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Propaganda Time

For a couple of reasons I put a little bit of effort into trying to watch the BBC Question Time program now and again, but this week I’ve been frustrated.

Not happy with ripping people off to the tune of £139.50 a year,  for mostly government propaganda, they rip licence payers off again who are currently overseas. Its “i>player” (complete with default crap logo) won’t open if you try and access content from a location other than in the UK.

In an attempt to try and find a clever way around this (have failed so far) I stumbled across this little ditty by Nick Higham a one time (still is a??) BBC Journalist:

Background: It was about the 13th Sept 2001 Question Time (two days after 9-11). The program caused some controversy.

Here’s Nick [via a weary lwtc247 made transcript]:

It degenerated as I understand it at time into something of a shouting match as People very forcefully arguing that they – the Muslims in the audience arguing very forcefully that America had to some extent brought this upon itself. And also I think the BBC now thinks that the make-up of the studio audience was not sufficiently representative, that there weren’t as one person put it to me, one senior BBC executive, not “Not enough representative of middle-England who would have take a very uncomplicated but pro-American line on this.

Good old BBC.

If its not shifting junk like that awful “Eastenders” trash at you (and you’re stupid enough to watch) or blatant propaganda, for example this: “Saddams Bomb” – the mother of all BBC propaganda, {nay propaganda isn’t the word… jingoistic hideous lies is probably better}  then, as Nick let it slip, it’s pushing bland political conditioned thought upon you.  

I salute those who refuse to pay the licence.


The Jews were never set as an exemplary group for peoples all over the world.
Moses, David and Solomon never obeyed Divine instruction to the letter.
Rogue Jews never perverted the teachings of the prophets.
The Jews never invoked Gods wrath.
The Jews were never expelled from the scared land of Israel.
The mysterious white East Europeans never adopted Judaism.
The white Europeans never commandeered Judaism.

Perverted Judaism isn’t Zionism.
The British empire wasn’t collapsed to give way to the US empire.
The richest most influential people in the world are not Zionists.
Zionism is not supremacist evil.

Zionists arn’t working to bring the Messiah to earth.
The Israyhell isn’t a Zionist state.
The state of Israyhell isn’t a godless hellhole.
Fascism isn’t nucleating across the world.

The US empire was’t collapsed to give way to the Israyhelli empire.
The collapse of the paper money will not be replaced by e-money in the western world.
We will free to participate in western society while not being on the biometric database.
The e-money centre will not be based in Jerusalem.
The leader of Zion will not declare Jerusalem is the centre of world power.

This leader will not claim to be the leader of the world.
This leader will not claim to be Jewish.

People do not claim to be the Messiah.
This leader will not claim to be the Messiah.
This leader will not be the Antichrist.

GM food will not be a part of most peoples diets.
Nuclear pollution will not affect most people across the world.
This leader of the world will not bring death, destruction and harm all over the world.
The sea of Galilee will never dry up.

Nobody will ever challenge this leader self-proclaimed Messiah.
Nobody will defeat this Messiah.


None of this is true.
None of it happened.
None of this is happening.
None of this will happen.
There is nothing to worry about.
Contemporary Zionism isn’t the problem.
It’s the ‘shadowy elite’ the ‘neocons’ the ‘bankers’.



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