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Hugos mistake



I admire none but a few. In that tiny set, you can find Hugo Chavez. The pace of reform may be slower than our impatience expects and Venezuela may still have many problems, but his transformation into a country for all from a country of the elite, is glorious history in the making.


I express my admiration and hope for Chavez and the Venezuelan people to my father and he cautions me. “When Mugabe came to prominence, I greatly admired him, his struggles and his aims. Now look at him. Power corrupts l’d keep an eye on Chavez.” says my father whose wisdom always makes me feel I will never achieve par.


I tempestuously dismiss his wisdom and believe Hugo is different, despite a residual feeling of unease that my father saw potential problems unlike me.


But the fact of the matter is that Chavez’s multiple successful election into office speaks for itself. His solidarity with Ecuador, Bolivia and Cuba in the face of aggressive neoconazi US policy and the US vassal Colombia, strengthens the Bolivarian spirit inside those still with souls.


But what Hugo did the othe day is a big mistake.


On September 18 008, Venezuela expelled human rights watch staff José Miguel Vivanco and Daniel Wilkinson after they held a press conference criticising aspects of Chavez’s government.


HRW statement: Venezuela: Human Rights Watch Delegation Expelled


It does not matter if people protest HRW issued a politicised report, because critical analysis and reflection upon it, is an essential part of a healthy society. If the report was wrong the government should take effort to contest it.


Banning critical elements in ANY society has invariably proven to encourage a slide into corruption and fascism.


Venezuela is not such a society but with each expulsion the road to fascism widens and beckons its traveller more greater vigour.


HRW Report: A Decade Under Chávez


NGO’s reporting on the problems of ones society is something to be welcomed. Those problems which have been identified can then be acted against. If this silly blog manages to reach the ears of officials and friends of comrade Chavez, please advise against this course for action.



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