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Video: Are Vaccines Safe – a MUST watch


lwtc247: This video is excellent. As is it’s main presenter, Mary Tocco (her website is here) It builds significntly upon the information I personally have come across before. Vaccines have a large bearing on my life. You really should watch this. It’s 2.5 hours but well worth the time. There are a number of medical professionals as well as concerned parents who are learning, ultimately concluding that vaccines are unsafe. I am one. I will avoid vaccines until the concerns addressed in this video are sufficiently addressed.

Title: Are Vaccines Safe ? – Features Well Cited Works on the Subject! 158 min – Jan 25, 2008 –     
(204 Ratings) –  (204 Ratings)

Synopsis: Two and a half hour presentation, is well researched and presented. Find out how they made it & the LIES about MERCURY Free vacines. At the end a medical doctor discusses how he gave his child a vaccine and it caused him to have severe autism. He vowed never to vaccinate himself or his family ever again after FINDING out the TRUTH!


It doesn’t happen often, but when people try to reassure me of the safety of vaccines, they have don’t argue it from a scientific standpoint. that is not surprising because not many people are scientists, not that you have to be a scientist to have a valid opinion or knowledge on the subject of course, but such non-science people are likely to hit a knowledge wall pretty quickly as the discussion plays out.

But even if they are scientists, virtually all of them cannot discuss vaccines in any scientific manner other than in a very fascicle manner. Again not surprising because most scientists don’t research information about vaccines. But those who can discuss it from a scientific pov, e.g. Medial doctors, usually do so from a twisted angle, defending the ‘established’ wisdom without any reference or consideration to any counter-argument raising questions about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. That too isn’t so shocking either, as the video above suggests vaccines don’t help with anything.

With the science side in the discussion bin, protagonists end up saying things like “my child had the vaccine and he didn’t get sick” wilfully failing to admit they have no way of knowing any the long term damage, and that other children are on record of getting sick, sometimes going into shock and dying! When you express your scepticism of vaccines and your inability to accept their silly and baseless support of vaccines, they get angry and end up insulting you.

The MMR vaccination was suspected of causing Autism. I should say at this point, the UK govt has commissioned reports which apparently concluded it was safe, but I cannot accept it. Anyway, in attempting shift blame for autism from people, you hear the claim the cases of autism rose because of better diagnostic techniques.
A technique to diagnose any disease, autism included, would become established and widespread knowledge amongst the medical profession within months to possibly a year max. That would have caused a spike in figures, followed by a levelling off. That the figures keep rising is either going to be because there are successive methods of diagnosis being developed, and there aren’t. OR there is actually something out there that is responsible for the increase {or a mixture of both – Note: I’m assuming variations in the number of patients seen per doctor is insignificant}

It also doesn’t address the issue of parents who blame vaccines for their Childs autism, seem to do so because the child was normal up to a point, then, on vaccination, developed autistic symptoms. The sudden change in behaviour and function is clearly distinguishable to ANY parent.
In the video, it states a horrifying figure… 1 in every 49(?) children are affected by Autism! If true, I find that figure difficult to contemplate. Now you can’t tell me that before any new revolutionary change in diagnosis that 1/49 children couldn’t be seen to have autism. Autism is a noticeable condition. It is visible irrespective of whether a diagnosis or diagnoses have come to fruition in recent years.

A scientific person reasonably close to this area of vaccines was a staunch supporter them. She said her child was vaccinated against measles, but actually ended up getting measles. So the vaccine didn’t work I said. She replied “The doctor said it would have been a lot worse if the child wasn’t vaccinated, but there is no way the doctor can make this statement, and the doctor didn’t address how he was initially wrong that by vaccinating the child previously, then the child wouldn’t catch measles.

The video contains information similar to my personal experience above. Please watch it or d/l it. The citizen activism Mary demonstrates is deeply admirable and far more reasoned on the subject of vaccinations than ANY advocate has honked out over the years.

I side with Mary’s position about Immune and that is immune development from a more natural perspective. Mary saiys ”There is no system in the human body which strengthens by avoiding challenges, only through overcoming them.” – She’s right. Brain function, cardio-vascular, even bones (Rooney’s metatarsal’s injury pre world cup 2006 featured a report or two about strengthening the bones in the foot. Jumping up and down was given as a way to do that) (vaccine info site) – contains videos
e.g. the Autism Autoimmunity project.



Them’s darn bad cameras

Press Assoc. – 2 hours 51 minutes ago(++)

Footage of Jean Charles de Menezes travelling on a bus just minutes before he was shot dead by police was shown to an inquest jury on Wednesday.


The CCTV images were captured as the 27-year-old Brazilian travelled to work from his south London home.

The grainy pictures showed Mr de Menezes wearing a blue denim jacket and black T-shirt as he boarded the number two bus in Tulse Hill.

Several minutes later the cameras captured an undercover surveillance officer, known only as Ivor, sitting a few seats in front of him.

In Brixton, a council street camera recorded Mr de Menezes getting off the bus in the High Street.

Mr de Menezes can be seen among a large crowd of people opposite Brixton Tube station, which he found was closed.

He is then caught on camera again as he re-boarded the bus and sat upstairs for the short journey to Stockwell.

But the third day of the inquest into his death heard that other cameras on the bus, Stockwell Tube station and the train were faulty.

Steve Reynolds, of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), said no footage was recorded for a variety of reasons.

He said engineers found excessive vibrations prevented several cameras on the bus recording fully.

—>  LWTC247: A Refund perhaps? P.S. Prior to Menezez’ execution, (or as the BBC lies says ‘accidently shot’) Nobody ever reviewed camera footage, so no vibration problem ever observed, becasue there no vibration peoblem ever occured. But by pure coincidence, on 7/7 and 22/7 the camera’s experienced anomalous ‘issues’. Fancy that. 


Video : American Dream Debt & Delusion

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Hugos mistake



I admire none but a few. In that tiny set, you can find Hugo Chavez. The pace of reform may be slower than our impatience expects and Venezuela may still have many problems, but his transformation into a country for all from a country of the elite, is glorious history in the making.


I express my admiration and hope for Chavez and the Venezuelan people to my father and he cautions me. “When Mugabe came to prominence, I greatly admired him, his struggles and his aims. Now look at him. Power corrupts l’d keep an eye on Chavez.” says my father whose wisdom always makes me feel I will never achieve par.


I tempestuously dismiss his wisdom and believe Hugo is different, despite a residual feeling of unease that my father saw potential problems unlike me.


But the fact of the matter is that Chavez’s multiple successful election into office speaks for itself. His solidarity with Ecuador, Bolivia and Cuba in the face of aggressive neoconazi US policy and the US vassal Colombia, strengthens the Bolivarian spirit inside those still with souls.


But what Hugo did the othe day is a big mistake.


On September 18 008, Venezuela expelled human rights watch staff José Miguel Vivanco and Daniel Wilkinson after they held a press conference criticising aspects of Chavez’s government.


HRW statement: Venezuela: Human Rights Watch Delegation Expelled


It does not matter if people protest HRW issued a politicised report, because critical analysis and reflection upon it, is an essential part of a healthy society. If the report was wrong the government should take effort to contest it.


Banning critical elements in ANY society has invariably proven to encourage a slide into corruption and fascism.


Venezuela is not such a society but with each expulsion the road to fascism widens and beckons its traveller more greater vigour.


HRW Report: A Decade Under Chávez


NGO’s reporting on the problems of ones society is something to be welcomed. Those problems which have been identified can then be acted against. If this silly blog manages to reach the ears of officials and friends of comrade Chavez, please advise against this course for action.



Honourary reference:



Mad MaxK appreciation society.

In my previous post, Outrageously stupid,  I included a quality recent Interview between Shulie Goash and Max Keizer on Al JAzeera English. I’ve admired Max for some time now having first come across him on Al-Jazeera English.

However, I’ve never really ‘looked him up’ before.

Wanting to know more about Max, I tried to Wiki him. Nothing! In fact I got a report saying his wiki has been deleted!! I did however find Max’s website.

I recommend it for Maxists everywhere. His humour comes through even on the site as one of his featured pics shows…

Outrageously stupid.

Update: Newsnight might have underestimated the scale of the derivatives scam: “Derivatives Trade Soars To Record $681Trillionwrites Michael Shedlock, December 11, 2007, quoting a bloomberg published report  Bank for International Settlements [BIS]

Due to numerous distractions, it’s take a couple of days to write this. If what I say here is old hat then sorry.

Still from Newsnight (BBC2)’s program on Credit
Default Swaps (see refs below and please watch Alez Ritsons
excellent and worrying report on the matter) showing the
astounding level of these corrupt derivatives present in the
market’ today. Source reads: ISDA – see later.

I’ve been a wee bit angry of late about all this HIDEOUS FRAUD that’s been going on in the financial ‘markets’. In ye olde times, a market was a place where principally goods (but also some services) could be bought and sold. A market today is just an impression of Ladbrooks.

One of the things get really got my goat recently is the mantra that: “We have to rescue these banks to be done to stave off collapse” – ‘Collaspe of what’ I ask? Are you referring to the collapse of the financial fraud mechanisms? Mechanisms by their very nature made us end up here??? We need to preserve that?????? Is it so crazy to suggest we shouldn’t preserve that? Let the scummy banks collapse. Screw them! Let anyone whose mortgage is with a bank that’s gonna die, keep their house, teach the pigging banks a lesson.


Why not punish these frigging banks for the crap they have done, are doing and will do in the future? And for those who engaged in speculation, take back their corrupt wealth. Leave them with enough savings to match the national average and tell them to get the hell out of our eyescans. Anyone who dealt with speculation w.r.t. consumables/food, do the same to them, but sling their arses into the countryside to start producing food rather than destroying it.

liquification injections.

If the ECB, Fed, CBJ and other central banks can coordinate to (get this…)inject liquidity” then surely they can coordinate a global purge of speculators. But to move on, where did all this ‘liquidity’ come from and what exactly is it made of? –beware of what your told– Pure (non-financial) speculation here, but is it likely all this ‘liquidity’ (assuming it was cash) was piled high in the corner of some kind of vault, doing nothing, just waiting for something like this to happen which amounts to the tune of hundreds of billions? No, of course not. That is most unlikely indeed. What is likely is that what we see now with the bailout/injection-central-bank-mechanism, it’s just the latest (and probably the last) bubble.

The bubble is the corporealization by utter pretencethat everything is all right. Yip, it’s YET ANOTHER CONFIDENCE SCAM, like all the financial scams before it. You see, if the public perception is that everything OK, people won’t withdraw their money and won’t sell their shares. Should TPTB manage to succeed they just might get away with it. I mean who’s to know? if this injection is genuine or not? The Bush, Paulson, Bernake,  Brown and Darling brigade are just like the orchestra and the officer class on the Titanic. They play the dulcet tones of firm action to try and make the passengers think everything’s OK while they go around proclaiming it’s unsinkable.


What we do know is that this capitalism crap has proved to be a misery on the world. It’s something that only benefits a few who lets be honest, couldn’t give a rats gonad about you, your family or you life in general.

Lets take a quick look: Japans economy has been pants for ages. It offers zero (or near zero) interest rates. It is said large amounts of Yen have been borrowed to purchase tangible profitable assets overseas making for nice little earners. Now we being ‘told’ (be careful!) the ‘market’ is now more liquid and banks can start lending to another again… {remember: so they can continue to do exactly the same crap as they did before}.

Germany’s economy’s been poor for while, The UK’s isn’t go great and the US is… well lets just say the Iraqi resistance have something else to cheer about.

Although the Fed is a private bank and the BoE pretends hard not to be, why would they be willing to shove their private wealth into bolstering the financial system we know is is a heap if crap? It’s pretty likely it’s going ot be for one reason and one reason only – that is because it’s in their interests to do so. That interest will be to preserve their wealth and status an/or offer the chance of enhancing those privileged positions. They aren’t doing it for our benefit at all, other than to stave off any revolt by the ordinary class, but that’s as likely to happen as Tony bLiar telling the truth. Revolution is still a long, LONG way off, so we are looking at motives of financial furtherance here, and in the same way it was us who helped them achieve that status, sadly it will be us once more who help them maintain and strengthen that position in the coming years.

As for the banks and the gambling pits or Investment houses as they call themselves, portraying a venir of respectability, their intertwined packages of bets and gambles, unpacked, rearranged repackaged bets are set to be expunged. Resetting the mileometer so to speak. Basically all the dirty deals are washed clean and will be forgotten about. There is no way (in effect) buying all this bad debt will ever pay off.

AIG was kept afloat because of it’s it is a great money collector selling basically nothing (insurance it cannot assure) and can suck in peoples money for nothing in return. Insurance and for the great unwashed is a great way to take their money off them, especially when in countries like the UK it is illegal not to have some forms of insurance. And you can bet in the near-future, if any claims get to big, the ravenous wolverine lawyers will be dispatched to deal with any claimants should they be unable to find some clause (font size 3) in their small print, or failing that just declare themselves bankrupt (see financial ‘product’ innovation below)

Duckman Max tells it how it is. US $ is worth bananas!
Max I love you (In a heterosexual matey kinda way)


Financial ‘product’ innovation:

Robert Pickel, CEO International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA), in Interview on Newsnight about regulation[see link below], calls credit default swaps ‘products’ and says doesn’t want regulation because there are “sufficient regulations in place.” He continues:

The unregulated status is something we advocate as an organization, is that there are sufficient protections [he means regulation] in place and that another layer of regulation will add cost and reduce innovation [!!!] in the market place, and that’s not a good thing

– What? You don’t agree? You mean the 110,000 jobs to go at AIG’s UK arm is more important than investment brokers? What are you??? Bonkers or something? {sarcasm}

Board member 1: I want to buy this company that shows great potential for profitability.
BM2: But the cost of the loan we’d need to take on will bear heavily on our companies accounts. We many not be able to afford it.
BM1: It doesn’t matter. Look. The banks are desperately short of cash right now. They’d welcome any opportunity to make some money quickly. The published profits of the company we want to buy will be a very persuasive argument to the bank that we will be able to pay it off. If they are still worried, tell them we have a way of guaranteeing the loan. We take out a credit default swap policy on out loan and we will also sell one to the bank, the costs of which are Incorporated into the primary capital. Worst comes to worst, and our company struggles to pay, we either call in the swap and the bank can do so too nobody looses, and we can also cash in our personal CDS’s too. Just make sure you use your anonymous off-shores to do that. We don’t want the taxman sniffing his nose around. Not only that, we can derivatize the aquisition so if the purchase is profitable for our company, we win yet again.
All Board members: *collectively*   WOW !


Financial lobboxery on the MSM

Yesterday (Thursday) (or was it Friday? all my days are getting mixed up – no sleep you see), the miserable amateurish coverage of what’s happening on BBC World showed an interview with that most hickory of knobs, Alistair Darling, said something like…

We will act to preserve stability in a period of turmoil.” – WHAT??? Is he taking the piss? preserve stability in a period of turmoil. Which of course the fawning BBC let go into across the airwaves completely unchallenged as it almost always does.

The ‘pound-a-punnet pundits’ on the BBC were wheeled on in familiar style to treat us with yet more monstrously moronic manufactured mucal musings about the whole affair, explaining what had happened without actually explaining anything, all the time given free ride to spouse their drivel.

And that BBC presenter who was alongside Johnathan Charles. Geeezzz! She was like a fish out water (or a bank out of credit). She stuttered and stumbled to say anything, covering up her ignorance by nodding her head sporadically, gesticulating and saying ‘yes’ a lot.

For heavens sake.

It’s all pants.

When (if) the dust settles, There will be no change in the financial system. If capitalism is to be adhered to, Banks, inveztment houzez and members of the public will once again spend time and effort to look for the next scam that will earn them money, spending little or no time to really ask themselves who pays, not that it would have much effect on many who upon studying it, would realise engaging in such practices is essentially what keeps 3billion people on $2 or less a day.

My blood was boiling the other day and managed to stop me falling asleep in the middle of work, (it’s still pretty warm today) and I declared I was glad in a way I am glad that the fingers of some of the small fry would be burnt as their unthinking actions in depositing money in high return schemes end up in these scams, but I’m not holier than thou. I too have drunken from the poisoned chalice, as do those close to me, but as I’ve learned exactly what this ubiquitous global financial fraud does, I am engaged in detaching myself from it. I urge you all to do the same.

God bless.



Today Dateline London (Saturday BBC World) was on (Gavin Estler). 2 talking heads with him was Michael White of the Guardian and Daniel Hertzberg of the WSJ.

Estler said in regards to Bush’s spending on Fmay, Fmac and AIGsomething like "You can get away with it because of the war [the War OF Terror, War against Iraq and War against Afghanistan] and security" – WHAT? Who the hell mentioned that. The marraige of what the BBC tells us (therefore lobbox) are necessary bailouts is somehow linked to the war effort. Ester lets rotspeil run away with him at times (00:00 to 23:27).

Michael White amusingly said “Rosevelt in the 1930’s taking on Wall St, [Actually Michael, I think it was the FED] drove the money changers out of the temple on Friday, but they were back again monday morning”. Not so amusingly White said moments later “Gordon Brown stopped the poor getting worse, all the data backs it up” – What??? I hope Mr. Stains gets his old rival on that one, although Stains displays exactly the kind of crap I really dislike ate amongst the wheeling-dealing public, that is practically bragging about his activities in the market. I’ve heard a number of other tales of how economic bravado selling their shares and so on while the going was good, as if when the good times were on, what they were doing was ok, good even, displaying a respectible financial acumen. All without consequence of course. None of their money supplied the investment houses did it?

Hertzberg said “They are making it up as they go along” – that pleased me. Someone identifying the nonsensical bumpf, but then made me angry again when he said “How do we know when it gets better? When banks start lending to each other” – AAAGH! NOOO A return to the top of the maneur heap isn’t the way. That tired expression is just what the donkey has brayed out. Don’t follow the same rubbish in financial pundity. Use your frikken brains!

Is there nobody left sane? Isn’t there someone who is actually learning from all this?

Not that there’s a shortage of stuff to read on this topic, but here’s a few refernces and articles:


Credit Default Swaps – the next crisis?pt1  – Newsnights program. Youtube

Credit Default Swaps – the next crisis?pt2 – Newsnights program. Youtube

there is quite a few YouTube videos about CDS’s (in Mike Gasior)- check them out.

‘The World As We Know It Is Going Down’ – By: Marc Pitzke

China Blames Wall Street Meltdown On Fed Overissuance Of Currency
By: Paul Joseph Watson & Yihan Dai 
– Saving financial institutions at cost of taxpayer part of wider agenda to increase control over global economy, says Communist state media.



AIG’s Dangerous Collapse & A Credit Derivatives Risk Primer – By: Daniel R. Amerman


Ever wonder wonder about David Ickes disappearances?

Wonder no longer…

Remembering Sabra & Shatilla Massacre


Pic c/o

Remembering Sabra & Shatilla Massacre

By Mahmoud El-Yousseph
September 14, 2008

Sabra and Shatilla are two Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut, Lebanon where over two thousand Palestinians were massacred during three days in September 1982 by hundreds of Lebanese Phalange and Haddad militiamen with the aid and support of the Israeli Defense Forces…. more HERE

 “I saw dead women in their houses with their skirts up to their waists and their legs spread apart; dozens of young men shot after being lined up against an ally wall; children with their throats slit, a pregnant woman with her stomach chopped open, her eyes still wide open, her blackened face silently screaming in horror; countless babies and toddlers who had been stabbed or ripped apart and who had been thrown into garbage piles”…  Source



Extract above from this source.
Quote from Here
Further reading:







Raja Petra, ISA and the BBC’s sneeky journalism


AFP pic of Raja Petra as used on the BBC website

AFP pic of Raja Petra as used on the BBC website

The Malaysian blogger, Raja Petra (which on a point of trivia, probably means he’s related to the Malaysian royal family in the North East of the county)  has a site called Malaysia today. It is very critical of the Malaysian government.

In an article by the BBC we are informed of Raja Petra’s detention under the countries ISA law. At the side of the page, Malaysia Today is the first link under the “RELATED INTERNET LINKS ” section. The link to Malaysia Today is fair enough, we’d expect an organisation which never tires telling us how good and impartial (!) it is, to live up to that once in a while and give a balance or reasonable discussion in it’s reports. Although solely in regard to their filed reportz, I must say, I’ve never seen one that doesn’t discuss Malaysia in anything other than in a negative light. It’s worth bearing in mind that there may actually be ‘favourable’ reports, but I’ve never seen a single one!

Raja Petra is challenging the the Malaysian ruling class – which is known for also being heavily intertwined with the business class. As such, Petra’s activities are to be welcomed (if legitimate). Critique of any power structure (including and especially anything calling itself Islamic) is in my opinion an essential part of a healthy society.

But when it comes to SOME news stories the BBC’s impartiality goes out of the fake, self declared window!

Disagree? Look up a selection of BBC Newz articles about 7-7 and 9-11. See how many times they link to  and You’re going to be sadly disappointed. I saw a link to loose change but guess what? It linked to google video, not their website at (which weirdly now directs to some blog)

But it’s not just that. When did you last see a link to etc.

Answer: You probably didn’t and you probably wouldn’t.

Like the tactics of the British empire of old, the BBC is (intentionally or not)pursuing a line of ‘divide and conquer’ whereby it appears to encourage dissent/strife abroad (Russia, Malaysia, Sudan etc) which strangely happens to correspond with the British government foreign policy, but when that dissent relates to serious British domestic issues and British/occidental centres of power, the BBC vividly practices self-censorship against alternative streams of information.

This makes made the think once more about “BBC BLOGS” – Why do they exist? I’ve suggested one or two reasons in the past. In these blogs/forums you do find subjects like 9-11 and 7-7 getting a bit more of a discussion there, and that’s good, however in those ‘informal’ pages, you will find no links to things like the 9-11 and J7 truth campaigns (if you find one PLEASE let me know !) but it allows the BBC to claim that it has had an even handed approach to matters like the state sponsored terrorist actions of 9-11 and 7-7

I hope all Brits bin their TV, depriving the BBC the TAX which funds it. Its serious documentary works can largely be obtained on the internet, as can much more accurate factual and less prejudicial reports of stories around the world from different organisations.

Here’s hoping TPTB in the Malaysian government come to their senses and release Mr. Petra.

P.S. Please read John Pilgers latest article relating to the perverse (dictator director of BBC newz), Helen Boaden . The article is entitled: “A MURDEROUS THEATRE OF THE ABSURD

And on the subject of balance, here’s a zionist blogger saying

“BBC is trying to rewrite history by lying about Israel, spreading anti-semetic ideas, and make it appear that anyone that is willing to fight Radical Islam is clueless.”

in an article entitled: “BBC Lies About Bush Speech, Then Tries To Cover It Up” Give it a read see if he’s right and I’m wrong.


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Viva Palestina - break the siege

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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