Is it not time to stand together?

The splits, suspicion, hostility and insults circulate amongst what may be loosely called the ‘truth community’ and are partly responsible as to why the mass murderer Tony Bliar, was able to set about the killing of over 1,000,000 Iraqi people with impunity.

Face it, just about each and every advocate of the ‘truth’ will have something about them which you ain’t gonna like. The question is, are you going to big enough to push that dislike into the background and generally cooperate for the greater cause?

Cue Amy Goodman.

Amy is(said to be) Jewish (I don’t know for sure, I’ve never asked her) and as such, she has faced the flack many who continually fail to understand the difference between a Zionist (some of who say they believe in the Jewish faith) and a non-Zionist Jew.

For those not familiar with Amy Goodman, she is a author and journalist who has for a long time now hosted a TV/Radio/Internet program called Democracy Nowon Pacifica Radio Network. Her program (along with co-hosts) has done wonders to break news about the horrific crimes of the Bush/Bliar regimes, as well as other similar murderous regimes in other countries across the world. Because of her work, she has helped bring the crimes of multinational corporations such as US company United Fruit and other companies such as Blackwater – the company whose employees are given free hand to engage their death fetishes by murdering Iraqi’s whenever the urge grabs them.

Amy has interviewed hundreds of “important”{wealthy/powerful}people, peace activists, ‘truthers’ and some of the best journalists (REAL journalists) of the modern era. Indeed, Amy’s contribution to the truth movement is deeply, deeply admirable.

But it’s not just her{purported}Jewishness that sees a split opening in the ‘truth comminity’ it is also the fact she seems highly detached from the curse of bipolarisation, whereby you either love the US or love everything the US dislikes. She featured the story of Maher Arara Canadian who was kidnapped by the US under the extraordinary rendition i.e. torture program and sent to Syria for torture.

This ‘country’ helped the US torture people…


Yes, that’s right, Syria! One of the countries Bush added to the first tranche of countries he famously declared as members of the ‘axis of evil’ in his state of the onion address, {North Korea, Iran and Iraq being the original three}. But some anti-Bushers; being victims of bipolarisation, attacked her as trying to demonise Syria.

Maher Arar plays with his children

Democracy Now (and by association Amy Goodman) reports: Report: “Both Russia and Georgia Used Cluster Bombs” No doubt getting the backs up of another segment of the bipolarised crowd.

Another instance of criticism was when she and Democracy Now did a number of articles onthe the killing of photojournalist Zahra Kazemi (wiki entry here) after taking pictures of the Iranian Jail.

Zahra Kazemi

Amy was very recently arrested at the Republican National Convention (RNC) — video here — transcript here — and I’m pretty sure that once again she’ll have things said about her like “she enjoyed it / wanted to get arrested on camera” or “it was just to provide credence to cover her secret role” and so forth.

You see, it’s all about criticising the abuse and corruption of the current ruling and power class, no matter WHO or what currently occupies that position. It’s not about whether your personal and relatively unimportant dislikes born of bipolarisation have been perturbed. Do you want to keep sledgehammering away at those who really share your core desires of truth and freedom? Why spend effort against those who work hard against the powers that be? Lets work together.

Expand your perceptions, climb out of your rut. Good luck.


5 Responses to “Is it not time to stand together?”

  1. 1 antireptilian September 4, 2008 at 9:40 am


    The polarization of the truth community into camps is a major hassle. Authoritarian personalities always need a kicking dog to blame for all the evils of the world.

    The activities of Amy Goodman are a good case in point. For her, there is only one dividing line, and that is the line between good and bad. Still the rabid elements will latch on to her being Jewish and attack her for that, despite her track record in non partisan reporting.

    I agree, drop the semantics and concentrate on the issues. This battle against the machinery of global oppression runs across religious, ethnic and cultural divides. Without allegiance to humanity, we will remain divided and will be conquered.

  2. 2 StefZ September 4, 2008 at 10:58 am

    Spot on

    Some of my favourite authors, musicians and comics are Jewish – and if, as some say, their role is to corrupt minds and subvert our values they’ve done a pretty terrible job

    And then you have Jewish groups and people such as Neturei Karta and Norman Finkelstein who also seem to be doing a lousy job of supporting the worldwide Jewish, as opposed to Zionist, conspiracy

    On a personal note, the nurse who helped us care for my father in the last few months of his life was so stereotypically Jewish it was like she’d just stepped out of a movie. If she was benefiting from the profits of the global banking system she was doing a very good job of hiding it

    My family are all of Italian origin – does that mean I should take offence whenever the Mafia is mentioned? Or do I simply acknowledge that a subset of the community I come from is corrupt and criminal?

  3. 3 StefZ September 4, 2008 at 11:01 am

    having said all that, and whilst acknowledging that ‘truthers’ should explore their common values rather than that which separates them, I still reserve the right to not take anyone who claims to be Christ and/or King Arthur seriously

  4. 4 lwtc247 September 4, 2008 at 3:32 pm

    @ antireptilian

    As a Muslim I am ever so slightly perplexed! One can strongly argue that it’s the Muslim community who is bearing the brunt of the War OF Terror (at present anyway!), yet it seems to be the non-Muslims that are more high profile in denouncing it, and that’s something I think many in the Muslim community don’t seem to appreciate; The humanity of those non-Muslims inc. Amy Goodman is on record.

    I may be wrong, I haven’t polled it, but I get the impression that the Muslim community is suspicious of just about anything that’s Jewish (obviously because of the association with Zionism) and this suspicion spreads into the anti-Bush non-Muslim community too.

    I agree we should focus on the issues. It does however mean moles and saboteur activity will be greater if we don’t periodically give the terrain a quick scan.

  5. 5 lwtc247 September 4, 2008 at 4:40 pm

    @ StefZ

    There are great Jews I’d agree, but there are also terrible ones(who call themselves Jews). The trouble is, the terrible ones have great power to recruit the ordinary ones becasue of the connection with the religion and Jewish eschatology, and it musn’t be forgotton, the luring fragrance of the $$$.

    In reminiscence of Muslims who may act in ways which benefits the NWO (or people pretending to be Muslims which act in ways favourable to the NWO), these ‘Jews led astray’ tarnsh Judaism and non-corrupt Jews.

    But, the Jewish thing isn’t the only point of the post. It goes further than that… Kevin Barrett is another fine example.

    You may like to read the rather hostile wiki entry about him and you may get the impression Kevin is a loose cannon. Kevin might subscribe to the holographic planes or ray from space theory of 9-11 (I DON’T know but that’s the impression I got) but so what? But because he may have a different opinion on that part of 9-11 he is effectively ostricised by so called truthers, even though he may agree on 99%+ of all other issues, and even though he came to tht conclusion by research. Suddenly becasue of his ex-communication his founding role of MUJCA which gave a platform to one of David Ray Griffin’s best talks on the 9-11 conspiracy, at the Uni of Wisconsin, Madison, isn’t relevant anymore and ceases to attract gratitude. I think it was broadcast on CSPAN at some stage and probably every truther across the world has seen it. 18th April 05.

    Single piece version: David Ray Griffin – 911 and the American Empire (2005)

    Segmented versions:

    Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth part1/6

    Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth part 2/6

    Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth part 3/6

    Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth part 4/6

    Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth part 5/6

    Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth part 6/6

    As for DI and DS, they do merit questioning on their extraordinary claims of Messiahship and King Arthurness (although I think DI says he was confused at the time) but as for the rest of what they say, personally, I’m still listening, even on Ickes vibrational oneness and kind of ‘solidification of the holographic universe’ as well as his reptilian stuff. It doesn’t mean I agree with him, but to only listen to people one agrees with isn’t becoming IMO, and that is kind of what this post was about. Any disagreement doesn’t need to dominate any relationship between parties.

    I hope more people realise the contribution Amy has made in helping us all learn a lot more and provide us with some actual information.

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