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Fab Music but Fab Four?

One of the cars of a working class hero

John Lennon is hailed as a working class hero. Why is that? Because he was born of the working class? because he wrote a song called “working class hero” or because he spoke out about a number of issues about global injustice? It’s funny how his immense wealth (estd. £400 million) , his Phantom V Rolls Roycepersonalised limo etc, isn’t seen as a hindrance to him being working class. Perhaps personal wealth isn’t relevant to ones self affirmation of being ‘working class’, but it certainly feels like it should. Really, what did John give people other than a song to whistle to and fro work

And now we have Fab thumbs aloft Fab Wacky Maccy McCartney. Paul is going to play in Occupied Palestine. Paul says:

“I’ve heard so many great things about Tel Aviv and Israel, but hearing is one thing and experiencing it for yourself is another,” – Paul McCartney

There used to be a picture here of Paul McCartney’s head
put on a 10 shekel note featuring Golda Meir and sporting
the caption ““Golda and McCartney the beloved”, but it’s
designer asked me to remove it. 
Original jpg image (image only) is here,
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Paul, I never thought of you as being an idiotic supporter of eugenic fascism, but I see it’s time to revise that opinion. Paul has also played at an independence celebration concert in Kiev, Ukraine. I’m seeing visions of him turning out to the the ‘lost PNAC signatory’.

Thank God mucisicans arn’t politicans. For all their nice lyrics, lets admit it, they are pretty useless really.

Addition: Of course, the problem with liking someones music is you tend to buy in to liking the artist too. It is therefore quite difficult to listen to criticism of ones favourite musicians or TV stars or whatever. I used to like the song “Anarchy in the UK by the Sex Pistols”, however as my awareness of their beliefs and exposure to what they said grew, I found myself liking the song less and less. What a weird species us humans are. 

If a Muslim typed it, he’d be naked in solitary by now.

Something caught my eye when going through the machinations of uploading a pic here on wordpress…

It’s kinda funny, but in context of very real and serious events in the War OF Terror, the funniness soon wore off, as a particular feed (amongst others) from the (July seventh truth campaign website) hopefully illustrates…

In July 2005 Khalid Khaliq came forward to voluntarily to assist with the 7/7 investigation. Nearly three years later, on Tuesday March 11th 2008 Khaliq, 34, was sentenced to sixteen months in prison for possession of information that is freely available from an American website set up by the US Ministry of Justice. Khaliq stated in court that the disc “had been brought to his home by “others”, whom he refused to identify.” Furthermore, it appears Khaliq had not even viewed the material on the disc. The court heard how the CD had originally been produced in the Iqra learning centre and it is common knowledge that CD and DVD production, along with other IT issues at the Iqra, were undertaken not by a Muslim but instead by a jobbing former Hells Angel and “IT man”, Martin Gilbertson. Full details in another new article, Justice Defiled – the conviction of Khalid Khaliq, on the J7 blog:

And if any wordpress staff are reading this, PLEASE, don’t be all politically correct and change it to something like “my fluffy cat”! Thank you. I’m gald it says what it does.

The loss of trust – Healthcare and conspiraloonacy
The self declared ‘”Trustworthy” Encyclopedia’ – Hmmmm…
Notice how, like in all similar schematics, nothing is ever presented
other than the impression of it being completely safe.

Michael Howard (ex-Tory leader of the UK conservative party and guess what… Conservative friend of Israel) said of the mass murderer Tony Blair, that because he lied to us about WMD in Iraq, that the public would not trust him again if a similar situation arose again.

It was rather bizarre that someone like Michael Howard would say such a thing. Whatever. As the legendary and mighty Howard Zinn said “Just remember two words: governments lie”. Tory MP, Michael Howard was however, essentially correct.

The thing is, and it’s particularly acute these days, we have been lied to about a whole host of things. Lies have been told and cover-ups have been conducted. 9-11 and 7-7 are just two simple examples, but it extends into the field of medicine too.

The long term poisoning of aspartame are well known. Part of aspartame contains a methyl ester group, and esters undergo hydrolysis in the body due to esterase enzymes found naturally in the body. Methyl esters are the worst because of the compounds they are hydrolysed to and subsequently oxidised in the body into methanal i.e. formaldehyde. The primary metabolites (initial breakdown products) of aspartame are able to penetrate the blood-brain barrier and so damage brain function. But the degrading health effects of aspartame are not halted (by banning apsartame) because the effect isn’t rapidly visible but also because it makes huge amounts of money for its manufacturers. {P.S. despite this leading Universities in the UK have conducted work on other natural methyl esters for application as emulsifiers – food processing agents commonly found in many foods, some research lead by cheered Professors}

Cover-ups and lies are embroiled with GM food, Power transmission cables, pollution via industry and nuclear power, banking/macroeconomics, pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

All of which causes high levels of distrust and sees people such as myself, causing people such as myself to be virtually unable to believe almost anything the government or big business says about almost everything. Thing is, it’s possible that even if they did tell the truth, it would be difficult for me to automatically believe it, unless and until strong evidence of their claims was made available andI had time to check it out, but there are so many other things to do in life that it’s impossible to check them all out, so I draw upon related knowledge, past experience and intuition to form an opinion, and that is almost always default heavy skepticism.

My inability to trust them causes me much personal frustration (I do after all, live with the conspiracy 24/7) and especially when it comes to vaccines.

There exists today a wealth of documentation that suggests vaccines are detrimental to human health, {and also the possibility, a likelihood IMO, that vaccines will eventually display ‘the antibiotic effect’ whereby long term vaccination leads to consequences that are terribly dangerous to general health} but there have also been a number of studies which say they are (in the short term)safe. However, I cannot believe that those studies are free from bias and vested interests, not least because they involve the government but also because I know about the way scientific teams and department are funded. And it’s surely cause for suspicion that any almost every scientific “advancement”, substance, pharmaceutical or vaccine which has large commercial value, is almost always approved and spoken of as though it is completely safe (or of such low risk that people will take the chance).

So here’s the problem… If say a vaccine was actually safe (and worked – there is a difference!), then I’m left in the worst of all positions because I cannot take it at face value that they aresafe (or work), so because the effect of big pharma and government lies, I could find myself unable to embrace something which may be beneficial. The worry is, that if by rejecting something that may actually give benefit, the potential consequences are very serious, and the dilemma weighs very heavily on my mind.

I guess many conspiraloons face similar situations.

But it’s not our fault!

The breach of trust towards the little guy from govt and big pharma has taken it’s toll, and I don’t see any way back – at least from a personal, middle aged lifetime scale of things. Isn’t it foolish in the extreme when after substantial knowledge of government / big pharma lies, that those experiences be junked in favour of unquestioning trust belief?

And ignorance is not bliss, it’s just plain ignorant!

Worthy link: Medicine and the New World Order” By The Antireptilian Iration


GM poison discussion on Al-Jazeera English.

Your Views 
Can GM crops fight world hunger?

Join in.

A dangerous jumped-up little prick

Who? Why Milliband of course (although I agree, the competition for such a title was pretty tough)

This man is steering us to a serious situation and for what? So he can please the rich people he so desparately wants to associate with.
Updated at 13:52 GMT, Wednesday, 27 August 2008 14:52 UK 
UK urges tough response to Russia  
 Mr Miliband said Russia’s declaration inflamed an already tense situation
UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband has called on the EU and Nato to initiate “hard-headed engagement” with Russia in response to its actions in Georgia.

  • Additional: David Miliband also warned Russia not to start a new Cold War.Typical Orwellian speak. It wouldn’t be Russia starting a new cold car, it’s this Miliband excuse as a diplomat who’s itching for one. Evidently, he thinks he’s got something to prove as if he’s gotta show Tony the Terrible that he too can bring about war. What a miserable wanker.

Not only is Milliband a dangerous jumped-up little prick, he’s a dangerous jumpred-up little Zionist prick.

Nobody in the country needs this man mustering the clouds of war. He should be arrested under the prevention of terrorism act, stuck in a straight jacket and put somewhere where his dangerous antics wont mean possible death for millions more people.

The Recession – What does it mean for us?

Tuesday 2nd September 2008
6.30pm, Friends Meeting House, Small Hall, 173 Euston Road, NW1 2BJ

Paul Mason, Economics editor of Newsnight and Graham Turner, author of “The Credit Crunch” will be discussing the recession and what it means for us. The meeting is hosted by the People Before Profit Charter. All welcome.

I’m posting news of this meeting in the hope one/some of my few (yeayoft-returning) readers will attend. Although it is quite obvious what recession will mean, I am hoping one of the speakers will actually tell you about the real problem – that of the politico-economic elite which enslaves the planet, which goes unchallenged by most politicians AND UNIONISTS as well as parts of the population for whom the entering and maintaining their comfort zone of being in the middle classes is supposed to be what we are to aspire towards. It’s also my hope they will talk about it in a non-partisan way, esp. not in the style of NUS Trotskyites – a style that has never really rang my bell. {Note: I’m tired of ‘red’ and ‘stars’ and all that crap bundled with  things labeled as ‘leftist’ territory. You can see the imagery on the site [remarkably similarly to RESPECT’s site]. bin your symbolism please I really turns me off!}

The ideal of trades unions is admirable, but like so many institutions these days, those principles and representations on behalf of the little guy is all but a distant memory. And it’s not just that, a large part of the problem it’s the whole bloody country which supports the faux-economic system and encourages it when it gives them more purchasing power. Then of course, then, they can’t can’t get enough of it. But when the music stops and the dance with the devil concludes, you get gored with his horns, wipped ‘n slashed with his tail, and have your eyeballs gouged out with his trident. Suddenly it doesn’t seem so nice anymore.

The money system is a fraud, the banks are frauds, cheap loans – all of it. It’s a scam which ultimately sucks the lifes-blood from the poor dotted around the planet, and increasingly in our back yard. The UN with its “international law” is also fraudulent and a complete failure. Evidence of this rests with the millions of corpses around the world c/o some ‘bombjack’ mad-man running some country somewhere or at the hands of some greedy mega-rich idiot like the queen of England. 

Lets hope, like that memorable lady on the BBC’s question time who spoke out against the world bank and IMF, that such spot-on vocalisations will make it through to attendees of this talk so that they may actually get to learn something of value which will help to end this eco-sickness, or at least cause its grip to loosen.


People Before Profit Charter
Download the People Before Profit Charter, already signed by Tony Benn, John Pilger, MPs, hundreds of trade union leaders and activists and ordinary people who think people are worth more than profits. Help raise signatures in your area or workplace. see the full range of {campaign} resources

DOWNLOAD the “People Before Profit Charter”

An unsatisfactory feeling

Yeah I know the conventional wisdom… The West and Russia/China are battling to secure oil and pipleines etc. How come then I can’t shake the feeling that really, it’s all lobbox?

What does it matter if there is an elite in America and the UK (a particularly murderous elite it must be said) which secures it’s status or an elite in Russia/China? (Not forgetting Brazil, Venezuela, Australia and India of course).

Truth is, it matters not one jot. The elite, no matter what colour their skin is, no matter what language they speak, act to maintain their privilaged position over the people that surround them. As such, they will always persue policies which keep the masses in ignorance, under repression and economic bondage. Throw in the a nice tantelising middle class to aspire to – to act as a buffer and bob’s your uncle. And do you really think the elite in one country arn’t cosy cousins with the elite in other countries? Of course they are.

This mode of bipolar ecopolitics is just nonsensical idiocy, the people pushing it have and have always pushed it have an intense hatred of Islam.

Russia recognises South Ossetia and Abhkazia as independent states? So what? How many ordinary people will now not be forced to embrace secularism, 9 to 5 and “educational” conformity, while not doing anything about the 3,000 million who live on less than $2 a day.



Are you going to ignore this history too?

Muslim Outcry. 44 minutes. Hizb-ut Tahrir demo’s in 2nd half.

You have to admit it’s getting better, it’s getting better all the time

So goes one of the lines from the worlds best Album. The Beatles album: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, an album which often features highly in numerous “best ever” albums.

Beatles magic.

Music trivia aside, what exactly is getting better?

The wording from the ministry of propaganda – the BBC of course.


1) Original:  (before being “updated”)
US forces to deliver Georgia aid

The crisis erupted late on 7 August when Georgian forces bombarded South Ossetia to restore Tbilisi’s control over the region.

2) After being updated:
Page last updated at 23:25 GMT, Wednesday, 13 August 2008 00:25 UK
US forces to deliver Georgia aid

The crisis erupted late on 7 August when Georgian forces bombarded South Ossetia to restore Tbilisi’s control over the region, where the majority of people hold Russian passports.


3) Now, (new story / different page)…
Page last updated at 22:05 GMT, Monday, 25 August 2008 23:05 UK
Russian MPs back Georgia’s rebels

Moscow launched a counter-attack after Tbilisi tried to retake South Ossetia by military force.

UPDATE: 4) Now, (other new story)…
Page last updated at 13:26 GMT, Thursday, 28 August 2008 14:26 UK
EU considers sanctions on Russia

Earlier this month Georgia tried to retake the Russian-backed separatist region of South Ossetia by force after a series of clashes.

Russian forces subsequently launched a counter-attack and the conflict ended with the ejection of Georgian troops from both South Ossetia and Abkhazia and an EU-brokered ceasefire.

 Further update: 5) Comparison: (The Iranian based news agancy
Mon, 08 Sep 2008 14:53:48 GMT
Russia explores other options on Iran

The conflict, which began with Georgia’s military offensive into the de-facto region to reclaim it by force, resulted in the loss of 2,000 lives and the displacement of 40,000 people.

So it is getting better, but could be better still! Have I detected a shift from outright lies becasue many of the intelligent public didn’t swallow the BBC (and other corporate media) crap by default? The clear attempts by the BBC to lie and unnecessary demomize Russia have failed miserably and now the BBC is trying to pull itself back (and failing) from its plummeting path of irrelevance and rejection by the worlds thinking people.

Not that the BBC wont repeat the same vile propaganda when the next opportunity arises of course.

Joe Biden: “I am a Zionist”

Update: Thanks for all contributions to this thread which I am closing today. I guess it’s only a matter of time before Mr. Biden provides us with more matter with which to make a follow up post about his slavery to Zionism.

What were the chances huh?… 18,910 views 176 interesting comments and counting. Go see at

March 28, 2007

In an exclusive Shalom TV interview, US Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-DE) emphatically stated his commitment to the State of Israel, calling the country “the single greatest strength America has in the Middle East.”
Senator Biden further stressed that without Israel, one could only imagine how many battleships and troops America would have to station in the Middle East.
Meeting with Shalom TV President Rabbi Mark S. Golub in Washington, DC, the candidate for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination said that it’s insulting for any American to suggest that Israel is somehow the cause of the war in Iraq.
“If, tomorrow, peace broke out between Israelis and Palestinians, does anybody think there wouldn’t be a full-blown war in Iraq? And, conversely, if Iraq were transported to Mars, does anyone think there would not be terrorism visited upon the Israelis every day?
“So let’s get it straight. Israel is not the cause of Iraq. Iraq being settled or not settled has nothing to do with Israel’s conduct.”
The Senator also expressed a sensitivity and empathy for Israelis who have had to live with terrorism.
From 9/11, Americans can taste what it must feel like for every Israeli mother and father when they send their kid out to school with their lunch to put them on a bus, on a bicycle or to walk; and they pray to God that cell phone doesn’t ring.”
“I am a Zionist,” stated Senator Biden. “You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist.”
Asked about Jonathan Pollard, sentenced to life-imprisonment for giving classified information to the State of Israel, Senator Biden opened the door to leniency, but not a pardon.
“There’s a rationale, in my view, why Pollard should be given leniency. But there is not a rationale to say, ‘What happened did not happen and should be pardoned.'”

A transcript of the Shalom TV interview follows
SHALOM TV: Many Americans believe there’s a link between America’s war in Iraq and the State of Israel and that if America didn’t have such a commitment to the state of Israel, there wouldn’t be these problems in Iraq.
What would you say to anyone who’s expressed that thought to you?
SENATOR BIDEN: It’s bizarre.
When the Baker Commission filed its report saying peace in Israel is related to Iraq, I was the first and only person in Congress to point out that if, tomorrow, peace broke out between Israelis and Palestinians, does anybody think there wouldn’t be a full-blown war in Iraq?
And, conversely, if Iraq were transported to Mars, does anyone think there would not be terrorism visited upon the Israelis every day?
The difference between now and before 9/11: many Americans can taste what it must feel like for every Israeli mother and father when they send their kid out to school with their lunch to put them on a bus, on a bicycle or to walk; and they pray to God that cell phone doesn’t ring.
Every day, every day.
So let’s get it straight. Israel is not the cause of Iraq. Iraq being settled or not settled has nothing to do with Israel’s conduct.
The second part is: people should understand by now that Israel is the single greatest strength America has in the Middle East.
Imagine our circumstance in the world were there no Israel. How many battleships would there be? How many troops would be stationed?
So I find it not only incorrect, but mildly insulting.
SHALOM TV: In the American Jewish community, there’s sensitivity to the plight of Jonathan Pollard.
What should be done now with Jonathan Pollard?
SENATOR BIDEN: If we don’t want to play into the argument that Americans who support Israel have dual loyalties, then you can’t deal with Pollard. He has to serve his sentence. There’s a rationale, in my view, why Pollard should be given leniency. But there is not a rationale to say, “What happened did not happen and should be pardoned.”
I was raised by a righteous Christian. My father was a gentle man. He was a white collar worker, high-school educated but a student of history and a devoted supporter of Israel.
My father could not understand how people could fail to understand that without an Israel no Jew in the world was safe. He couldn’t understand how support for Israel could be translated into being un-American.
My worry is that, if I were president, to go and pardon Pollard would make a lie out of the notion that there are certain rules. Period. You cannot give classified information. Period. Even to a friend. If this were great Britain, it would be the same thing.
So the standard has to be maintained, in my view.
SHALOM TV: Have you ever been at a Seder
SHALOM TV: Give us one Seder memory
SENATOR BIDEN: My son married a young woman whose mother and whole family is a very prominent Jewish family in the state of Delaware, the Bergers.
Probably my most poignant Seder memory is not with the Bergers, but what happened right after I came back from meeting Golda Meir in 1973.
I had predicted that something was going on in Egypt. And I remember people talking about what it meant to them if Israel were actually defeated.
And there is this inextricable tie between culture, religion, and ethnicity that most people don’t fully understand–that is unique and so strong with Jews worldwide.
When I was a young Senator, I used to say, “If I were a Jew I’d be a Zionist.”
I am a Zionist. You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist.

c/o “atheo” at iraqwar –

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