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Brown: Use This Crisis To Create New Financial World Order

This from Alex Jones’ Prison Planet 9please read full article there)

…”Speaking at Thomson Reuters’ editorial headquarters, Brown called for “a new financial architecture for the global age”

…”This crisis demonstrates beyond doubt that a global capital market requires much stronger global cooperation and supervision. And we need to ensure that we have an effective global early warning system to alert us across continents to economic and financial risk.”

etc. etc.

Sounds creepily like the big e-money plan just waiting for the big announced

Well I just had to laugh

Guess what I saw on the front page of yesterdays (13/Oct/08) Malaysian newspaper called the “New Straits Times” (NST) whilst killing time in the lobby.

Can the global financial crisis be contianed?
‘Yes, bold action is needed,’ says the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
It’s ready to lend to countries in dire need of capital.

OH I BET IT IS !!!!!!!!!!!!

Heh heh! I managed to get a scan! :) …





When pondering upon the IMF’s ‘heart’, this ‘ol favourite came to mind…

mp3 here

Here’s the NST article (from their online content) about the IMF. The difference in reporting is interesting, but extra bland. Nobody is to blame. It’s happening because

“[banks are] paralysed for now by fear and distrust.”

Asian newz generally, really really stinks. At least in the quazi-fascist UK, there are still (some) hard hitting journalistic reports out there pointing (on occasions) fingers (occasionally at the right targets).


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