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Wounded and trapped animal$ are the most dangerous and unpredictable.

Don’t letyour eye$ off the ball, despite the PNAC plan running very low on ga$.

Edward Said [RIP] brief lecture on – The Myth of ‘The Clash of Civilzations’ Google video, original  docid=-6705627964658699201

synopsis: 52 min – Dec 21, 2006 –     
In 1993 Harvard Professor Samuel P. Huntington wrote an essay titled “The Clash of Civilizations?” and later he expanded into a book with the same title, but without the question mark. Edward Said, late Columbia professor rips Huntington’s thesis to shreds.


Update: Mr Huntington gets more ctitique

Mankind in Crisis by Bilal Philips 1h10m35s


LOL & BlowJo tells us not to attack city chiefs..

LOL at Postman Patel’s pic…


Here’s BlowJo in action…

Pic featured on Yahoo News
Pic featured on Yahoo News

BlowJo in action

 Earlier this year, London elected a new Mayor. They told Mr Livingston they wanted a different kind of BlowJo (or BoJo as some people insist on calling Boris Johnson)

Livingstone I presume, being the product of genetic splicing between a selection of 4 year old prunes and a washed up jellyfish was gutted and is now bringing neoLabourism to the poor people of Venezuela. Let’s hope that their trains and buses don’t start exploding surrounded by an ocean of suspicious reported events, and on these modes of transport, I reccommend Venezuelan people take their own CCTV pics as the official ones aren’t likely to work either.
Anyway, BlowJo has warned Brown (stuff) not to attack City financiers. {or else BlobJo would do Brown –  presumably!)
“No matter how much you may resent those masters of the universe, my friends there are plenty of other parts of the universe that would welcome them and the jobs they would bring.”  – ibid
London without tea boys, litter louts who shout a lot and wear pantomice jackets, and bicycle couriers would be a loss too far. Jobs are very important to Blowjo. He’s supposedly willing to anything for a job. No job will ever pass him by unperturbed.
For some reason, BlowJo is popular amongst the tory party, and to show their love, they didn’t give him one, but two standing ovulations! Blowjo did, yes indeed, he jackulated how Arnie the Terminator ridiculed Blowjo’s speech last year (Arnie erected not to come this year) “Your crap” say sources associated with Arnie, best known for his cyber role in the Termination series.
Blowjo joked that even a monosyllable deadpan Austrian who has a taste for dictatorship found his speech crap, but got his revenge in saying Arnie’s penis was only  cm long. Just how Blojo knew isn’t quite known but other sources close to the “living flash over metal endoskelteon”, say amongst other explanations, Arnie has a small one ‘cos he was a body builder.
The climax of what Blowjo said probably came before the end, when he said:
“There is justifiable fury at some of the bankers who flogged these mortgages but it worries me when I hear a Labour government – a Labour government that inflated the bubble, that stoked the debt, that schmoozed the financiers, that shamelessly slaughtered sacred socialist cows on the smoky temple of Mammon – suddenly deciding that it would be popular to punish the capitalists and to bring in new regulations to fetter the banks.” – ibid
BlowJo lived up to the elevated status of Con Don, care of the faithful, and didn’t spash out the words “Typical Labour party, always stealing our policies, although the words were suppoed to be included in the original text but were withdrawn at the last possible moment.

Don’t look now, Hazel Blears, neoLabour MP’s pre-parliamentary career exposed

Don’t look now, Hazel Blears, neoLabour MP’s pre-parliamentary career revaled… She was a one hit wonder movie star…

Background to this post: Despite scores of better things to do, I was counting the typos’ on my post about Question Time which I posted a couple of days ago, and something suddenly popped into my head. No, SO19 hadn’t decided to pay me a visit, instead, an artistic idea came to mind when I saw my previous art featuring ‘Hazel Beers’.

I scurried elsewhere on the web and created my art. I got second doubts, “that’s just plain mean lw. You can’t attack people just becasue of the way they look.” I said to myself. I deleted my artwork in shame. Soon afterwards, another thing came to mind “Maybe she deserves it?” so I skipped along to and read Ms. Blears’s parliamentary summary. Boy oh boy did she deserve it!

NPT Eat your heart out.

Russia has a very interesting history. Significant proportions of it has seen it’s people endure great suffering and hardship, not to mention having to suffer that concrete obsessed bleak Soviet ‘architecture’. Like many countries, its people are quite different from its ruling class.

In the contemporary era, Russia has had to live with truly horrible propaganda by the likes of mass murdering psychotic liars such as Donald Rumsfeld, Robert McNamara and others. But because of it’s people and the things its been through, it has a weird place in my heart, possibly along the lines of ‘my enemies enemy is my friend’ like of line.

But its genocide in Chechnya is unforgivable. Running close behind, is the Ryazan/hexagen/apartment bombings false flag issue as well as Its passiveness over the Iraq war and its intelligence cooperation agreement Putin signed when he visited the Zionist occupiers of Palestine shortly after the murderous Beslan massacre. {i.e. Zionist infiltrators in the FSB and government will pass Russian secrets to Israyhell and Zionist agents in Mossad will pass bogus intelligence sprinkled with half truths [for believability’s sake] to Russia}

Sadly Now Russia has embarked upon yet another ingratiating act that of once again showing that the NPT, as far as Russia is concerned, isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. Yes, that’s right, Russia breaches the NPT.  (presstv). I don’t give a flying monkey’s if the US UK or France etc… breached it first, breached it more severely or put pressure on Russia to breach it. Russia like the others before it is in defiance of Article VI and the spirit of the NPT contained in the preamble. As such in this case Russia’s actions deserves some attention and criticism.

Selfishness – the human condition

Channel 4 News - The nomadic people of the eastern deserts accuse the Ethiopian government of deliberately starving people to death.

Channel 4 News - The nomadic people of the eastern deserts accuse the Ethiopian government of deliberately starving people to death.


The third world has lived with imposed economic doom for years, while occidentals put their saving in schemes that ultimately suckthe flesh off the bones of millions in Indo-China, Africa and South America.

The westerner drives around in their petrol guzzling cars and plan to stop developing countries trying, even at low modest levels, to ease the suffering of its people.

People scream for mortgage relief when people like outside Manila, Cairo, Jakarta, Delhi, Rio, Kinshasa, North Korea and Gaza live on rubbish dumps and eat food from sacks of domestic rubbish.

Westener moans about how their train of flight was delayed for two hours while some have to walk for 6 hours a day fetching water just to survive.

The westerners stuff their faces with food and alcohol then spill out into the streets, pissing wherever their stupor leads them, then they vomit in the street while thousands of miles away women eat twigs hopeing it may relieve her barren breast so her dying baby may have another feed.

Now the clamour and perversity of the western financial system occupies their minds to the exclusion of real enduring suffering and death across the world.

Oh how painful that they lose £60,000 and are left with only £25,000 sayings in their collapsed bank which forces billions into a life worth that of cockroach. Pity them that now they have to pay 30% tax instead of 20% tax. How tragic for the westerners.

Many of the unthinking greedy selfish narcissistic westerners deserve the pain that’s coming. Taste the thing you have given apathetic silent approval about for so long. Will you learn from it? Are you joking?

Westy is going to scramble around for a fix to restore something similar to what he had before, which will see no real change for the poor.

Where is your humanity?


Oxfam condemns lethargic reaction
to global food crisis –
Billions of vital funds missing
(24 Sept 08)

Millions face starvation in Ethiopia source

Please, if you don’t do already, I beg of you to make regular donations to Oxfam (even a fiver per month) or some other organisation that helps relieve peoples suffering and pulls them away from the brink of death.

BBC: ‘Car sleepers’ the new US homeless


On Question Time Manchester, 25th Sept 2008

Vince Cable MP is one of those rare things in politics, a lawmaker who has a strong grasp of economics. Quite unlike the majority of the other pathetic intellectually inept careerist pole licking goosestepping fascists, alternatively known as MPs.

The old, tired, uninspiring, failure prone, cowarldly, blind, pro-Zionist and corrupt practices by government (and to some extent opposition) is an indelible stain on the whole secular plutocratic political system.

You may possibly at this point be thinking I’m not a huge fan, but there are people within that system I respect. Cable is one as is George Galloway. However becasue they operate within that flawed system, it’s only a matter of time before they say something that makes me wince. I’ve written about one or two such moments involving a particular Mr. George Galloway before, but this time it’s I’ve had a Vince wince.

Vince was on the BBC’s Question Time, 25th Sept 2008 from Manchester and was given the first shot at the most obvious opening question… Re: the Bush administration deciding to use $700,000,000,000 (700 billion) taxpayers money to bail out a number of usurous companies in the US.

Vince said:

We shouldn’t go down the same road… We have a facility already if the banks are short of cash they can go to the Bank of England. We’ve learned from the painful experience of Northern Rock that if a bank . goes down it has to be dealt with decisively either its\a a private sector  solution and it is bought over immediately or it has to be taken into public ownership promptly. that’s the lesson we’ve learned from that.

Oh Vince! Come on mate!!! that’s very disappointing! I’d have thought you’d have the insight and balls to have mentioned the third option… “Let it go to the Wall !” like hundreds of thousands of failed business since trade was regulated. How could that not have gone trough Vince’s mind. I’d imagine it did, but he decided to self-censor himself.

Eerily, Derek Simpson, General Secretary of the Trades Union Unite. {This post won’t focus on the failings of Union leadership} said something but in a sublte way…:

I find this quite fascinating that were going to blame the people, were going to blame the government, were going to listen to explations about what other people would do, when We know full well for example, that the conservatives wanted to dergulatte the finance market even further.

The people thats done this, IMO are people who have manipulated the finance market, become extrmely fabously rich, and walked away making millions,IMO,  while millions of us to pick up the pieces. Thats what’s happened.

What i find fascinating is the bastion of the free market, America, now own half the morgaages in the America and have natinalised the biggest insurance company in the world and there applying socoalism! Which is an amaxing nationalsisation socialism.

but donet be fooled by it becasu what they’s done is they’ve socilaised the risk, not they’s still capaitalised the profiuts. becasu its the people that are paying the debt, not the people hat have caused it in the first place. Of course the governemss going to get the flack becasue what the govt at the moment. that’s the way things are. but they can do things. I understand BArak Obama in Ameica is suggested that  rather than let the housieng market the mort market collapse.  we should peng the interst rate at the bottom at 3% down at the bottom so people can continue to pay and stay in the homes.

…Vince Cable mentioned social housing…

I think sooner or later The politicans and currently it will be the labout government has to come around with a package that protects people from the… [sentence not finished]. Regulation, Everyone talks about regulation. We’ve even got church minister talking about it regulation…

Why should we let the the irresponsible behavious of a few cause/threaten the financial stability of many.

Did you spot it? Look at the Obama bit. Dez also operates within the current financial straight jacket whereby they are still having to pay for their home loan. My proposal is the kind of radical position Dezzy should be pushing. Those homeowners who were conned or ill-advised to take out loans beyond their means, should be GIVEN their house should the company/bank they are contracted to collapse. Why force them to pay? yoy may think I’m being unkind to Dez, because he said he wanted to keep people in their homes, but adding a sprig of garnish to a rotten banana doesn’t improve the underlying taste.

As for the Church being involved in this or ANY OTHER religious institution dipping its sizeable toe into those waters, shame on all of you. You are the very ‘money changers’, the propagators of riba that gave rise to the only ever time Jesus was reported to have shown anger.

And Hazel Beers saying [house]repossession would be the last measure made me shudder, not just becasue she was talking, but because it should ALWAYS have been the priority, but it never was.

Hazel Beers. Minister for something.

Its only now that panic is setting in amongst those who are set to lose money should too many people get turfed out of their house and free of having to repay loans (on the hightest house prices ever) left with now devaluing houses and nobody willing to buy them.


strange coincidences #333666333666

US cap in hand credit bailout $700 bln.

US defense budget $647 bln.

Hole in accouts $ 53 bln (projected, stored in next building tageterd with Al-Q bomb)

Bridge Over the River Loon

A bridge too far?…

prompted the following loonspeil…

The idea of intelligent manipulation of our star immediately asks these four questions to start with


1. Do they really know what they’re doing?

2. Who are they – human or alien?

3. Why is it being done?

4. What are the implications near and long term for Earth?


LOL. Hourray for loons.



British Nazis – neoLabour MP Mary Creagh und Herr Sandy Macara

British Labour MP Mary Creagh has proposed forbidding school enrollment to children who have not received the full course of childhood vaccines, turning the current recommendations compulsory. – source

…public health expert [herr] Sandy Macara said that children should not be allowed to receive health benefits unless they are vaccinated.ibid


Let uz look at zee woting record of ze madam frauline Creagh:

This MP’s speeches, in Hansard, are readable by an average 16–17 year old – source

  • Voted very strongly for introducing a smoking ban. votes, speechessource
  • Voted very strongly for introducing ID cards. votes, speechessource
  • Voted very strongly for Labour’s anti-terrorism laws. votes, speechessource
  • Voted very strongly against an investigation into the Iraq war. votes, speechessource
  • Voted very strongly for replacing Trident. votes, speechessource
  • As well as being a fascist shit, Creagh is also a liar. If you watched the video (2 posts ago) called Are Vaccines Safe? You will have found out that parts of the US have philosophical exemptions to compulsory vaccination. Not that the ol ‘faeces fragrance’ Mary Creagh would let you know that.

    Anyway, I thought that generally, the Nazis in Germany and the Fascists in Spain were defeated? I knew a few of the death-fetish scum escaped. Didn’t expect their seed to reappear so obviously as the ‘fragrance of faeces’ Creagh and skidmark Stalinist Macara.

    Vaccine Nation

    While in the mood for getting some actual information about vaccines (try asking your doctor for an intelligent fact based discussion about vaccination. Time how long it is until he calls the police) I downloaded another documentary. This one is called Vaccine Nation (website: by Gary Null PhD.

    Once again, it reveals that what we are told about vaccines is a gross fabrication of the facts. One particular aspect of the documentary was raised this kind of question: Why do we have to accept the deaths of thousands of babies and the possible crippling of many thousands more (the autism figure was put at approximately 1/150 kids! That’s HUGE!) for the supposed good of the rest of the population? Where is the freedom to choose what parents think is right, especially given that the vaccines were said NOT to give life long immunity. Also this old Herculean point:

    Why are the parents of vaccinated children putting pressure on the parents of – children, when the parents of kids who received their shots should be immune from any infectious disease? Isn’t it because they are somehow aware that despite their kid having a vaccine they can and will (this is born out in statistics presented in the previous post in the documentary “Are Vaccines Safe?“) get the infection too. In fact given the proportion of vaccinated kids who fall sick at the outbreak of infectious disease, seems higher than non-vaccinated kids.

    In my personal opinion, vaccines are a death trap. If you want to vaccinate your kids, I hope you have researched the possible negative consequences. I hope your child has no problem and thank God if it no problems result.

    And please don’t overlook the claim that vaccines were introduced when infectious diseases were already showing a large decline in number infected. To me, nutrition and better hygieneand sanitatin standards are the key to disease prevention and actually cure.

    Non-vaccinated kids can still bring their kids to a hospital in the event of a medical emergency to treat their symptoms if necessary. Painful as it is, it does seem like natural exposure to diseases is better. We can take a look at the microscopic world as a great example this principle. Bacteria have for years been subjected to numerous chemical attack by mankind. We are told bacteria have become resistant to these chemicals. I think Humans gain resistive strength on exposure to infectious agents.

    It’s your call. 

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    Viva Palestina - break the siege

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