Vaccine Nation

While in the mood for getting some actual information about vaccines (try asking your doctor for an intelligent fact based discussion about vaccination. Time how long it is until he calls the police) I downloaded another documentary. This one is called Vaccine Nation (website: by Gary Null PhD.

Once again, it reveals that what we are told about vaccines is a gross fabrication of the facts. One particular aspect of the documentary was raised this kind of question: Why do we have to accept the deaths of thousands of babies and the possible crippling of many thousands more (the autism figure was put at approximately 1/150 kids! That’s HUGE!) for the supposed good of the rest of the population? Where is the freedom to choose what parents think is right, especially given that the vaccines were said NOT to give life long immunity. Also this old Herculean point:

Why are the parents of vaccinated children putting pressure on the parents of – children, when the parents of kids who received their shots should be immune from any infectious disease? Isn’t it because they are somehow aware that despite their kid having a vaccine they can and will (this is born out in statistics presented in the previous post in the documentary “Are Vaccines Safe?“) get the infection too. In fact given the proportion of vaccinated kids who fall sick at the outbreak of infectious disease, seems higher than non-vaccinated kids.

In my personal opinion, vaccines are a death trap. If you want to vaccinate your kids, I hope you have researched the possible negative consequences. I hope your child has no problem and thank God if it no problems result.

And please don’t overlook the claim that vaccines were introduced when infectious diseases were already showing a large decline in number infected. To me, nutrition and better hygieneand sanitatin standards are the key to disease prevention and actually cure.

Non-vaccinated kids can still bring their kids to a hospital in the event of a medical emergency to treat their symptoms if necessary. Painful as it is, it does seem like natural exposure to diseases is better. We can take a look at the microscopic world as a great example this principle. Bacteria have for years been subjected to numerous chemical attack by mankind. We are told bacteria have become resistant to these chemicals. I think Humans gain resistive strength on exposure to infectious agents.

It’s your call. 

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