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Petition in formulation against a possible decision by government to take citizens gold in context of the global financial crisis

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The US govt pulled out all the stops to sell nuclear technology to India so that India can pay for it in Rupees. Oh yeah! Have some more coffee! Please…

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The governments ignoral of the February 2003 protests, in which millions took to the streets to say in advance, “NO” to bombing Iraq were totally ignored. And it’s been in my mind recently after making this post. I’m beginning to think the same will happen if we register our protests against them thieving our gold. They don’t give a stuff about people, especially people with different views to their own. If the petition goes ahead, they will have a pre-made list of people who are likely to possess gold. So I think the petition would not be worth it.

The wars that the US has breathed upon many countries in the last 50 years or so, have taught us a valuable lesson – that of guerrilla /assymetric war. I think the same tactics should be employed against tyrannical empires – this time, in terms of stopping the government once again robbing us once more, this time by issuing fake demands/orders that we hand over OUR gold. I’m a target already, I accept that. I popped my head above ground and Saurons eye has spotted me. I don’t care in this case but, others will.


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We have seen huge plunges in the Dow and FTSE AFTER $700bln of taxpayers money was used to cover the intertwined debts of the oppressive capitalist system. Today, the BBC main page sports this:

No prizes for guessing these “leaders” have discussed swiping your gold to prop up their economies. Of course if you’re a slave to fraudulent paper money of no intrinsic value whatsoever, none of this should bother you. If however, you smart enough to realise trying to secure your hard earned savings is best achieved by the acquirement of gold, then you should be aware of the possibility that governments will try and steal gold from you as they have done before. I advise you to resist. The fraudsters have proven that they aren’t working in your interests at all. The need to finalise wording and tell these people we will NOT accept the theft of our gold, or other essential possessions, moves a step closer.

Thank you.

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There’s talk of gold afoot and also ‘this  is the big one’ [economic crash]

Discussions include historical accounts when the US government tried to force people to had over their gold.

If this crisis is the big one, then it’s my opinion that gold based economics is going to be necessary to recreate a system of market economics. I believe that system will once again primarily benefit a wealthy clique amongst society, have little benefit for the middle class and cause even greater death and destruction amongst the lower class and poor across the whole planet.

 Any attempt by the government to bring about this new system sees the possibility that the govt will once again try and thieve our gold.

 I believe in times of crisis, people should simply REFUSE to hand over gold in private possession, especially given the history of previous acts and the macro economics which has occurred ever since. We have absolutely no obligation to have our savings used in such a disgraceful manner. I strongly encourage others to oppose a government recall, and by letting the government know of our intention, I hope to dissuade them from ever trying.

 Hence I am considering making a petition calling on the govt not to consider such a move.

 Would anyone support such a move? Could people pass the petition around? Does anyone have any good wording they think would be helpful to such a petition.?

 — PLEASE  see comments section for suggestions as to the wording of the petition and discussions on it. Thank you. —




 P.S. Due to Patriot act I & II, make sure u don’t leave your gold in a bank !!!!…


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