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I finally remembered the website that brought me much needed comical relief a number of years back…

Here it is. Enjoy.

Not needless to say, the anti-religious stuff shows a rather stunted knowledge, but that’s freedom of speech for ya. The rough comes with the smooth.

Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam – RIP

I’ve deliberately limited myself from commentating on Singapore and the other surrounding countries for quite some time, simply because I’m British and what happens in the ‘powerhouse’ i.e. the island of Britain, is more significant, in general terms to what the West is doing, and therefore the consequential global ripples. This is one occasion where that abstinence is allowed to fall asleep.

Singapore's Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam



Foreword by one of lwtc247’s friends : Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam {Ed: (profile here – wiki) he was often called JBJ, (JBJ article on ‘Singapore Dissident’ blog here)} sacrificed his profession , personal wealth for a cause he believed in – didn’t get things on a silver platter! He may not have realised his dream but he has inspired others to take on big brother in Singapore.

On JBJ’s passing, the countries current PM, Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong, wrote a letter to expresses ‘condolence’ to JB’s family  members. Here’s an analysis of it…

The first paragraph was scornfully presented in the form of an adversarial epitaph, casting the deceased as a political spoiler whose apparent mission was to ‘demolish’ the institution and its products to ! which Le e and his political clan relate to. Short of an opulent itemised elaboration as only such justice could then be accorded to Mr Jeyaretnam, Lee summarily judged the deceased to have been a destructive political force for Singapore . Lee’s description of Mr Jeyaretnam’s ‘dogged tenacity’ contains a thick suffusion of hereditary malice reminiscent of the dark unrestrained personal hatred Lee’s politician father Lee Kuan Yew once liberally emanated through epithets on Mr Jeyaretnam as ‘mangy dog’ among other unrefined lyrical utterance.

If Lee had meant to demonstrate subtle vindictiveness through a mighty show of disgraceful and uncouth avidness to carry on a fight with a lifeless man through an undoubtedly ungentlemanly display, he has aced his effort. But those words have no place in a condolence, not even by the thinnest stretch of Cambridge teaching. A bit of Harvard courtesy would have infused a semblance of human civility into what Lee passed off as a condolence.

Even a wretched goon knows when to put away the switchblade. Lee has a psychopathic attitude problem.

The second paragraph was over-the-top patronising not unlike the posture adopted by a certain lofty late eighteenth-century French king to his modest subjects begging for crumbs. And that is to say nothing of the complete irrelevance of the content to the occasion. But again as was in the preceding paragraph, the need for Lee to establish the position of the PAP as subduer, and for the two successors of Mr Jeyaretnam to reacquaint with that indelible humiliation, probably has its roots in the ‘Magnificent Mentoring’ of Lee’s father who once purportedly swore in rage that Mr Jeyaretnam would be made to ‘crawl on his bended knees, and beg for mercy.’ It is a shame that the learned Prime Minister saw it desperately necessary to exhibit his subjugating generosity by dispensing an out of place citation, although it is to the credit of the late Mr Jeyaretnam that he has shown why even a ‘dog’ has more pride than the fleas that b! ite it..< BR>
Lee’s ‘condolence’ is at best another reminder to the world of the characteristic of those who carry the mindset of one who reigns majestically rather than leads respectfully. Lee’s vision of Singapore becoming a more gracious society will not be realised by one who delivers a condolence as a political and personal victory speech.

(Mr) Law Sin Ling

Me careful Sin Ling, remember the implementation of Singaporean laws akin to those used by the despot in Egypt?

Here is Lee Hsien Loong’s ‘message of condolence’…


30 September 2008

Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam
Mr Philip Jeyaretnam

Dear Kenneth and Philip Jeyaretnam

I was sad to learn that your father, Mr Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam, has passed away.

Mr JB Jeyaretnam was a Member of Parliament for Anson constituency from 1981 till 1986, and a Non-Constituency Member of Parliament from 1997 till 2001. He used to engage in heated debates in the House. Perhaps it was because he and the PAP never saw eye to eye on any major political issue and he sought by all means to demolish the PAP and our system of government. Unfortunately, this helped neither to build up a constructive opposition nor our Parliamentary tradition. Nevertheless, one had to respect Mr JB Jeyaretnam’s dogged tenacity to be active in politics at his age.

However, our differences were not personal. In 1993, one of you (Kenneth) wrote to Mr Goh Chok Tong, who was then Prime Minister, to say that you found employers in Singapore reluctant to offer you a job, and your only explanation was that the employers felt the authorities would not welcome your employment because of your name. Mr Goh replied with a letter which could be shown to prospective employers, to say that the government did not hold anything against you, and that employers should evaluate you fairly on your own merits, like any other candidate, because Singapore needed every talented person that it could find. Mr Goh had previously made the same point to your brother Philip, whom he had invited to lunch. I am therefore happy that both of! you hav e established yourselves in Singapore .

Please accept my deepest condolences.

Yours sincerely

Lee Hsien Loong

Update on the political kidnapping of Dr. Fredrick Toben on British soil


Update on the political kidnapping of Dr. Fredrick Toben on British soil – 
Ingrid Rimland – Z Gram October 5, 2008 
click here for full article

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And latest from the BBC:
MP backing for ‘Holocaust denier’  – BBC title.
No doubt Mr. Toben’s scribing: “MP backing for arrest of Researcher of propaganda.”
Note: Sat Oct 4th 2008, BBC Radio 4 Today programme, Lib Dem MP Chris Huhne says the arrest should not have happened. He discusses this view with Joshua Rozenberg (former BBC correspondent)of the Daily Telegraph. Radio slot lasted a few minutes.

Tobens arrest:

“The arrest was made while Toben was in transit, flying from the United States to Dubai with a stopover in London” – source

Now, if you were fortunate enough not to have had BSErger stuffed in your mouth by Tory John Gummer, you might be able to remember this…

Israeli Ex-General Evades London Arrest on War-Crimes Charge (source)
Report compiled by Moshé Machover
Published: 18/09/05

On 11 September 2005, Hickman & Rose —a law firm based in Islignton, London and specializing in human-rights cases—and the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) issued the following joint statement

Israeli war crimes suspect evades British justice after UK(!) court issues warrant

An Israeli war crimes suspect today turned tail to avoid arrest by British police officers under an arrest warrant issued by Bow Street Magistrates’ Court (!!)

Major General (retired) Doron Almog today spent some time ‘airside’ at Heathrow airport before taking a return flight to Israel. 
  – exclamation marks my emphasis


  • Israeli general escaped arrest at Heathrow ‘because police feared gunfight’ – timesonline
  • Heathrow airport, September 2005. An Israeli general accused of war crimes flies in. Waiting for him is a team of Met police officers. Would they dare to arrest him and risk provoking an international incident? – The Independent
  • Israeli evades arrest at Heathrow over army war crime allegations [Retired general tipped off after judge issues warrant, Ex-commander accused of demolishing Gaza homes] – The Guardian
  • Amnesty International deplores failure to arrest Israeli war crimes suspect –
  • British police failed to arrest Israeli war criminal –


Supposedly, it’s good when Justice is blind. What then when Justice has been blinded?

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