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That bloody pyramid

{Nb: updated below}

Here it is. The Pyramid is a kind of refractive image, ‘colourless’ at some angles, but my scanner picked it up. I’ve had to process the image to make it stand out.

Is some jerk(set of jerks) putting all this masonic symbolism all over the place just to annoy people like me or is there something more to it. Sadly I suspect the latter.

Pyramid on a UK drivers licence. That’s like a Jar of Bovril on the back of an Egyptian bank note.


Update(s): On the refractive part of the diagram, the number 3 is the only one not inside the larger steering wheel, but this is probably a silly sausage observation (and therefore the 3 being beside the capstone) ‘cos the position of the numbers is likely dependent on the categories you have on your licence.

If anyone has a similar licence, and you can be bothered, I’d appreciate a few lines sent to me here describing any ‘symbology’ features you may have on yours. Individuals are unlikely to scruitinize other peoples cards much (obviously) so who knows what repeeating patterns there could be on ALL of our cards.

 Yes, I know, idle unproductive curiousity.

The problem with symbology (and this is why I said it’s a subject perhaps overwritten on) is that: It’s possible to make virtually ANY inference from a pattern – it’s easy to spout BS (like an art critic or art historian). At the end, all your left with is the conclusion ‘ok I guess it’s possible’. Then people get defensive if you don’t accept their hardened perception on the matter. You may even be called a Masonic agent, but I don’t want to get distracted into anything derisory. What I do what to say is, I was wondering of the ‘rays’ which penetrate the pyramid on the picture, have anything to do with the light shafts in the pyramids. there are many light rays on the pics, so if there is a connection, it will cover a range of sky. Sadly that’s as far as I go. pyramid “angleology” {although this page certainly makes my eyebrows lift – as do a number of other pyramid analysis sites}, because the subject is far too time consuming and unproductive to start going on about, and of course I could be reading things into what could be just a simple (and very unoriginal ) picture. But still… as I said earlier, it’s possible I guess.

Why I am wasting time putting this update here? It’s jus tto see if any of you had similar ideas, but it is indicative of me having stenographic-diarrhoea.


Death of the d0llar?

The death of the d0llar has been predicted by a number of people now for quite some time. Trouble is, this isn’t the movies. Not everything happens is 90 minutes. We’ve forgotten that somehow.

The US maintains a very strong worldly position simply because it has managed to make the world use it’s dollar for Gold, oil, as a reserve currency and so on. And guess what? The stupid world agreed !

But the whole economic system is a fraud, and by its very nature is inflationary. More money has to keep on being produced to pay off the usurious aspect of it. It was only a matter of time until the whole thing blew up. That’s why in late November 2005, the US federal reserve (a privately owned bank which makes huge amounts of profits lending money to the US government) stopped publishing what is called M3 – a report of how many dollars are in circulation. Therefore they can continue to print more dollars to their hearts content and inflation is harder to assess. It is a bubble however; eventually that bubble will pop.

When this happens the US will try and relaunch a new currency in effect making its old rag the dollar worthless leaving people who hold dollars fraudulently impoverished. The Amero perhaps.

Suggested reading by Jerome R. Corsi, . Notice the Date Dec 2006, the spot on financial analysis given. Also notice the timeline Nov ’05 M3 publication abandoned. hidden monetary inflation, ‘awash’ with credit and then the credit crunch.

The small and medium fry in the US will experience a lot of pain if this happens (worsening pain!) but the outcome may well produce a monetary beast of greater savagery, however this is not certain. It is important therefore that the current dollar hegemony is broken so that it isn’t propped up on commodities such as gold or oil and doesn’t allow the US to have a financial strangle hold on the world.

Iran is leading the way with its purported oil trading market (oil bourse) which trades oil in non-dollar currencies. And just recently we have Argentina and Brazil do away with the dollar for bilateral trade. Hourray.

The drawn out demise of the dollar is continuing. It’s getting harder and harder to create new bubbles to encapsulate the old which maintains the appearance that everything is a-ok. 

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