Propaganda Time

For a couple of reasons I put a little bit of effort into trying to watch the BBC Question Time program now and again, but this week I’ve been frustrated.

Not happy with ripping people off to the tune of £139.50 a year,  for mostly government propaganda, they rip licence payers off again who are currently overseas. Its “i>player” (complete with default crap logo) won’t open if you try and access content from a location other than in the UK.

In an attempt to try and find a clever way around this (have failed so far) I stumbled across this little ditty by Nick Higham a one time (still is a??) BBC Journalist:

Background: It was about the 13th Sept 2001 Question Time (two days after 9-11). The program caused some controversy.

Here’s Nick [via a weary lwtc247 made transcript]:

It degenerated as I understand it at time into something of a shouting match as People very forcefully arguing that they – the Muslims in the audience arguing very forcefully that America had to some extent brought this upon itself. And also I think the BBC now thinks that the make-up of the studio audience was not sufficiently representative, that there weren’t as one person put it to me, one senior BBC executive, not “Not enough representative of middle-England who would have take a very uncomplicated but pro-American line on this.

Good old BBC.

If its not shifting junk like that awful “Eastenders” trash at you (and you’re stupid enough to watch) or blatant propaganda, for example this: “Saddams Bomb” – the mother of all BBC propaganda, {nay propaganda isn’t the word… jingoistic hideous lies is probably better}  then, as Nick let it slip, it’s pushing bland political conditioned thought upon you.  

I salute those who refuse to pay the licence.

2 Responses to “Propaganda Time”

  1. 1 Alex Fear October 16, 2008 at 8:31 pm

    Will there ever be a revolution in Britain? I’d like to think that at some point, enough would be enough and the people would rise up and march upon the houses of parliament… alas it seems that Labour has mastered the art of pacifying the public with shiney objects, houses and celebrity culture.

    There are few countries left in the world that now have anything like a TV license.. it’s about time people stopped paying- they have no powers to enter your property without a court order, and if 60 million people stopped paying then they’d have one hell of a backlog to get through for court orders – that’s not even considering they have to provide evidence of suspicion of someone watching a TV.

  2. 2 lwtc247 October 17, 2008 at 4:56 am

    Yes, the same ‘shiney object’ trick as used against the natives of lands for off hundreds of years ago is still being practiced today.

    But at least the Natives had an excuse!

    Sadly those trinkets were precursors to mass genocide and near oblivion their way of.

    I too hope for the revolution but selfishness/self-comfort is drowing out peoples inherent good side.

    The majority of the UK population are too chicken even to stop paying the licence. Paying for gross propaganda is such an insult!

    Yes court backlogs would be successful – just like the poll tax. Why has that resistance withered away.

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