That bloody pyramid

{Nb: updated below}

Here it is. The Pyramid is a kind of refractive image, ‘colourless’ at some angles, but my scanner picked it up. I’ve had to process the image to make it stand out.

Is some jerk(set of jerks) putting all this masonic symbolism all over the place just to annoy people like me or is there something more to it. Sadly I suspect the latter.

Pyramid on a UK drivers licence. That’s like a Jar of Bovril on the back of an Egyptian bank note.


Update(s): On the refractive part of the diagram, the number 3 is the only one not inside the larger steering wheel, but this is probably a silly sausage observation (and therefore the 3 being beside the capstone) ‘cos the position of the numbers is likely dependent on the categories you have on your licence.

If anyone has a similar licence, and you can be bothered, I’d appreciate a few lines sent to me here describing any ‘symbology’ features you may have on yours. Individuals are unlikely to scruitinize other peoples cards much (obviously) so who knows what repeeating patterns there could be on ALL of our cards.

 Yes, I know, idle unproductive curiousity.

The problem with symbology (and this is why I said it’s a subject perhaps overwritten on) is that: It’s possible to make virtually ANY inference from a pattern – it’s easy to spout BS (like an art critic or art historian). At the end, all your left with is the conclusion ‘ok I guess it’s possible’. Then people get defensive if you don’t accept their hardened perception on the matter. You may even be called a Masonic agent, but I don’t want to get distracted into anything derisory. What I do what to say is, I was wondering of the ‘rays’ which penetrate the pyramid on the picture, have anything to do with the light shafts in the pyramids. there are many light rays on the pics, so if there is a connection, it will cover a range of sky. Sadly that’s as far as I go. pyramid “angleology” {although this page certainly makes my eyebrows lift – as do a number of other pyramid analysis sites}, because the subject is far too time consuming and unproductive to start going on about, and of course I could be reading things into what could be just a simple (and very unoriginal ) picture. But still… as I said earlier, it’s possible I guess.

Why I am wasting time putting this update here? It’s jus tto see if any of you had similar ideas, but it is indicative of me having stenographic-diarrhoea.


3 Responses to “That bloody pyramid”

  1. 1 antireptilian September 9, 2008 at 6:17 pm


    Another one!..Jeez, we can add this to the pile, MI5, Dollar bill.

    Dont worry though, It’s all just a crazy conspiracy theory…Just sit back, relax, drink your Fluoride, take your medicine and know that your government loves you.

  2. 2 lwtc247 September 9, 2008 at 10:09 pm

    The lubbly grubment. Yeah I can feel the love, so too have quite a lot of Afghani and Pakistani men, women and kids taleban terrorists recently.

    Afghan Massacre – The Convoy of Death
    calling for an investigation but the UN special envoy to Afghanistan refuses …
    calling for an investigation but the UN special envoy to … 50 min – Apr 10, 2006 –
    (209 Ratings) – – Rate: – Related

    To quote from the ICH hosted article:
    December 2001
    US aircraft attack a convoy taking tribal leaders to the inauguration of new Afghan Government. About 60 killed; US claims al-Qaeda leaders among them

    July 2002
    46 die, many from same family, when a wedding party in Uruzgan province is bombed in error

    October 26, 2006
    Between 40 and 85 civilians are killed in airstrikes and mortar bombardments around the settlement of Zangawat in Kandahar province

    March 2007
    19 people are killed and 50 wounded when US Marine Special Forces fire on civilians after a suicide attack in Shinwar, eastern Afghanistan. The US military apologises and pays compensation to the families

    July 6, 2008
    47 civilians, including 39 women and children attending a wedding party, are killed by a US airstrike in Nangarhar province, an Afghan government investigating team claims

  3. 3 StefZ September 15, 2008 at 7:25 am

    The problem with Pyramids, of course, is that triangles are pretty common, everyday shapes anyway

    However, an all-seeing eye plonked on top and some spooky rays emanating from the ‘triangle’ are usually enough to satisfy me that I’m looking at a pyramid

    Here’s a personal favourite – an aerial view of Buckingham Palace…

    Six sided stars on money also appear to be popular – the new British £20 note being a cracking example, with a lovely Rothschild star sitting on top of the BoE building itself…

    The Masonic/ Occultish symbolism crops up too often and in too many high profile places not to be of some significance; on our money and in the floorplans and landmarks of our capital cities

    What fascinates me is that if you point some of this stuff out to other people, even the most undeniable examples such as the design of the dollar bill, it is generally you not the fruitloops responsible for this nonsense who runs the risk of being branded a nutcase

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