Another British establishment killer and liar – In Kabul

This particular nasty piece of work, is called Sherard Cowper-Coles.

A few months ago, he, with the help of the BBC’s John Simpson, was busy glossing over the mercyless slaughter of Afghan people, painting a rosy picture, like all imperialists do, that the occupying force in Afghanistan was something good, like cough mixture for a tickly throat.

That it was an illegal invasion – pah!

Legality isn’t important to these bastards.

 It wasn’t just Cowper-Coles who did his best to lie to you. ‘You, the people’ who pay his wages, acting in your name to deliver oblivion to afghans, people who mere hours before their doom, were happily playing hop-scotch and skipping rope games outside their houses. Jon Simpson was busy assisting Cowper-Coles lies by passing softball “questions”, helpfully avoiding all important issues of course, never showing an gram of anger on behalf of those sweet massacred innocents.

Aaah John Simpson, the elderly BBC jourrno sludge of over-inflated importance and stature. How many more junk reports will this man file before he finally stops getting in our eye-scans.

Anyway, accolades aside, you may remember watching that report too. It was quite drawn out. Here is the BBC website report of that ‘investigation’ Simpson made. In the report, Simpson fawns and calls Sherard a ‘big hitter’. Not such and inaccurate title. After all, dropping thousand pound bombs on the flesh and bones of kids is, as I’m sure you’ll agree, is indeed quite a big hit. Cowper-Coles says:

  “We are going to win this, but it’s going to take time. It’s a marathon rather than a sprint – we should be thinking in terms of decades.”

But now, the butcher of babies now admits Britain had no alternative but to support the United States, only this time he is reported to have said in a leaked French diplomatic memo “The American strategy is doomed to fail.

So he’s a liar. Join the que.

He cares as much about lying to you, as he does remorse about the corpses of kids his death kiss has scattered over vast tracts of Afghanistan.


3 Responses to “Another British establishment killer and liar – In Kabul”

  1. 1 antireptilian October 3, 2008 at 7:16 am


    I had to chuckle. Your wording is great, and yes The BBC is full of it, just for clarity, i mean crap.

    On the BBC “have your say” recently, they asked the question “can the bailout plan be salvaged”. This is just another in a long line of journalistic slant… perhaps thats not accurate enough…..deliberate misreporting of current news.

    The question should have been, should the bailout bill be salvaged. they go on to ignore the content glossing over the obvious faults, and deliberatly ignore rational case for rejection.

    Last night in an interview with a “no voting” congressman, it was clear that they could not argue the facts and went on to attack Ad Hominem the mans character.. to the point where the interviewee thanked the reporter for the insult.

    You cannot take the BBC’s word for anything. They are bought and paid for minions of the elite scumclass.


  2. 2 lwtc247 October 3, 2008 at 1:42 pm

    Indeed, as readers of know, the BBC has played a highly significant role in driving us down the road to a totalitarian state, the lives we extinguish alone the way, causes us annoyance in that they couldn’t be killed with greater ease and lesser expense.

    I agree, the BBC asks the wrong questions and it is deliberate. I would go further however – rather wanting them to ask “should the bailout bill be salvaged” it would make me feel happier if the question was “Will the bill be able to bail us out?”

    Humm… I’m glad you like the wording but I’m going to change it as it needs improving.

    I read a report somewhere that say Have your say is, a bit like their phone-ins, rigged!

  3. 3 lwtc247 October 3, 2008 at 2:06 pm

    OK. wording improved (?).

    Speaking of, coincidentally their cover page reads as follows…

    october 2, 2008 INTELLECTUAL CLEANSING: PART 1
    Keeping The Media Safe For Big Business
    Martin Tierney is one of a tiny number of mainstream journalists willing to review our book, ‘Guardians of Power’. In June 2006, he published an accurate outline of our argument in the Herald, commenting: “It stands up to scrutiny.”

    He added that we “do not see conscious conspiracy but a ‘filter system maintained by free market forces.’ After all it wouldn’t be appropriate to show the limbs of third world children during Thanksgiving as it would only remind consumers who was really being stuffed.” (

    Exactly so. But if no conspiracy is involved, how on earth does the market manage to filter dissident views with such consistency? As baffled Channel 4 news reader, Jon Snow, told us:

    “Well, I’m sorry to say, it either happens or it doesn’t happen. If it does happen, it’s a conspiracy; if it doesn’t happen, it’s not a conspiracy.” (Interview with David Edwards, January 9, 2001; articles/interviews/jon_snow.php)

    In 1996, Noam Chomsky attempted to explain to an equally bemused Andrew Marr (then of the Independent):

    Marr: “This is what I don’t get, because it suggests – I mean, I’m a journalist – people like me are ‘self-censoring’…”

    Chomsky: “No – not self-censoring. There’s a filtering system that starts in kindergarten and goes all the way through and – it doesn’t work a hundred percent, but it’s pretty effective – it selects for obedience and subordination, and especially…”

    Marr: “So, stroppy people won’t make it to positions of influence…”

    Chomsky: “There’ll be ‘behaviour problems’ or… if you read applications to a graduate school, you see that people will tell you ‘he doesn’t get along too well with his colleagues’ – you know how to interpret those things.”

    Chomsky’s key point:

    “I’m sure you believe everything you’re saying. But what I’m saying is, if you believed something different you wouldn’t be sitting where you’re sitting.” (The Big Idea, BBC2, February 14, 1996; php?e=news&id=4&lang=0)

    So what happens when a professional journalist does express “something different”? Is their office seat just yanked away from them and rolled under a more reliable rear end?

    Consider the case of our reviewer, Martin Tierney, who wrote for the Saturday Herald for seven years. In August, Tierney reviewed Barbara Ehrenreich’s book Going To Extremes (Granta, 2008). With his usual uncompromising vim, he wrote:


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