5Km radius in Belgium latest to live with nuclear nightmare

 Scouting for more propaganda on the BBC I saw this…

Belgians warned over iodine leak  
The laboratory produces radioisotopes for cancer treatment
Belgian authorities have warned people in the south of the country not to eat locally grown produce after a leak from a nuclear research institute…
The Belgian nuclear control agency has described the leak as serious.  – source

Xinhua reports:

The incident had been classified Level 3 on the seven-level International Nuclear Event Scale on Tuesday.

We can’t sit here and say “Not the nine O’clock news”ish that it’s only “the Belgians”. I don’t think any purported benefits of using radioisotopes (even Co-60) come close to the hazards of extracting and making these materials. One wonders why the institute which ironically produces radioisotopes for treating cancer was heating Iodine-131 in the first place??? Hummm…

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