Mad MaxK appreciation society.

In my previous post, Outrageously stupid,  I included a quality recent Interview between Shulie Goash and Max Keizer on Al JAzeera English. I’ve admired Max for some time now having first come across him on Al-Jazeera English.

However, I’ve never really ‘looked him up’ before.

Wanting to know more about Max, I tried to Wiki him. Nothing! In fact I got a report saying his wiki has been deleted!! I did however find Max’s website.

I recommend it for Maxists everywhere. His humour comes through even on the site as one of his featured pics shows…

1 Response to “Mad MaxK appreciation society.”

  1. 1 john rodger January 17, 2012 at 8:26 pm

    thanks max people like you do my heart good and give me hope.keep kickin:)

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