humans are. 


2 Responses to “Fab Music but Fab Four?”

  1. 1 Gilan September 7, 2008 at 7:22 am

    As the author of The Beatles Invasion blog, from which you took the image above, and as a citizen of Israel (from the “politically correct” side of the Green Line), I am offended by your use of my server for your diatribe.

    It’s one thing to call Ramallah and Hebron occupied, but you’re talking about Tel-Aviv and Ramat Gan, which never were and never will be debatable. These cities are recognised by the UN as the heart of the sovereign, democratic state of Israel.

    You can write what you want, but please don’t use my images or my server. You probably don’t want to anyway, they were tainted by Jews.

  2. 2 lwtc247 September 7, 2008 at 8:57 am

    Hello and thanks for writing in.

    I do not understand what you mean by: “from the “politically correct” side of the Green Line” – I’d appreciate it {if} you could explain that.

    Seeing as you find me using it ‘sensitive’, I will remove the image and link to it textually instead. Please accept my apologies for any problem my use of it may have caused.

    Re: Using server? You have your own web server? I could have ripped the image and used a local copy, but deliberately used the image as a link so that people could see your article on it, where readers would have seen it in its original context.

    My criticism of McCartney is entirely justified, as was my question about whether Lennon was a working class hero.

    That the UN recognises the occupation is irrelevant. There are instances where UN members are pressurised to agree to some sponsor of resolutions, often for some material gain. The Iraq war was a good example of this.

    Perpetual theft, ethnic cleansing and genocide do not become ‘ok’ because this body has been politicked into accepting it. And I’d be interested in hearing from you how your belief in the UN extends to the resolutions that Israyhell is in breach of by the General assembly. Or about the continual expansion and walling off (imprisonment) of the people and the daily crimes Israyhell inflicts upon those who refuse to accept the situation.

    Besides, Israyhell today, is nothing like what was envisaged in the past… that of an expanding,60 year long concentration camp, which has brought unimaginable misery not just to the Palestinians, but the Middle East and the wider world.

    I know I can write what I want, I not reliant upon any persons permission to do so, but your advocacy of free speech is very admirable.

    Sadly you seem unaware of how I perceive Jews. I have no adversity to Jews. Neither do I have a problem with what essentially defines the Jews… the Jewish religion. I do have issues with what are rabbinical distortions of Judaism such as the application of interest to non-Jews and the supposed Jewish supremacism over Gentiles. Other than these supremacist issues which are naturally oppressive I agree with much of what Judaism preaches.

    One part of Judaism that always perks by attention is that the Jews were banished from the Holy Land by God and must not return until the return of the Messiah.

    There are many fine upstanding Jewish people and I have had Jewish friends. If you read some of my articles you may come to understand my perception.

    What I am utterly opposed to, is Zionism and all it embraces: supremacy, injustice, theft, and the ongoing oppression against the Palestinians.

    Surely you are aware of the difference between Jews, Judaism and Zionism. There are a number of Jewish organisations that share my concern.

    Thanks for your time.

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