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LOL & BlowJo tells us not to attack city chiefs..

LOL at Postman Patel’s pic…


Here’s BlowJo in action…

Pic featured on Yahoo News
Pic featured on Yahoo News

BlowJo in action

 Earlier this year, London elected a new Mayor. They told Mr Livingston they wanted a different kind of BlowJo (or BoJo as some people insist on calling Boris Johnson)

Livingstone I presume, being the product of genetic splicing between a selection of 4 year old prunes and a washed up jellyfish was gutted and is now bringing neoLabourism to the poor people of Venezuela. Let’s hope that their trains and buses don’t start exploding surrounded by an ocean of suspicious reported events, and on these modes of transport, I reccommend Venezuelan people take their own CCTV pics as the official ones aren’t likely to work either.
Anyway, BlowJo has warned Brown (stuff) not to attack City financiers. {or else BlobJo would do Brown –  presumably!)
“No matter how much you may resent those masters of the universe, my friends there are plenty of other parts of the universe that would welcome them and the jobs they would bring.”  – ibid
London without tea boys, litter louts who shout a lot and wear pantomice jackets, and bicycle couriers would be a loss too far. Jobs are very important to Blowjo. He’s supposedly willing to anything for a job. No job will ever pass him by unperturbed.
For some reason, BlowJo is popular amongst the tory party, and to show their love, they didn’t give him one, but two standing ovulations! Blowjo did, yes indeed, he jackulated how Arnie the Terminator ridiculed Blowjo’s speech last year (Arnie erected not to come this year) “Your crap” say sources associated with Arnie, best known for his cyber role in the Termination series.
Blowjo joked that even a monosyllable deadpan Austrian who has a taste for dictatorship found his speech crap, but got his revenge in saying Arnie’s penis was only  cm long. Just how Blojo knew isn’t quite known but other sources close to the “living flash over metal endoskelteon”, say amongst other explanations, Arnie has a small one ‘cos he was a body builder.
The climax of what Blowjo said probably came before the end, when he said:
“There is justifiable fury at some of the bankers who flogged these mortgages but it worries me when I hear a Labour government – a Labour government that inflated the bubble, that stoked the debt, that schmoozed the financiers, that shamelessly slaughtered sacred socialist cows on the smoky temple of Mammon – suddenly deciding that it would be popular to punish the capitalists and to bring in new regulations to fetter the banks.” – ibid
BlowJo lived up to the elevated status of Con Don, care of the faithful, and didn’t spash out the words “Typical Labour party, always stealing our policies, although the words were suppoed to be included in the original text but were withdrawn at the last possible moment.

Don’t look now, Hazel Blears, neoLabour MP’s pre-parliamentary career exposed

Don’t look now, Hazel Blears, neoLabour MP’s pre-parliamentary career revaled… She was a one hit wonder movie star…

Background to this post: Despite scores of better things to do, I was counting the typos’ on my post about Question Time which I posted a couple of days ago, and something suddenly popped into my head. No, SO19 hadn’t decided to pay me a visit, instead, an artistic idea came to mind when I saw my previous art featuring ‘Hazel Beers’.

I scurried elsewhere on the web and created my art. I got second doubts, “that’s just plain mean lw. You can’t attack people just becasue of the way they look.” I said to myself. I deleted my artwork in shame. Soon afterwards, another thing came to mind “Maybe she deserves it?” so I skipped along to and read Ms. Blears’s parliamentary summary. Boy oh boy did she deserve it!

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