Separated at birth???

George Sorearse…


Baron Silas Greenback (dangermouse)

2 Responses to “Separated at birth???”

  1. 1 Ahmad Mokhzani August 31, 2008 at 2:14 am


    When you mentioned about the Iranian nuclear reactor to be alive later this year, it scares me to pieces, and shows how near we are to World War 3!

    I imagine Israel and Iran wiping out each other in massive nuclear warfare, with the massacre of countless Jews and Muslims, and ironically emergence of the Antichrist as mediator and Saviour of the pasca-WW3 era, acting as both Moshiach of the Zionists and The Twelth Imam of the Shiites.

    God knows best.

    Anyway Ramadhan Mubarak again and may God shatter Magog Jews like Henry
    Kissinger, Ariel Sharon and George ‘Sorearse’ to pieces.

  2. 2 lwtc247 August 31, 2008 at 5:02 pm

    Akum Ahmad.

    I feel Iran might well be struck (stephi disagrees strongly). I hold that opinion because the amount of conditioning on the USans to ‘protect’ the Zionist entity and embrace ‘surgical’ strikes + anti-Iran rhetoric, is reaching fever pitch.

    The US cannot launch a ground war, as virtually every Iranian man, woman and child bent on killing any US invader that steps on their soil. the US also cannot afford it. Any war will be naval and by airstrikes alone.

    I believe it will initially be done with conventional weapons by the zionist scum occupying Palestine. Any Iranian response will probably be met with a limited nuclear attack against Iran.

    I really don’t think Iran has an answer to that, I am pretty sure that Iran will have predicted the senario above – that if it doesn’t sit back and accept the initial Israyhelli strike, then the response to the retalliation will be nuclear.

    The pressure on ALL sides NOT to use nukes will be and is immense becasue of the pollution effects of the nuclear fallout. As Scott Ritter said “once the nuclear genie is out of the bottle, there aint no going back” Bunker busters (a number of which the US have already delivered to their Zionist masters) complicate matters (in terms of makes the Israyhelli strike more likely) as the fallout is be contained so the diplomatic criticism of Israyhell will not be so harsh.

    On the otherhand, the likely global backlash against the Zionist entity will be fierce. I think the Sunni’s will sit and watch (Sunni countries have proved their apathy with Iraq) but the Shia’ah response will be fierce.

    In summary, I can’t imagine ANY country being wiped out.

    I know you have some strong opinions on Iran. What has altered your position on the matter? You were of the opinion before that Israyhell would never attack Iran.

    Ramadan Mubarak to you too m8.

    I didn’t know sorearse declared himself as Jewish.

    Lets just hope things don’t go down this nuclear path. Sadly there are two global senarios which see us being perilously close to it becoming a reality. God help us.

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