Brown: Use This Crisis To Create New Financial World Order

This from Alex Jones’ Prison Planet 9please read full article there)

…”Speaking at Thomson Reuters’ editorial headquarters, Brown called for “a new financial architecture for the global age”

…”This crisis demonstrates beyond doubt that a global capital market requires much stronger global cooperation and supervision. And we need to ensure that we have an effective global early warning system to alert us across continents to economic and financial risk.”

etc. etc.

Sounds creepily like the big e-money plan just waiting for the big announced

2 Responses to “Brown: Use This Crisis To Create New Financial World Order”

  1. 1 antireptilian October 20, 2008 at 10:46 am


    I recorded Gorgon’s new world order speech at the Mayor of london’s banquet. I spoke to people about his words, but still the message didn’t get through to the football worshiping consumer sheep around me. I said that they would drop the economy in order to introduce a world currency. The announcement by “European Central Bank council member Ewald Nowotny said a “tri-polar” global currency system is developing between Asia, Europe and the U.S. and that he’s skeptical the U.S. dollar’s centrality can be revived.”

    For those still in doubt, lets make it clear. Joseph Stiglitz, 2 x nobel prize winner for economics, resigned from the World bank over third world policy and revelations written in 2000 pages of IMF documents, detailing how the international banking cartels would devalue currencies and crash economies in order to bring about a central world currency and a central world banking system.

    Within the last few weeks, everything predicted and designed has come to pass. If you think the bailout is going to rescue the system, you are mistaken.
    This disaster will develop further until they achieve full domination of all resources across the globe. After this, the police state mechanisms, which have been slowly introduced, will come into force. Riots will hit the street and the public will beg for intervention by increasingly militarised police and even foreign military “peacekeeping forces”.

  2. 2 lwtc247 October 21, 2008 at 4:59 pm

    Sorry I’ve taken so long to get back to you. Breaking through the (very thick)crust of peoples condition is certainly a difficult thing to do at the best of times. Why rock the boat seems the order of the day. Its not brits who are dying en masse from waterborne diseases or from starvation or DU poisoning. All that’s someone else’s problem; let them deal with it.

    I think North America will launch the Amero. Canada, once a respected country for it’s global outlook / foreign policy seems to have been hijacked by the usual suspects, and Mexico… Well the leadership there that gains political power has looked to Washington for a long time already.

    I read about Stiglitz recently. I find his position very strange indeed. As head of the WB, he surely was aware of the huge and historically long responsibility for third world debt. I canny understand how he could possibly have thought the WB was a tool for good even before he headed it. It’s quite puzzling really.

    I agree the bailout is a jest of epic proportions. But the ordinary man and woman in little Britain seem quite content for their govt to saddle them with this massive debt. Where’s the civil disobedience? Where are the Tax dissenters? Even the journalists are quite mute and apologetic about it (well, no surprise there perhaps!).

    We even get senior advisors/civil servants (ones that don’t hold their salary anymore) going on about Colditz-Britain. All this “ID theft lobbox” and fascism of ID/DNA database/spying…

    The way people are going along with it actually makes he begin to feel happy that they will be living in a huge fascist lead concentration camp. It’s not as if they weren’t warned (by your good self and others)


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