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Another British establishment killer and liar – In Kabul

This particular nasty piece of work, is called Sherard Cowper-Coles.

A few months ago, he, with the help of the BBC’s John Simpson, was busy glossing over the mercyless slaughter of Afghan people, painting a rosy picture, like all imperialists do, that the occupying force in Afghanistan was something good, like cough mixture for a tickly throat.

That it was an illegal invasion – pah!

Legality isn’t important to these bastards.

 It wasn’t just Cowper-Coles who did his best to lie to you. ‘You, the people’ who pay his wages, acting in your name to deliver oblivion to afghans, people who mere hours before their doom, were happily playing hop-scotch and skipping rope games outside their houses. Jon Simpson was busy assisting Cowper-Coles lies by passing softball “questions”, helpfully avoiding all important issues of course, never showing an gram of anger on behalf of those sweet massacred innocents.

Aaah John Simpson, the elderly BBC jourrno sludge of over-inflated importance and stature. How many more junk reports will this man file before he finally stops getting in our eye-scans.

Anyway, accolades aside, you may remember watching that report too. It was quite drawn out. Here is the BBC website report of that ‘investigation’ Simpson made. In the report, Simpson fawns and calls Sherard a ‘big hitter’. Not such and inaccurate title. After all, dropping thousand pound bombs on the flesh and bones of kids is, as I’m sure you’ll agree, is indeed quite a big hit. Cowper-Coles says:

  “We are going to win this, but it’s going to take time. It’s a marathon rather than a sprint – we should be thinking in terms of decades.”

But now, the butcher of babies now admits Britain had no alternative but to support the United States, only this time he is reported to have said in a leaked French diplomatic memo “The American strategy is doomed to fail.

So he’s a liar. Join the que.

He cares as much about lying to you, as he does remorse about the corpses of kids his death kiss has scattered over vast tracts of Afghanistan.

Accomplace to Murder, Ian Bliar resigns. I feel sick. Do you?

Update: The sick continues: Friday 10th Oct 2008: Ken Livingstone told the BBC that Sir Ian was undermined by the media and his record in office did not justify his removal. – source
end of update


Feeling of sickness isn’t becasue he’s going. No, far from it. It’s because of all the crap that engulfs it.


“Gordon Brown went on to pay commend Sir Ian’s leadership at the time of the July 2005 suicide bomb attacks on London’s transport system.” source

Like the tribute “mass murdering SHIT” got (i.e. Tony Bliar) when MP’s (i.e. Murdering Pigs) – the adorants of his brain blitzing activities, stood up and applauded El diablo Gran Bretaña for his “work”, on stepping (being pushed?) down as PM and leader of the neoLabour regime.

His eerily named counterpart Ian Bliar, also a murdering shit, gets similar praise for his work. Oh I”m sure the family and friends of Jean Charles deMenezes would also be gutted that Mini-BLiar is going. How they will miss the tales that JC was a terrorist, that he jumped the barricades (without paying), that he was a cocaine user, etc… 

Let’s all hope collectively, that murdering filth like Tony and Ian Blair don’t spend much more time on this earth to do harm to countless other INNOCENT CIVILIANS.

Then they came for the Revisionists

First they came for the Monotheists
They slaughtered many and perverted our teachings, but alhamdulillah, we survive to this day.

Then they came for the resources.
Their ships heavy laden with gold and slaves, leaving behind plagues and musketeers to shoot those who resisted.

Then they came for the Republicans
They killed millions but we taught the monarchs a powerful lesson, we could crush them should they abuse our grace.

Then they came for the Revisionists
With toxic slurs designed to maintain the homogeneity of false accounts which supports their agenda.

But they failing, for we now know of their lies, their wickedness, and there is still some out there who will still speak out for me.

An Australian man, Dr. Gerald Fredrick Toben , is Arrested at London Heathrow because of a EU warrant in which Germany prosecutes people for thought crimes.  Deborah Lipstadt discounted the Jewish-skin lampshades and Jewish-fat soap lies, although strangely nobody ever traced the source of those lies. I believe she also challenges the 6m figure, like many other researchers and Jews do too. But the rules of the game don’t apply to some, merely to others. How can German fascist laws pertaining to thought crimes be allowed to exercised upon people in the UK?



Just to spite the Orwellien fascists, Here is Tobins website:

Here’s some others:
Norman Finklestein (who believes the historical record of the holocaust):

Press TV report:

Holocaust revisionist seized in London
Thu, 02 Oct 2008 05:42:07 GMT

Dr. Gerald Frederick Toben

An Australian Holocaust revisionist has been arrested in London for posting online materials denying mass killings of Jews in World War II.

Gerald Frederick Toben, a founder and director of the Holocaust denial Adelaide Institute, was arrested at Heathrow Airport, Australia’s ABC Radio reported.

The 64-year-old former school teacher was refused bail in London’s Westminster Magistrate’s court and is to appear again on Friday for an extradition hearing.

Toben, who is wanted by the District Court in Mannheim, Germany, was arrested under a European Union arrest warrant over publishing material on the internet of “an anti-Semitic and/or revisionist nature.”

Remanded in custody until the Friday’s session, he condemned his trial as an insult and “a done deal between Britain and Germany.”

Questioning the Holocaust is an offense in Germany where the deniers could face a jail term of up to five years.

Toben objected to the terms of the warrant and called an extradition order against Schengen agreement.

“This is an abuse of process. This is a legal ambush. It’s not British law where the individual still has freedoms,” he told the court.

“The Schengen agreement protected me. Britain has not the Holocaust denier laws that Germany has so they are slipping [this offence] in as a race hatred and cyber crime,” he added.

In 1999, Toben was sentenced to seven months in jail in Germany when he was seized en route from the US to Dubai. He has also served an 11-month sentence in Austria for his comments on what the Jewish society holds as gospel truth.

In 2006, Toben was a speaker at a two-day conference in Tehran which questioned the claims of Nazis’ war crimes in the Second World War and was also attended by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Born in Germany in June 1944, Toben is a PhD holder from the University of Stuttgart and has authored eight books.


If the information in those or some of those antiZion sites is wrong, then good, glad you’ve found errors, now challenge them and prove them wrong. But screw you if you just throw people in jail for daring to think and speek differently. Why should anyone swallow the unfounded stories that are used to whitewash the Hideous theft and genocide of the Palestinian people. And if some of the people who write that stuff are Nazi sympathisers or whatever, that in no way nullifies what they write or any facts they pay publish. Your thought crime fascism doesn’t wash sonny jim.













Separated at birth – episode7

Difference is, the ally of one wasn’t involved with international arms smuggling.

Now if it had been Iran that had done this… Well…


Deeply frustrated at the plethora of Grimer Wormtongues on the corporate Mainstram Media (MSM), I decided to look on the web for shining beacons of real financial analysis.

I wasn’t disappointed:

The US Dollar Crisis (Nov 2007!) Kjetil A. Eilertsen uploaded by fyrstikken


Update: Wouldn’t you know it? Kjetil’s a Norwegian loon. Yes, loonitis has spread to Norway.


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From 2008 – Global Food Crisis 1m17s


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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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